WTC7 Security Official Details Explosions Inside Building

9/11 Bombshell: WTC7 Security Official Details Explosions Inside Building -

The Alex Jones show today welcomed Loose Change creators Dylan Avery and Jason Burmas to discuss an exclusive interview they have conducted with an individual with high level security clearance who was inside the Office of Emergency Management in World Trade Center 7 and has descibed and detailed explosions inside the building prior to the collapse of any of the buildings at ground zero on 9/11.

The interview, to be featured in the forthcoming Final Cut of Loose Change is currently under wraps but the creators have allowed some details to leak purely to protect themselves and the individual involved who has asked to remain anonymous until the film is released.


The city official he was escorting was attempting to reach Rudy Guiliani, who he had determined was inside building 7 at that time. According to Avery and Burmas this official now works for Guiliani partners.

The individual was also asked to provide access to the Office Of Emergency Management on the 23rd floor of the building, this was the so called "bunker" that was built inside WTC7 on the orders of Rudy Guiliani.


It was at this point that he witnessed a bomb going off inside the building:

"We subsequently went to the stairwell and were going down the stairs, when we reached the sixth floor, the landing that we were standing on gave way, there was an explosion and the landing gave way. I was left there hanging, I had to climb back up and now had to walk back up to the eighth floor. After getting to the eighth floor everything was dark."


The key to this information is that the individual testifies this all happened BEFORE either tower collapsed, thus building 7 was at that point completely undamaged from any falling debris or resulting fires. It also means that explosions were witnessed in WTC7 up to eight hours before its collapse at around 5.30pm.

Visit the original link at for the rest of the article and the clip from the show.

Thanks Chris for the heads up!

The person is...

Barry Jennings.

# Statement to reporter 9/11/01: "Me and Mr. Hess, Corporation Counsel [of New York City], were on the 23th floor [of WTC 7]. I told him we gotta get out of here. We started walking down the stairs. We get to the 8th floor. Big Explosion. Blew us back into the eighth floor."

Previous quote

Show "Is this that black guy with" by freemacedonia

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nah only white guys like Barry Bonds, Barry White, Barry Sanders

ive heard the clips

they need to establish what time he saw all of this, somewhere in the interview they need to release a statement by this man that this happened BEFORE THE BUILDINGS ( tower 1,2) COLLAPSED. hopefully somewhere in this 20 minute interview they ask what time all this happened, then this will be big.

very interesting


Somebody would have blabbed...

So is this a government employee who was present on 9/11? Is this finally someone who was there and can provide a credible "smoking gun" on the explosions? (As if we don't already have enough smoking guns...)
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sorry i didnt send it in the

sorry i didnt send it in the conventional way, i was on my way out the door and just caught it. has anyone deduced who it is though? it seems it shouldnt be all that hard based on what we know now.

edit: thanks aenima1.

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The Complete 9/11 Timeline has something that may be related:

This reminds me of this entry from The Complete 9/11 Timeline:

12:10 p.m.-12:15 p.m. September 11, 2001: Firefighters Rescue Three People Trapped in WTC 7:

Most of Building 7 of the World Trade Center was evacuated around the time the South Tower was hit (see (9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001). However, firefighters find three individuals who have become trapped inside it. Among them are Barry Jennings, a City Housing Authority worker, and Mike Hess, New York’s chief lawyer who is also a longtime friend of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The two had gone up to the 23rd floor headquarters of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management some time before 10 a.m., but found it empty. (It was evacuated at 9:30 a.m.; see 9:30 a.m. September 11, 2001.) They headed downstairs but became trapped around the sixth floor by smoke and debris that filled the staircase as a result of the North Tower collapsing at 10:28 a.m. After breaking a window and calling for help, they were spotted by firefighters outside. When the firefighters go in, they also find a security officer for one of the businesses based in the building, who is trapped on the 7th floor by the smoke in the stairway. Why this guard did not evacuate earlier, along with the rest of WTC 7, is unknown. All three men are escorted out of the building.

For URL-links to sources, go visit the original entry at 9/11 Timeline....

Speed of evacuation

"Most of Building 7 of the World Trade Center was evacuated around the time the South Tower was hit (see (9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001)."

They evacuated building 7 right after the North Tower was hit, but they didn't evacuate the South Tower?

