Glenn Zarmanov on Truth Revolution Radio

Glenn Zarmanov was the guest on the June 18 edition of Truth Revolution Radio.

TRR June 18 2007 mp3

Jersey City Citizens for 9/11 Truth's first action on April 11 2007 with William Rodriguez

Glenn Zarmanov

Member, Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Founder, Jersey City Citizens for 9/11 Truth

19 Years of age, in college, majoring in political science, with a minor in history. (Also taking another route simultaneously; communications with a minor in computer programming)

An aspiring journalist, Glenn has been a prominent speaker in the East Coast truth movement since he discovered the freedom of spoken word. An artist and a renaissance man, this young individual has taken a passionate stance against the rampant looting and corruption in society.

An ardent speaker as well as distinguished peace activist, Glenn has spent the better portion of his teenage life rallying against numerous causes. Now as he approaches his second decade, the core issue for him has become 9/11.

Glenn founded Jersey City 9/11 Truth as a way to harness the machismo necessary to wrangle the power away from the non-issues in local politics. Since then, many critics of the current administration and its crimes have joined up with him in his crusade against the coup of September 11, 2001.

He plans to continue spreading his message of non-proliferation and non-intervention wherever there are ears to listen.

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