Kucinich to hold hearing on some 911 issues in September

Davis Fleetwood interviews Dennis Kucinich


It's a long interview, but at the 5 minute mark, Kucinich is asked if Americans know the whole truth about 911. He answers "I would say no. That's why in September I intend to hold a hearing, albeit it's going to be in a tightly focused area dealing with 911 and some of the economic issues..." I wonder what issues he's going to raise... Maybe some truth will come out of it.


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Show "Kucinich is a nut" by TimmyGonzalez

I agree....

Kucinich has alot to say but theres no substance in what hes saying. He plays on emotions and dodges facts.
He preaches about our founding fathers but he wants to take our guns. Hes a hipocrite plain and simple. hes a NWO puppet.
What will make it real clear is watch the main stream media. They wont flame him at all for saying he wants to lead a "Narrow" investigation on 911. But if someone like Ron Paul were to say that, he would be plastered all over CNN, MSNBC, and FOX as a conspiracy nut.

Kucinich is just in the race to pacify 911 Truthers.

Any candidate that wants to take our guns doesnt deserve to lead this country.

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Damn right. If he wasn't in their pocket, they would be crucifying him right now for calling for a new (limited) investigation.
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Limited hangout to say the least

If he wanted to honestly do a substantial investigation (not limited) he would go after the most pressing issue of all: the standdown of NORAD and lack of air defense for hours on 9/11. I believe that Kucinich is an NWO puppet who's feeding us (or pretending to) bread crumbs to take some steam out of the truth movement. "Timmy" your words are annoying at best. You're saying that Kucinich is wasting his time not focusing on "other" issues" when the complaint SHOULD be that he's not focusing ENOUGH on 9/11, or the right aspect of it. Please go away. You serve no valuable purpose here, and I'm not just saying that from your above comment, but other ones too.