Has a reason been given for the speedy evacuation of WTC 7?

My WTC 7 page:

That fact alone should make

That fact alone should make people's blood boil.



They say it was because they needed room to evaluate the first building so they sent everyone back into the second building. It doesn't satisfy me.

If you've seen the Naudet

If you've seen the Naudet film, you know the
fire department initialy ordered the lobby
of WTC7 to be set up as the triage area for any
wounded evacuated from the towers. This means
an order came down between the time they assembled
in the lobby and the time the second plane struck.
Who told the NYFD to relocate the triage area, and
what reason was given...?
Not very many organizations have the authority
to be giving orders to the Fire least not during a

More from the Timeline.

I hope Alex Jones and Dylan Avery aren't setting themselves up here.
(9:03 a.m.) September 11, 2001: WTC Building 7 Evacuated
Edit event

According to a soldier at the scene, WTC Building 7 is evacuated before the second tower is hit. [Fort Detrick Standard, 10/18/2001] The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) states, “As the second aircraft struck WTC 2, a decision was made to evacuate WTC 7.” This would be just after the Port Authority Police Department called for the evacuation of the entire WTC complex (see 8:59 a.m.-9:02 a.m. September 11, 2001). But by this time, “many WTC 7 occupants [have] already left the building and others [have] begun a self-evacuation of the building.” [National Institute of Standards and Technology, 9/2005, pp. 109 pdf file] All individuals in the Secret Service’s New York field office, located in WTC 7, were ordered to evacuate after the first attack, and they are in the process of doing so when the second plane hits the South Tower. [PCCW Newsletter, 3/2006] The Secret Service has a Stinger missile secretly stored in the WTC, to be used to protect the president if there were an attack on the city when he visits it. [Weiss, 2003, pp. 379] Presumably, this missile is abandoned with the evacuation. The Office of Emergency Management’s command center, on the 23rd floor of WTC 7, is not evacuated until later, at 9:30 a.m. (see 9:30 a.m. September 11, 2001).

Entity Tags: World Trade Center, Secret Service

Timeline Tags: Complete 911 Timeline

WTF is that about a Stinger Missile? That's the first I've heard of that. There is 3 kg (6.6 lbs) of high explosives in a Stinger warhead. But that's not much.

Also, it says the OEM was not evacuated until 9:30 am (after the 2nd tower was hit). Alex Jones, on his radio show, said that Barry Jennings said that he found the OEM evacuated before the 2nd tower was hit. Maybe Jennings is being misunderstood? Maybe instead he meant that it was evacuated before the south tower collapsed since the second hit occured at 9:03 am.

The first tower collapsed at 9:59 am so maybe it's about this time that Barry Jennings is making it up to the OEM and pieces of the south tower are hitting WTC 7.

But, the south tower is the one farther away from WTC 7 and there are buildings between them. This only adds to the confusion.

Anyway, by what Jennings is saying there was a large explosion of some sort or something that was able to demolish floors in WTC 7 at the very least before the north tower collapsed, which would be the one even capable of damaging building 7.

Matching Jennins' story to the timeline is very confusing.

I heard this covered on

This is an edit along with my original post. OK, I see more details now. I see it's in the timeline. I was confused here.

Original post.

I heard this covered on alex. Am I getting this right? This guy is some kindof employee of Giuliani? This sounds like bs to me. They're saying that a large number of people died in seven now? They are sayng that people were in there six hours after they evacuated the building hearing the explosions pre collapse? This guy is suddenly saying something that is absolutely different than everything else I've heard. It seems like disinfo.

---> "I heard this covered

---> "I heard this covered on alex. Am I getting this right? This guy is some kindof employee of Giuliani?"

At the very least you are not getting it the same way as I do:

The individual from the interview is someone who had to accompany the other guy (who now works for Giuliani): the "individual concerned was asked to report to building seven with a city official".

  • It looks like if said "city official" may be Mike Hess (who at the time was "New York’s chief lawyer who is also a longtime friend of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani").
  • It looks like the other guy is Barry Jennings ("a City Housing Authority worker").

---> "This sounds like bs to me."

Looks like Barry Jennings already in the past has tried to give his testimony to reporters as well as the 9/11 Commission (but was ignored, like many other witnesses).

Looks like Michael Hess never said anything about this and kept the "conspiracy of silence", and like he is now an assiociate lawyer of Giuliani & Co. (no longer NYC chief lawyer).

---> "They're saying that a large number of people died in seven now? They are sayng that people were in there six hours after they evacuated the building hearing the explosions pre collapse? This guy is suddenly saying something that is absolutely different than everything else I've heard. It seems like disinfo."

No, the part where Jennings is telling about the "big explosion" is already on record. Various movies show that footage already! Which footage was taken on the very morning of 9/11.....

But! Everybody up to now thought that the black guy looking like Barry Jennings was talking about WTC1 or WTC2 just confirming William Rodriguez' subsequent testimonies. NO, HE WAS TALKING ABOUT WTC7 -- at least that is what this interview seems now to bring to light....

Thanks for clearing it up.

Thanks for clearing it up. I did think he was talking about the towers and always wanted to know the rest of his story. This is the dusty african american fellolw from all the movies, right? I guess there are black folks named barry.

the best running back in

the best running back in recent history was named Barry. not to mention Barry White and Barry Bonds :-)

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jesus, you're so right. I'm

jesus, you're so right. I'm an idiot.

juicy new info

OK, I was wrong about the name thing. This is really juicy new evidence though. I guess it just goes to show... The blacker the Barry, the sweeter the juice! I'm going to get off this thread before I get banned for my idiocy. I couldn't resist.

hahaha, such a random,

hahaha, such a random, nonsensical line(blacker the barry...) and yet i laughed my ass off.

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hahaha, what a cowardly

hahaha, what a cowardly douchbag to feel the need to down vote these comments(what? you dont like Barry Sanders or something?). some people around here are so fucking petty, i swear. show a little discretion.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I'll admit it...

I voted them all down. The original comments were offensive, and if they get buried, we also don't need to see the accompanying off-topic responses. Replying to off-topic, down-modded posts is almost as bad as posting off-topic in the first place--it is all distracting and wastes time.

I want to hear his story and I thank the people who figured out who he was. The rest of the offensive comments and subsequent replies--I can do without. Do we all discuss back and forth about the white race when white people have eyewitness testimony about 9/11? It's either racist or off-topic, and I don't really care which.

Mod this up or down. I don't really mind either way in this case. It is not necessary to this discussion and has more to do with comments on this site in general. But can we all *please* try to post on-topic and relevant, insightful information?

at least you admit it i

at least you admit it i guess. in fairness though, it took up about 9 inches. and were my comments really offensive in any way? you just went on a little down voting spree there. just show a little discretion is all i ask. just seems a bit nitpicky to me. im sorry i wasnt so insightful and strayed off topic for a second. i tend to vote people down when i strongly disagree with what they wrote or like you said when they say something offensive. but thats just me i guess.

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lol i posted the above

lol i posted the above comment without reading this lol.
If anything, Barry is MORE of a "black" name. Even though it's retarded to associate a name with a race.


but its kind of weird how we named the same 3 people though,haha. sorry im off topic benthere :-)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Anyone else notice that

Anyone else notice that those who witnessed bombs in the basements of the Towers are all "working-class" people? The person in this recording also sounds like a working-class NYer.

Sooo, we have quite a few very credible working-class witnesses to some very nefarious deeds on 9/11, but the nation and the 9/11 Commission listens only to the Ghoul, who is most decidedly not working-class...

This is "class-consciousness" at work--the media plays to the Ghoul's class, but ignores the workers. The mass of Americans accept this as it is an unconscious sociological thing that permeates this society.

This point should be raised as it could be a strong one in many quarters. Firefighters and cops, please take notice.

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from Crystal via Johnny Wave:

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Cpt. Brad Cheney and Lt Colonel Luttrell


Things have escalated in the last 12 hours, and I need
your (and anyone else who cans) help. I have finally
sided with my conviction, and voiced my beliefs about
the governments involvement in 9/11, and my belief
that this 'war' was staged. My company commander
responded by acting as though he was going to attack
me, he came across as seriously unstable and violent,
initially they took my weapon and ganged up me. Things
have only gotten worse.

I have told them that I will no longer play a 'combat
role' in this conflict or 'protect corporate
representatives', and they have taken this as
'violating a direct order'. I may be in jail or worse
in the next 24 hours.

