: Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman!!

This is fabulous, you guys!! I just did it-- and sent an e-mail to both of my Boxer, Feinstein and my Congressman Henry Waxman. They will ALL get a "Press For Truth Pack"!!

"Answers For 9/11 Families" Week: August 3-12

From August 3rd - 12th, will join a coalition of organizations to help host "Answers For 9/11 Families" week. Hundreds of Americans will come together at house parties across the country to screen the acclaimed film featuring the September 11th families, 9/11 Press For Truth.

This stunning movie exposes the government's and the media's failure to answer the many important questions of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee, a group of twelve victim's relatives who tenaciously fought the White House to force the creation of the 9/11 Commission. Six of them tell their story first-hand in the movie, revealing for the first time that "70% of our questions" were not answered by the Final Report. The movie stitches together rare overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences to clearly detail a pattern of deception by U.S. officials.

Now, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has announced plans for a new 9/11 investigation beginning in September because "the 9/11 Commission... never resolved some conflicting facts." Please join the effort to encourage Congress to support investigating until all remaining Family Steering Committee questions are answered. Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman
and sign up today to host or attend a 9/11 Press For Truth house party in your community.

(NOTE: Simple instructions on how to make your house party film screening a success will be emailed to everyone who signs up to host a party. Please order your DVD immediately after signing up in order to ensure it arrives in time for your house party.)

"We thought the country was at risk from terrorists and from incompetence," says Jersey widow Lorie Van Auken in the movie, "and maybe worse." Fellow 'Jersey Girl' Patty Casazza puts it more succinctly: "They lied. They all lied." With an election year looming, it is more important than ever that we demand Congressional hearings that will finally provide the answers these families have devoted over five years of their lives toward.

Help make it happen. Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman today.

And we hope you'll join us in August. Open your house to family, friends and neighbors - or join them at a house party nearby -- to watch this movie and support the Kucinich subcommittee investigation until all remaining Family Steering Committee questions are answered.

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I looked at the website and didn't see anything listed. Where is this posted?


It came out as an email to their almost 20,000 recipients. This is major. We have to enlighten our own first. It is not the most important documentary but it is a good start. First people have to understand that the events of that day were not as they were reported.

Thanks for posting the aditional info :-)

I received the e-mail from last night. The link to the web page is helpful too. I was so excited to post this -- I neglected to add that pertinent info.

Please DIGG !!!

Link :

Many thanks

There were warnings of an Al Qaeda attack..

...only: 9/11 wasn't an Al qaeda attack. Therefore the warnings real or fake are just a smokescreen.
Press for truth's message = negligence theory. ("warnings, Ben Laden, warnings, Al Qaeda, warnings...")

Anybody who after almost 6 years still promote the negligence theory (which IS essentially the official story) and refuses to even consider the possibility of an inside job is either in hopeless denial or a professional disinfo.

Try this for a change:
"9/11 the explosive reality" a truly extraordinary compilation of original news footage and therefore undebunkable.

The promote the negligence theory (even criminal negligence) is to promote the the official theory. Period.

The first 30 minutes of "9/11 Press for Truth"...

are very powerful !!!

It makes the viewer realize that the government lied and still lies about 9/11, that there is a cover-up and there is a very real need for a real, full and comprehensive inquiry into the tragic events of 9/11.

Whilst I do not necessarily agree with the conclusions, it serves as a gateway into 9/11 Truth and that many of the family members are behind a new investigation.

Best wishes


The thing I like about PFT is that it mainly just poses questions, and shows that questions need answers -- and that all we've gotten so far is evasion, or smoke screens, from people who know the answers. Seeing that is itself quite revealing.

It makes for a powerful approach.

If anyone keeps asking questions the process itself will go from LIHOP to MIHOP rather quickly. The evidence is so clear.


LIHOP / PFT even sillier than the OCT

To promote LIHOP is like going to court and support your case with the weakest evidence you have.

Wouldn't it make much more sense to support your case with the strongest evidence? Like (CD and WTC7 for instance).

In fact it is much harder to prove LIHOP for the simple reason that it is not what the evidence points to. There are just too many things that can only be explained with MIHOP.

The whole world (literally) knows that the Bush adm lied shamlessly about Irak's WMD but it doesn't seem to matter for most people. To say -even to prove- that they "lied" about 9/11 won't make any difference either.

Oh and the assumption that LIHOP leads to MIHOP is just that; an assumption. I would even say that LIHOP is actually an obstacle to MIHOP.


