9/11 Mysteries is Reinstated by Google Video!!

Last night I stumbled upon the recently re-activated Google page for the film. The previous view count (2,475,901 last night) also shows on the page!! Hooray!!


Last night I emailed Sofia, the creator of the film, and she responded this morning--she's totally elated!! Spread the word about this excellent film: it's a door opener to the TRUTH.

Thanks truthers.

Good work.

All time views: 2,476,379

13926 ratings

4.5 stars out of 5

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Hooooray for 9/11 Mysteries !!!!!!

One-up for the TRUTH !!!! Excellent news, thanks to Google too

Good to see "Harley Guy" also ;-]

**Added - Still needs to feed its way back into the "search results", should be there by tomorrow**

Link to check : http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=9/11 mysteries

Sick or what....

It has disappeared again...


LATEST... Back Online as of 03-Jul-2007 !!!

Let's hope it sticks this time !!!

Good luck and best wishes

good news

the one with german subs is gone tho:( maybe some has it stored and could reupload it?

It was GOOD NEWS yesterday... BAD NEWS today...

It has again disappeared today (after re-appearing yesterday, weeks after it was initially removed) !!!

Link to original : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6708190071483512003

*Over 6,000 links (on Google) point to the original


Will keep an eye on it, to see if it returns, not holding my breath.

MrEguy, you might want to let Sofia know :-(

Best wishes


hmmm, crap. But, it is there, just not the original one ( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8129564295534231536 )
I certainly see the problem with the dead links to the original though.
Might be worth asking google if they can add a redirect of some sorts (so that the old url gets to the new...)
This should be easy for them, but maybe im not paranoid enough about google...

slightly updated version of 9/11 mysteries

There is updated version of 9/11 mysteries here http://www.question911.com/linksall.htm, it's the version you get if you purchase DVD now. I would like to get hold of dvd iso image of this DVD to rip to 700MB avi and share. I live in central europe and have actually no way to buy this from USA. If someone have this and is able to share with me .iso, please contact me via my 911blooger form. Thanks.