Please rally whoever you can, call whoever you can,
bring as much attention to this as you can. I have no
doubt that the military will bury me and hide the
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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Blog this

With as much supporting info as can be made available.
"Cogito ergo sum"

what you said. we need to

what you said. we need to hear some more about this for sure.

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That is a seriously tough spot to be in. This guy's got guts... much respect...

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Just one........

question. Why is coming foward now? I think it's great ,but why has he sat on this for so long?

Just one question to _YOU_, WISDOM:

Just one question to YOU, WISDOM:

Have you had time to read my comments above before asking this??

Uhm, and one more question,

Uhm, and one more question, WISDOM:

have you even read the original article on PrisonPlanet this 911blogger story is pointing to??

If "no", you should. If "yes", you should have encountered this sentence:

"What makes all this information even more explosive is the fact that this individual was interviewed by the 9/11 Commission as they conducted their so called investigation."

What is unclear about that sentence? Want does that say about your statement "why has he sat on this for so long?" ??

Didn't you know that *a lot of eye-witnesses* were interviewed by the 9/11Commission without them to ever include these accounts into their final "report"? Don't you know that there were quite a lot of witnesses who offered the Commission to be heard, but were turned away by them?

If you know all that, your nickname is deserved. But then, please: do also live up to it.

Yes, that article wasn't

Yes, that article wasn't there yet when this thread opened. That sentence is the revolutionary information. It's really confusing if you don't read the article first. That sentence should be worked into the opening of the story.

Let's rephrase.

...............yes i am aware of ALL the overwhelming evidence. This guy had to know about the 9/11 truth movement,so why has he waited so long to tell us about this?...........The bigger question ...Now what?
Any fool can look at just a fraction of what we have, and see the truth. Is it that all the people who witnessed the truth,afraid to unite and expose it?
If DRG can't open your eye's ....You're brain dead.

Show "andhowe" by andhowe

Damning Testimony

If this story is true, it's a huge deal. I'm inclined to believe it, but I'd like to see more evidence to corroborate this story. If there were dead bodies, there must be others who know this? Did other witnesses see the destroyed lobby? Also revealing is the fact that Guiliani left WTC7 before these explosions took place. Why would he leave WTC7 when the command bunker was considered to be an extremely safe location? Of course we already know he had foreknowledge of the "collapse" of the WTC towers.

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Zelikow on PBS just now

did anyone else just see that? there was an episode of Frontline that just aired on PBS about the war in Iraq and that scumbag Zelikow was spreading his "public myths" all over the place.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

his chilling bio....

While at Harvard he worked with Ernest May and Richard Neustadt on the use, and misuse, of history in policymaking. They observed, as Zelikow noted in his own words, that "contemporary" history is "defined functionally by those critical people and events that go into forming the public's presumptions about its immediate past. The idea of 'public presumption'," he explained, "is akin to William McNeill's notion of 'public myth' but without the negative implication sometimes invoked by the word 'myth.' Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community."[1]"

In writing about the importance of beliefs about history, Zelikow has called attention to what he has called "'searing' or 'molding' events [that] take on 'transcendent' importance and, therefore, retain their power even as the experiencing generation passes from the scene. In the United States, beliefs about the formation of the nation and the Constitution remain powerful today, as do beliefs about slavery and the Civil War. World War II, Vietnam, and the civil rights struggle are more recent examples." He has noted that "a history’s narrative power is typically linked to how readers relate to the actions of individuals in the history; if readers cannot make a connection to their own lives, then a history may fail to engage them at all."[1]

Zelikow has also written about terrorism and national security, including a set of Harvard case studies on "Policing Northern Ireland." In the November-December 1998 issue of Foreign Affairs, he co-authored an article entitled "Catastrophic Terrorism," in which he speculated that if the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center had succeeded, "the resulting horror and chaos would have exceeded our ability to describe it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism would be a watershed event in American history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security, as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949. Like Pearl Harbor, the event would divide our past and future into a before and after. The United States might respond with draconian measures scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force. More violence could follow, either future terrorist attacks or U.S. counterattacks. Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently."

