New Combo DVD's available from

The following DVD Combos are now available from

1. Loose Change 2, Terrorstorm, 911 Eyewitnesses, and Road to Tyranny

2. Press for Truth, David R. Griffin, Steven E Jones, Loose Change 2, Eyewitnesses

3. 911 Mysteries, Terrorstorm, Loose Change 2, David Ray Griffin

4. 911 Mysteries, Wm Rodriguez, Steven E Jones, portions of Martial Law (omiting Bohemian Grove and Schwartzeneger stuff).

5. Dust and Deceit, Beyond Treason, Depleted Uranium (America’s Dirty Bomb)

6. Synthetic Terror (Webster Tarpley), Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, History of Oil, US Drug Lords

7. USS Liberty, Waco, Oklahoma City, 911 Mysteries

8. 911 Revisited, Steven Jones, Painful Deceptions

9. 911 Mysteries, Painful Deceptions, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

10. Secrets of the CIA, Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, John Perkins, History of Oil

11. Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo interview, Money as Debt, Peaches and the Fed

12. Truth and Lies of 911, In Plane Site, Unanswered Questions, 911 the Illusion, Mohamed Atta

13. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime, Eyewitnesses, Take Back 911, Revealing the Truth, FEMA

14. WKJO, The Bush Family Fortune, US Drug Lords, Secrets of the CIA

15. David R. Griffin in Santa Barbara (911 American Empire and the Christian Faith), David R. Griffin at Madison: 911 and American Empire, Psychology of resistance to truth of 911

16. Confronting the Evidence, 911 Scholars Sympossium, Painful Deceptions, 911 an Outside View

To place an order, send an e-mail to They will burn you the following dvd's that you can then burn and distribute freely to your friends and co-workers. The cool thing is that they run on donations. They recommend a dollar a dvd, but if you don't feel like paying anything don't be afraid to order a few anyway. Someone else donated for you to get yours as well. Very cool. And very efficient at getting these documentaries off the computer and onto the T.V. screens!!! Next come the movie screens!!! Peace.

I've received DVDs from them and...

They are GREAT! Thanks so much!

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