Dylan Avery Interviews John Feal

Sorry for being a few days late on this, here is a great 30 minute interview with first responder John Feal.


Please check out the fund raiser for the Feal Good Foundation available here.

John Feal for president..

I will repeat here what I posted on the Toronto911truth message board.

"This is a great interview with John Feal, founder of the Fealgood Foundation. This guy is compassionate, courageous and very outspoken. He is a true hero, not only of the Truth Movement, but in every day life. Please take the time to watch the interview."

Good lines;
" no place in society for bullies, cuz in high school I used to beat youse up."
"the lack of compassion has worked it's way into society...because the government doesn't care about the people that it's supposed to protect."
"40,000 responders who are sick; 15'000 that are really sick."

Actually John, you're too good to be president. Only people without conscience can attain that level of deceit and corruption today.
Best wishes.

Good Work Avery

watching this is 31 minutes well spent.

John Feal's Problem

Hey John, you know what your real problem is? You're still being too damn nice to a bunch of creeps. You're pulling punches. You called out Christie Whitman on her bad call about the air quality and that she should go to jail, but you're wrong. She should receive the death penalty. She is an active menace to society. That lady purposefully sent everyone back to ground zero just as people in the South tower were sent back to their desks for the sole purpose of killing everyone. The sooner all the wittinesses, complainants, cleanup workers are dead, the sooner these low lifes can get back to deceiving hundreds of millions of Americans out of our truthful life experience just so the small group of them can live a decadent life; they do it by confusing all of us about reality and what our full potential is. And you John Feal have some incredible potential, it undeniably shines through. You should run for office, and please don't set limits on yourself for local alone. We need men like you in DC, men who aren't in denial about knowing the difference between right and wrong. You remind me so much of Paul Wellstone. I'm a Republican and he was a Democrat, but I respected him because he was authentic in his beliefs and what he wanted to do for his community. You don't need to bash people, yet you can still call a spade a spade. Power to you, my man. I hope you understand the great amount of respect I have for you and for what you've been through and what you've been doing. I was handing out water at Ground zero and I handed out a lot, and if there is anyone I hope I might have relieved, I hope you were one of them.

off topic question, but do

off topic question, but do you think Wellstone was murdered?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

No doubt

Yes and Cannahan too.

i firmly believe Wellstone

i firmly believe Wellstone was murdered but dont know much about the Carnahan plane crash. i do know that Ashcroft wanted his seat though and still lost to a dead man......

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


It certainly appears that way. But to tell you the truth I haven't done a lot of research of the issue. Mostly, I suspect he was murdered. He likely would have been a major pain in DC after 9/11 with all the criminal activity going on. I don't put anything pass the Neocons. I would fully support any serious investigation into his death.

i know this will probably be

i know this will probably be voted down, but i HIGHLY suggest you read the book that Four Arrows(aka Don Jacobs) and Jim Fetzer wrote on his death. i dont like Fetzer either but its a tremendous book. i believe its called American Assassination: The Strange Death of Senator Wellstone. the motive was clear and the crime and cover-up sloppy, he was murdered.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


When Wellstone was invited to the GHWB WH with the congress, he shook bush's hand and said something directly to him (I can't remember what) but he was letting bush know he was here and ready to accomplish something good for the people. After he walked away bush is supposed to have said 'who was that asshole.' I think that was the beginning of the end.

His plane went down because of "weather" but he had an experienced pilot and I don't think the media was allowed near the crash. They came from weather so it really wasn't anything out of the ordinary for that pilot. This time the wife was included too unlike the Carnahan case.

I saw Wellstone at the first Take Back America conference. He had us on our feet and then Edwards followed him. boring Edwards was talking about going after afghanistan. He was not received well. What a difference in presentations!

I heard a woman Wellstone mentored on cspan. He taught her how to campaign on buses. They would board the bus and talk to everyone and then get off and catch the next bus and do the same going and coming. They had captive audiences I'm sure.

Was Paul Wellstone

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?
For our government to maintain its credibility, we need an open and acccountable independent investigation into the death of Paul Wellstone.

Paul Wellstone was the only progressive in the U.S. Senate. Mother Jones magazine once described him as, "The first 1960s radical elected to the U.S. senate." He was also the last. Since defeating incumbent Republican Rudy Boschowitz 12 years ago in a grassroots upset, Wellstone emerged as the strongest, most persistent, most articulate and most vocal Senate opponent of the Bush administration.

In a senate that is one heartbeat away from Republican control, Wellstone was more than just another Democrat. He was often the lone voice standing firm against the status-quo policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans. As such, he earned the special ire of the Bush administration and the Republican Party, who made Wellstone's defeat that party's number one priority this year.

Various White House figures made numerous recent campaign stops in Minnesota to stump for the ailing campaign of Wellstone's Republican opponent, Norm Coleman. Despite being outspent and outgunned, however, polls show that Wellstone's popularity surged after he voted to oppose the Senate resolution authorizing George Bush to wage war in Iraq. He was pulling ahead of Coleman and moving toward a victory that would both be an embarrassment to the Bush administration and to Democratic Quislings such as Hillary Clinton who voted to support "the president."

Then he died.



Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

History Suggests It
Crash Inconsistencies Suggest It
Many, Including Some Members of Congress, Believe It
by Michael C. Ruppert

Nov. 1, 2002, 15:00 PST (FTW) -- The air crash deaths of Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter, three staff members and two pilots at approximately 10:25 a.m. on Oct. 25 in Eveleth, Minn. has given rise to the widespread belief -- shared by at least two members of the House of Representatives who spoke on condition of anonymity -- that the crash was a murder.

Just as important as the known details of the crash, in many cases contradicting mainstream press reports, is the fact that the belief is so widely held. It says something about America that cannot and should not be ignored.


"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Great info, thanks for sharing...

RIP Wellstone family and thank you so much for what you accomplished!

I enjoyed learning about the bus activism, Paul shaking the hand of GWB and more.

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birds of a feather...

flock together


Why did people vote that down? What did you mean?

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

good interview

unless he's reading this, someone should tell John that the flag behind him is folded into a pyramid because of the same people who killed his friends on 9/11


great interview, its pretty

great interview, its pretty sad that Dylan Avery is doing CNN etc. work for them.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA