Dr. Bob Bowman reviews 9/11

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Here is Dr. Bob Bowman as he appears on North Bay Report in the San Francisco Bay Area calling for the impeachment of Bush & Cheney for coverinp-up the facts of 9/11 and for lying about our reasons for going to war. He is on a nationwide tour and is currently in Grants Pass Oregon headed to Portland and points north. See his website for his lecture schedule at www.thepatriots.us and www.patriotsquestion911 for his bio and statements on 9/11.

He ran for Congress on a 9/11 Truth Platform last November and received 44% of the Vote! This program is aired from Santa Rosa to San Jose and east to Walnut Creek in 1.3 million homes. If you know someone who would like to interview him on TV or the radio please contact us.

Great interview

It would be nice to know what time slot that aired in.

I'd say, "Bob Bowman for President", but he would just be "assassinated" ("Wellstoned"), so, I don't want that to happen. Although he does have "agent orange cancer", so that sux. I wish him the best and better health and thank him again for what he's doing.

Keep up the great work and inspiration!

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent, Forensic 9/11ologist


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

Thanks Dr. Bowman...

Bob Bowman and Aaron Russo both have cancer?

I have a DVD called 'Curing Cancer' by http://BurtonGoldberg.com

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New Truth Squad Target: Get the cameras out- here is another one to question!

Dr Bowman is a definitive

Dr Bowman is a definitive Patriot. Every time I see a guy like this on the side of Truth. I know Justic will be had. It's just a matter of time.

Seemed sorta like an

Seemed sorta like an infommercial to me...not very "moving". But hopefully it woke a few people up over the age of 60, who equally need to be aware of the issue. (sorry for the seeming sarcastic age-ism but as a young person who feels a sense of urgency, that was a big yawner!) And the guy didn't even go into his own area of expertise: the standdown of NORAD...or maybe I was starting to doze off and missed that part. :-P