Thanks for the comments.

My point was not in support of LIHOP but in support of questions. The questions, if pursued relentlessly, MUST lead to MIHOP. Agree?

it depends on the questions

...only with the right the questions.
"why did the Pakistani secret service wired lead hijacker Mohamed Atta a certain sum of money" certainly won't automatically lead to MIHOP. It might only confuse and divert from the real issue and I wounldn't be surprised if this is being relentlessly promoted by some people for just that reason (like PFT which to me looks much too professional to be the work honest independent researchers). Besides we don't have any solid evidence about these facts.

Why not ask immediately the real questions like "Why did WTC7 collapse?..Oh you didnt' know WTC7 collapsed?...Watch this video: doesn't it look exactly like a controlled demolition?"


Again, good point.

Yes, we or some version of 'we' must also be in control of what questions to frame. If the questions concern intentional red-herrings or planted side-tracks, clearly the questions plus answers go nowhere useful.

This 9-11 atrocity seems full of red-herring type planted side-tracks, doesn't it? Dancing Israelis, wired money, "pull it," put options... strange stuff. Difficult to see what is essential and what is put there only to deceive. I do wish for real investigation.

Sometimes planted evidence can tell a lot, if it is demonstrably planted. Finding out what got planted and what is really there would be an important step in a real investigation.

Again, in my opinion PFT causes ordinary people to want new answers. So, if that is right, then it helps launch something that otherwise has no chance of getting launched, namely an investigation.

I respectfully disagree

I had put off watching "Press For Truth" for several years because I had read that it wasn't MIHOP enough. Finally, two weeks ago, I talked my wife (who is "tired of talking about" 911) to watching it with me. She agreed because she had heard something about it, that it might be more "personal", etc., etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that it makes strong statements for connections between the US government and the "hijackers", with the Pakistani ISI as the go-between. Whatever you want to say about the "hijackers", at the very least they were real human beings (although their identities may be in dispute) who were at the very least set up to be patsies. So the movie makes a strong case for US government direction and responsibility for whatever happened on 911. There are really good interviews with the guy (I forget his name) who made the "911 Timeline," including material I had never heard before.

I was impressed, and, more importantly, my wife was impressed. I think it's an excellent movie for both the initiated and uninitiated.

By the way, is there now a new version of the film? From some of the comments in the story above, it sort of sounds like that although they don't actually say that.

Fred W

its good for the reasons you

its good for the reasons you state but dangerous alone in the perception that it leaves. there is much more to the story than PFT seems to imply and while PFT has its merits i personally NEVER suggest it alone or give it out alone.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yeah, but...

The main perception it leaves is that the US "hired" Mohamed Atta et. al. to do 911, not a trivial concept. Of course, I would follow up with Grifin's "911: The Myth and the Reality" and "911 Mysteries." If I had to choose, I would prefer for people to see those first or instead of PFT, but if people are willing to watch PFT and not those others, why not start with that? Even if they see those others, PFT still goes a long way toward explaining what the "hijackers" were doing and what they may have thought they were doing: how they fit into the overall picture.

Fred W

This one is for the mainstream

Hey phredo.

The fellow's name is Paul Thompson, who put together the 911 Timeline. He runs the Cooperarative Research website.

The film is for the mainstream. Hardline 911 researchers and enthusiasts -- like most of us here -- tend to know so much more and think so much more about all of this that we may put it down.

But this stuff has to get out into the mainstream. PPT takes it there.

Theories as to what actually happened tend to put mainstream people off, right away -- or so I have observed. PPT does not do that. All it does is pose questions.

The other thing it may do, however, is provide convenient possible excuses and cover for people who are culpable. That is called the 'limited hangout' issue.

Let's fight that battle when it comes. The first battle is getting this questioning attitude out into the mainstream. PPT does that, or can do it.

Joe Sestak, (D-PA)

For the record, somebody's records, I handed PFT to Rep. Joe Sestak (who beat out Curt Weldon last November, think Able Danger . . . and late-breaking, pre-election personal & family scandals, hmmm . . . ) as well as Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries, Improbable Collapse & Willie Rodriguez' "What Really Happened on September 11th" in mid-May. I asked him to please ask Dennis Kucinich about WTC 7 . . . .


great job betsy. how did he

great job betsy. how did he respond? im guessing he probably tried to get away pretty fast.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Well . . . we were at a

Well . . . we were at a fundraiser for him; he was leaving to get to another event - but he seemed very appreciative that I was giving him these dvd's - I believe that he is a very sincere and genuine person. . . Catholic upbringing, large familiy, military background - no baggage yet, I don't think, but who knows. I later rec'd a handwritten note saying that he would watch the dvd's . . . I've heard nothing yet - we shall see. I 'm hoping that he speaks with Kucinich . . . . We all just need to keep plugging away. And thank goodness for our "Truth Squads" capturing for history on video reponses like Giuliani's, etc. . . - thank you Luke and friends.

