'9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' -"Answers For 9/11 Families Week”. first week of August (Aug. 3-12)

Brave New Host,
Thank you for previously hosting a screening of the acclaimed movie '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH'. We need your help again -- now more than ever.

Please go directly to http://pressfortruth.bravenewtheaters.com/ and sign up to host a screening of '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' during the first week of August (Aug. 3-12). You will join a coalition of hundreds of Americans at house parties across the country coming together as part of the national "Answers For 9/11 Families Week”.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has just announced that he will hold new hearings into 9/11 beginning in September because "the Commission Final Report... never resolved certain conflicts."

In response to Kucinich's announcement, the makers of '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' are launching this new campaign to bring about real answers for the September 11th families. Through partner org DownsizeDC.org, concerned Americans can now send their Congressmen "Press For Truth Packs" containing the Family Steering Committee Review of the Commission Final Report, a DVD of '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH', and a letter tailored online by their constituent.


Hosts of house parties during the first week of August will be emailed with directions in how they can encourage their guests to send a “Press For Truth Pack” to their congressmen, asking them to support Kucinich’s investigation until ALL REMAINING FAMILY QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED.

Thank you so much for you support.

Ray Nowosielski, Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer

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In reading the 'Background Page' on Downsize DC ...

... one may become hesitant to jump into this one - the background page says the following:


Some elements of the "9-11 Truth Movement" have raised important questions. But in our view, most of the conspiracy theories that have emerged are speculation, or worse, lunacy. Frequently, there has been a real tendency to assert that accurate details are somehow connected into a web of high intrigue.

Well, "Big claims require big evidence." In fact, the evidence must exceed the claim. And neither a court of law nor most of the victims' families is willing to accept vast government plot stories because the evidence thus far has not exceeded the claim. The American public has been turned off by these theories.

And if you don't like that position, please don't write us to set us straight. But if you agree, then please send a message to your representatives in Congress demanding that they, finally, make a real investigation an evident priority.

VERY curious as to how downsize DC cannot grasp and accept the overwhelming amount of evidence so far ... as well as stating they would not want to hear anything further ... seems odd to say the least.

Lemme guess: a couple of

Lemme guess: a couple of rogue agents from the ISI aided Bin Laden in his attacks. Oh yeah, and some Saudis and Iranians too.

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