Read up on the collapse of the Soviet Union. It revolved around their food supply, oil supply and no funds. It is my guess that 911 is not spoken about because they know that the truth will not only bring down the United States government, but the world economy/dollar will completely collapse. This would leave the global, human network of food, medicine, water and other essentials in disarray. Our infrastructure is heavily fuel dependent unlike the Soviets who had complete public transportation. The Soviet government built all of the houses and transportation to those houses, so when they collapsed there was not a huge change in life. Many Soviets were hunters or farmers, so food shortages were buffered by this fact. Things are radically different here. If the oil supply collapses, our system will be in chaos.

I actually think we would make it through the chaos, and when people here and around the world see that 911 was a lie, they will achieve insight into how the group mind works. It can lie, and just because you are honest doesn't mean the group mind is honest. The methods of government and politicians will be more transparent than ever before in history. Politics as we know it today will not exist. 911 was a first in world history not because of it's destructiveness or method, but because it was witnessed by a vast percentage of the world population. So when the truth comes out, it will be the first time a truth has been experienced at the same time by a vast percentage of the world at the same time. The world will have a common bond for the first time that will span color, culture and language. The bond will be the realization that war and greed perpetuated by a few people can trick us into hating each other and killing each other. The bond will be that we do not have to be scared of each other; our religions and races were manipulated to generate fear to fuel the growth of empires for only a few. Our bond will be the recognition that power is false, and those who display it our misguided and will not be empowered, but ignored. Finally, we will have an opportunity to move forward. We will develop a system that is more advanced than banking for exchanging resources. One that doesn't magnify greed and stimulate our limbic system. We will have more creative force without the pressure of the "old" money standing behind us waiting for results. The possibilities are endless. We need the truth.

Closing the 'Collapse Gap':the USSR was better prepared for peak

the USSR was better prepared for peak oil than the US

I remember reading this when it came out.

Published on 4 Dec 2006 by Energy Bulletin.
Archived on 4 Dec 2006.

Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for peak oil than the US

Graceful end to cheap oil....

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We are on the verge of a new awareness. 911 will ultimately empower us.

PS. Peak Oil is a fraud. We are not running out of oil.
Never let the energy brokers convince you that energy is scarce.

Jumbo-Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Oh yes Peak Oil is real alright.

But thanks for the clip. I am quickly loosing faith in Webster Tarpley. What a kook he is.

Here is a better movie: Oil, Smoke and Mirrors.