Philip Zelikow served on President Bush's transition team in 2000-2001. After George W. Bush took office, Zelikow was named to a position on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and worked on other task forces and commissions as well.
In Rise of the Vulcans (Viking, 2004), James Mann reports that when Richard Haass, a senior aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell and the director of policy planning at the State Department, drafted for the administration an overview of America’s national security strategy following September 11, Dr. Rice, the national security advisor, "ordered that the document be completely rewritten. She thought the Bush administration needed something bolder, something that would represent a more dramatic break with the ideas of the past. Rice turned the writing over to her old colleague, University of Virginia Professor Philip Zelikow." This document, issued on September 17, 2002, is generally recognized as a watershed document in the War on Terrorism.

Because Philip Zelikow's significant involvement with the administration of George W. Bush, some questioned the propriety of his position as executive director of the 9/11 Commission, which examined the conduct of George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice. Both the 9/11 Family Steering Committee and 9-11 Citizens Watch demanded his resignation, due to this apparent conflict of interest. The Commission co-chairs, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, shrugged off these criticisms, as did other 9/11 family representatives.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Zelikow is scum. He is one

Zelikow is scum. He is one of many functionaries that are laced within the structure of our society that are defacto enemies of mankind.

Two things not often mentioned about Zelikow

1. He was director of the Aspen Strategy Group in the 1990s. Emeritus members include Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Scooter Libby, Richard Armitage, and former NY Times reporter Judith Miller.

2. He was part of the Carter-Ford election reform panel, which led to the Help America Vote Act, which contributed to the spread of electronic voting machines.

oh, i didnt know that he

oh, i didnt know that he headed Aspen at one point. interesting. i knew he was involved with the typically orwellian named HAVA though. the guy is pure scum, i had to go watch the video of Carol B. publically shaming/questioning him to make myself feel better,haha.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Why the fuck are John McCain commercials on this website?

Has 911blogger been coopted by Darth Vader?

Why is John Fucking McCain's ugly mug on the homepage?

And when will it be leaving?

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

They like him because he

They like him because he wrote the forward to the popular mechanics debunking

good question

i asked them why and they didnt answer. they also are running ads for Newt Gingrich. i guess they dont mind promoting complete scum like those 2 as long as they get money. it is kind of annoying having to see a 9/11 truth site promote the likes of those 2 though, i have to admit. oh well, i guess its better than those annoying audio commercials they sometimes have.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I doubt those commercials are going to affect anyone here

So why not take their money?

true enough, i guess its

true enough, i guess its just principle really. just seems really weird to be taking money from the guy(or at least someone promoting him) who shilled for PM and wants to be our next president. its not that big a deal, i was really just wondering if they had any kind of veto on it.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I understand

I understand the point about taking money where you can get it.

I also understand that the mere sight of Newt Gingrich's face is hazardous to my digestive system.

Controlled Demolition

Being ignorant of controlled demolition - how does all this fit into the big picture? 9/11 is like a big puzzle, could someone explain where this piece fits and if it is logical.

just off the top of my head

1. Got rid of a white elephant
2. Provided the psychological effect needed to mobilize the american people into supporting wars of aggression
3. Destroyed direct evidence of corporate wrongdoing and fascism
4. Insurance companies are now able to raise premiums 2000% above pre-9/11 levels
5. Top-down demolition of twin towers (IMO, poorly ) concealed the fact that planes and jet-fuel were not responsible for symmetrical near free-fall total collapses
6. Larry Silverstein, Rudy Guiliani, and the military-industrial complex proffited from the physical events of 9/11

did i miss anything

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

sounds right on

just throw in the destroyed evidence in WTC7 and that whole can of worms.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

WTC 7 Petition -- BBC Footage release of information

from petition: We the

from petition:
We the Undersigned formally demand the following information from the BBC.

1. Who was the source who told your station that the Salomon Building had collapsed?

2. Who from the BBC ordered YouTube and GoogleVideo to immediately start pulling the videos from their sites the day this story broke?

3. Who from the BBC ordered Archive.Org to block and then remove their copies of the footage which (until this story broke) were freely available online?

4. Who is responsible for and what were the circumstances surrounding the 'cock-up' which led to the loss of BBC World News' 9/11 footage?

5. Who cut reporter Jane Standley's live feed from NYC at 5:18pm (EST) on 11/09/01?