TruthMove 6/11/07 Video - Wall Street

We've posted a couple videos from our 6/11/07 actions. We were down by Wall St. and the Stock Exchange and eventually ended up at the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry.

Most of our videos are now archived here:
TruthMove Videos

We came across some supposedly "patriotic" Americans, one of whom deserved his own little video:

Full 9 minute 6/11 video

International Truth Movement

This is the kind of rage

This is the kind of rage that living in fear creates. Deep down he's just a little boy lost in a man's body. How sad.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Blue Pill + Steroids = That Guy

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Wall Street, the heart of the beast !!!

Wouldn't suprise me if "Angry Guy" works for the GHOUL'iani mafia !!!

His mum should wash his mouth out with soap and water...

Great job getting the message out

Rock their the Truth Boys!

"You guys were in fuckin' diapers when this shit went down."

What was he referring to exactly? What shit went down? Maybe this guy is so vehement because the sleep he has lost over 911 (think he knows something?) and the Truth Squads remind him that this 9/11 ISSUE won't simply get swept under the carpet much to his dismay... Amazing how a person can be so pissed off other people (he doesn't even know) questioning the official story...don't you think?

Keep up the good work TRUTH SQUADS! You Rock!

That young man

sounded quite smart for his age. My experience has been that young people are far more receptive to 9/11 Truth, and it's not because they are ignorant. It's because they are still open to unpleasant ideas. They have yet to become intransigent assholes like that guy in the blue shirt.

I remain convinced that the best chance for 9/11 Truth are people like the husband of that woman toward the end, the guy who is a construction worker and doesn't believe the collapses were natural. Construction workers, firefighters, police -- these are the people who could collectively make a breakthrough. I was reminded of Metal of Honor, the film about the iron workers. Several of them said things in that film that were basically euphemistic ways of saying, "Those buildings should not have collapsed."


wow... he's a tough guy. maybe he should sign up for the armed services and kick some ayrabssss. wonder why he is a chickenhawk?

The bald man was a moron.

The statement about how you must have been "suckling Osama Bin Laden's...." when 9/11 happened was ridiculous.

Everyone knows Bush Senior was doing that when the "shit went down".

Also, I'd like to say that your encounter with the young Harry Potter was quite fascinating. Apparently, they cover EVERYTHING at Hogwarts.

Good work. Keep it up.

Thanks for the chuckle

"the young Harry Potter" -- that's great.

While I'm writing, a comment on the blue gorilla. He shut up for a moment when he heard that 9/11 families supported questions about 9/11. it just did not compute.

The blue gorilla I could understand -- it was the meek nuclear genocidaire that creeped me out.

Wow, "angry man" is the type of imbecile that comprises Bush's

loyal base of 20%.

BTW, I've heard that Michael Moore's "Sicko" is going to open this Friday, 6/22/07, in NYC ( a week ahead of schedule). I'll bet there will be long lines of moviegoers who we can give 9/11 DVDs & flyers to!

The Youth wants Truth, Old guys want Lies

While the young kids were receptive to the truth and did their best to understand it, the older men, particularly the old bald man in a blue shirt is combative and incapable of even giving an intelligent or "educated" response, in his own words essentially.

Anger clouds judgement and paralyzes one's ability to analyze and comprehend information that presents a challenge to preconcieved notions or beliefs.
Meanwhile, curiosity and determination enhances one's ability to analyze information and be decisive in a civil manner without resorting to personal threats and violence.
When someone is living in fear; fear of terrorism, fear of losing their job, fear of falling ill, fear of not finding love, fear of dying, etc. they tend to close themselves off and become reactionary based off of their inability to escape fear.

There are a lot of people like the older bald man, but there's also a new generation who are obviously prepared to openly discuss these issues because they may not feel they have as much to fear.
This video, if it were edited appropriately to highlight this particular contrast would show where and with whom the 9/11 Truth Movement would have a greater effect. The Younger Generations.
I think students for 9/11 truth need to take a look into this more aggressively and put more effort into opening a wider discussion on the issues among the younger generations, because it's quite clear to me that the younger generations may be our only hope.