Apparently new 8-9 seconds of WTC 7 collapse footage surfaces

This footage seems to have first appeared thanks to SF Truth activism, as blogged about @

The key (and apparently unknown heretofore to truthers, from what I can tell) footage occurs beginning at approximately 0:59, where we see the intact east penthouse collapsing from a new and closer angle than I've ever seen before. This footage will be VERY important to get in as high quality as possible in order to examine it for squibs, ascending wavefronts on the NW corner of the building prior to global collapse, etc.

This isnt new

There are four well known videos of the 7 collapse, two of which (this angle, and the "dan rather" angle) show the 2-stage penthouse collapse. Its just that most airings of the videos omit the first penthouse collapse, and start from the point just prior to the collapse of the central penthouse and building collapse. If you scour the net you can find the full versions of these videos.

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IF anyone knows of a link to HQ footage from this angle...

as per CBS SF Truth Action broadcast, please provide it (maybe someone with the BIG archive could help)...

You can also see the windows breaking as the east mechanical penthouse falls...

Would love to get this in HQ...

Many thanks and best wishes

well, it's new footage to most of us

Believe me, I've watched a lot of WTC 7 collapse footage. I've seen the penthouse collapse from the Dan Rather footage before but not this. Sure, I have no doubt that it probably is already available SOMEWHERE else on the internet already. I guess it just seems a bit odd to me that a .gif of this classic footage has been made w/o the penthouse collapse included. As a counter example, one can find without difficulty on the net .gifs of the east penthouse collapsing as shown in the Dan Rather video. This footage was shot from much closer up, squibs are visible going up the side of the building just prior to global collapse and yet hardly anyone has seen the penthouse collapse from this angle? The movement has a long way to go, if this isn't new footage to 9/11 truth. A high quality version of this including the penthouse collapse should have been the benchmark standard from day one.


sorry if my original post sounded snotty, that wasnt my intent.
I agree with you that this version of the video should become prominent.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

I was informed of this video at Truthdig yesterday

Here is a run down of my debate with Niloroth:

Niloroth said:

911truth guy:
own footprint?
nope, not even close.
Free fall speed?
Wrong again
Hit by nothing? Even you can’t believe that one.
Stop lying.

I said:

The JPG photo you linked to DOES show that WTC 7 collapsed into its own footprint. Look at the adjacent buildings. They’re completely intact—which was no doubt the point of making the collapse symmetrical. This was obviously an engineered event; that you can’t see that astonishes me.
As for your link to the video of the WTC 7 “15” second collapse, wherein the penthouse caves in early on, it hardly debunks the controlled demolition theory; if anything, it suggests it further. Notice that the central support columns appear to have been severed first—with the penthouse cave-in being the first indication of this—followed by the subsequent at or near free-fall speed of collapse.
To better make my point, consider the collapse of the north tower. Right before it occurs, the antenna dips a bit, which suggests that the central columns were severed first, followed soon afterward by the building collapse at or near free fall speed.
Regardless, 15 seconds is still way too fast for what one could estimate for any kind of asymmetrical fire-induced collapse (of which, historically, there have been none). This is because the asymmetric nature of the damage building 7 is reported to have experienced would have led to it likely toppling over—not collapsing symmetrically—or perhaps falling part of the way down arresting a few floors below the start of the collapse wave.

Niloroth said:

The other buildings are completely intact? Are we looking at the same picture? Look again, the building in the bottom center is missing part of the roof and what looks to be some damage to the side facing WTC7, the buildings to the top of the picture are damaged, and the one to on the left side looks to have some damage at the base. How did that happen? Did WTC7 in fact not fall into its own footprint, or was that damage from the towers? These being the same towers you probably think didn’t hit WTC7, as inferred from your statement “This is because the asymmetric nature of the damage building 7 is reported to have experienced would have led to it likely toppling over—not collapsing symmetrically—or perhaps falling part of the way down arresting a few floors below the start of the collapse wave.” You can’t have it both ways, your statement implies there was no structural damage to WTC7 from the collapse of the towers, which means that all the damage to the buildings around WTC7 had to have been done by WTC7, which means it didn’t fall into it’s own footprint. Or if it did fall into it’s own footprint, then obviously the damage is from the towers, but how would they damage all the buildings around WTC7 and not do any damage to WTC7?
Does the antenna dip, or does it lean to one side? And are you sure that is what you are seeing through all the smoke? If it goes straight down, that could mean on thing, if it goes to the side, another. And then it also depends on what side it tipped.

I have yet to respond to Niloroth's last points on this subject, but I soon will.

got him in your sights

also, remember that wtc 7 was surrounded by 7 standing buildings. does this infer that the post office, or verizon, was more structurally sound than say, the building that housed NY's office of emergency management?
does random damage to one side of a building cause said building to fall straight down (put a straight edge on your monitor while the building collapses, it does not waiver) at almost free fall?

for those of us who like to focus on the physical aspects of 9/11, building 7 is not up for debate. it was demolished. period.
as patriotsquestion often states, wtc 7 would be the tallest building in 33 states, thus it would be readily noticeable to anyone watching the collapse that it was a controlled demolition, were it not for the confusion on 9/11 and the huge amount of skyscrapers in NY.

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A good example for future debates that shows a penthouse falling

during the controlled demolition of a building...

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