Radio Ad featuring Cindy Sheehan, for Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention - July 4th.

This one-minute spot, featuring a sound-bite by Cindy Sheehan in support of 9/11 Truth, is ready-to-go for radio placement. Sheehan did authorize the use of her voice for this event, as long as her words were not taken out of context. If you have an internet radio show, or you have the dollars to pay for a broadcast radio spot on your favorite program, please do.

"I am an advocate for a new investigation, that's for sure, and everywhere I go my audiences are filled with 9/11 Truth people, and I really honor your commitment to finding the truth." - Cindy Sheehan.

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If you are thinking about attending the Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention on July 4, 2007, think fast! You may be able to snag a cheap flight from Southwest Airlines, but you must act immediately.*

What is this about? Cindy Sheehan made a request before she retired from public life, for all of us who are disillusioned with the two-party system and the War Machine that owns it, to come together and try and figure a way out of our predicament. This is about building bridges between the 9/11 Truth movement and one of the most "active" activist communities out there, the Anti-War movement. It's clear that the Anti-War movement needs a fresh approach. On July 4th, 2007, meet with fellow truth-seekers and Anti-War advocates who will heed Sheehan's call, and help define a new direction for Anti-War activism...

An approach that is inclusive of 9/11 skepticism, a call for a new investigation, an awareness of False Flag terrorism.

( If you can't be in Vancouver this weekend, how about Chicago or Atlanta the following weekend? Details here: )

PLEASE NOTE: Sheehan has retired from public life. She will not be in Philly on the 4th.


* If you are coming to Philadelphia from a distance you might want to
consider flying and if so choosing Southwest Airlines. Southwest is
offering a promotion that if you a flight 14 days in advance AND before
June 30 it is guaranteed to be $99.00 or less one way. Act now because as
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