The people who know

We all know that the official conspiracy is a grand fiction.

What we do not have is whistelblowers and people that were involved in the operation.


We MUST find whisteblowers that were involved in the operation. This will no doubt be a difficult task. But without our "Pentagon Papers"... we will always seem as the conspriacy theorists and summarily dismissed. All the doumentaries have been made. All the books have been written.

We need people that were involved to come forward and tell how those buildings were demolished, and how this operation was planned and executed. Without them, we are talking to ourselves.

Our entire mission should focus on this area and we as a group of organized citizens should raise money to support and protect these people. Without them, we are simply blowing smoke,

Dear brucetruth's

.......I still like to think of what we have as important, but i have to agree with you on the next step. We(meaning all truther's) should put our efforts into organizing,and protecting those in the know that come foward. It alway's pisses me off to hear that us truther's are insulting the victims families,when they also want answers.....................FIREFIGHTERS,VICTIMS FAMILIES,FIRST RESPONDERS.........UNITE!

When we are asked "Where are

When we are asked "Where are the whistleblowers?," refer to some of the information in this article:

It is criminal that there is little percentage in coming forward because there are no protections -- they have been systematically gutted. If even potential whistleblowers' own counsels tell them to save their breath because their accusations will never be allowed to gain any traction -- and their lives and livelihoods will be destroyed in the process -- what can we realistically expect them to do?

The only way to minimize the risks is to come forward in large enough groups.

After 2008

I think some whistleblowers will come forward after the Bush administration has left the building.

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