Michael Tsarion on Sinn Fein April 26th 2006.

This is taken from an interview on the Rob Simone Radio Show last year.

The entire 2 hr interview can be downloaded here: (27mb, .mp3, 2hr)


The file is also downloadable in eight segments i.e. for the car - just replace 'Simone' with 'Part1', 'Part2' etc



Why should this be relevant to 911blogger?

Why should this be relevant to 911blogger?

I've never heard of Michael Tsarion (nor Rob Simone), please forgive me...

And "Sinn Fein" is not something that offers a direct context to 9/11 for me. I've no time to pre-emptively listen for 2 hours to your audio files dated more than a year ago to find out why this *possibly* would be relevant/nice/important/useful/informative to know. Don't let us all die as stupid folks, please.

So could you please edit this blog, and either add some info to this advertisment that tells us why this has a 9/11 context, or just delete it?

While sceptical of the

While sceptical of the existence of the Illuminati per se, anyone who thinks Sinn Féin and the IRA are who they say they are is an idiot. As a former SF member, I know myself that both organisations are under the control of, at least, British intelligence. I left for that very reason.

However, this blog post is only distantly related to 9/11, so is this the best venue to post it?

Tsarion is great

and imho this/he relates directly to 9/11...

tsarion studies and presents about symbology and other things related to "Illuminati/Free Masonry/NWO" etc, <--those people brought us 9/11, so I see it as related. Just my opinion however. Most 9/11 truthers need a wider truth anyway so I see this post as a good thing :)

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

It is all too relevant...

False flag terrorism and the modus operandi used to carry it out are DIRECTLY related to 9/11.