Press for Truth

I don't think people here should get into fights over whether Press for Truth is "hardcore MIHOP" enough. People have many reasons for embracing 9/11 Truth, and not everyone responds to the same message. Younger people might respond better to the slick form of Loose Change; older people, the type of people who might pay attention to, may respond better to the moderate message of Press for Truth.

The important thing here is to engage people in terms they can accept, to get them to begin to entertain the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job. It's a huge leap to make, so there's no easy way to make it.

This story above is very good news.


Nicely put, simuvac.

Furthermore, the whole LIHOP versus MIHOP debate doesn't matter, if there is real questioning -- under oath and by persistent prosecutors. What matters is getting an investigation with teeth, that is persistent and does not flinch no matter what answers the questions lead to.


In the short term, put these bastards under oath.

In the long view, we must find a way to erode executive privilege.

Unfortunately it DOES matter

'What matters is getting an investigation with teeth, that is persistent and does not flinch no matter what answers the questions lead to.'

Ahh, but the problem with LIHOP is that it tends to diminish the chances that certain questions will even be formulated, let alone asked. If the interrogated knows that the interrogator accepts the basic premise that the 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by an autonomous, external, force--regardless of whether anyone in the government acted to facilitate or further the success of those attacks--then the whole round of questioning will do nothing but reinforce that premise. Questions like, did the alleged perps have 'handlers' within U.S. institutions, and whether they were in fact conveninent patsies fronting for the real planners and criminals--these just won't come up unless one is open to MIHOP; and to be open to MIHOP, one has to appreciate the distinction between that and LIHOP, and not dismiss it as trivial. Remember, if LIHOP is as far as disclosures go, then the al-Qaeda menace and the whole rationale for the 'war on terror' and domestic repression remain in place, no matter if 'faciliators' of the attacks in high places are exposed and disgraced.

It's like those questioners of the Warren Report who for years asked, 'Did Oswald act alone?', all the while missing the whole point that Oswald was a fall guy for the actual killers. If you don't ask the right questions, then the answers will continue to amount to some kind of deception.

From a former LIHOP-er.


This is well put. Good points.

I am not in favor of LIHOP. What you say here tells why.

I guess the question is whether PFT helps our cause or, ultimately, harms it. To me it looks like it helps. Its whole presentation fits what people are used to. It causes people to question the officials themselves and not just the official version.

But if it causes the whole process to stop at LIHOP, then that will be wholly inadequate. I am not sure it does that. Are you saying you think it does?

Give me a break

Now, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has announced plans for a new 9/11 investigation beginning in September because "the 9/11 Commission... never resolved some conflicting facts."

Now a hearing has turned into a new investigation. After the hearing, many will say "You've had your new investigation, now shaddup!"

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)


Good point.

What is the necessary sequence of events, do you know? is it: hearings > investigation > grand jury > trial? I think that might be it -- assuming each step has teeth and determination.

If so, Kucinich's hearings would represent a first step. If not, they may represent nothing much.

DownsizeDC is in Denial and Refuses to Critically Think

Either that or they purposly want to claim incompetence to help continue the cover-up and close their eyes to basic scientific reasoning. The Laws of Physics do not lie.

From DownsizeDC background page (


"Some elements of the "9-11 Truth Movement" have raised important questions. But in our view, most of the conspiracy theories that have emerged are speculation, or worse, lunacy. Frequently, there has been a real tendency to assert that accurate details are somehow connected into a web of high intrigue.

Well, "Big claims require big evidence." In fact, the evidence must exceed the claim. And neither a court of law nor most of the victims' families is willing to accept vast government plot stories because the evidence thus far has not exceeded the claim. The American public has been turned off by these theories.

That's it. Period.

And if you don't like that position, please don't write us to set us straight. But if you agree, then please send a message to your representatives in Congress demanding that they, finally, make a real investigation an evident priority."


They know already. Try state and local "representatives" (of a system never really designed to represent anyone but a wealthy elite) first.

Progress happens by accident

Hey,. IT, your mention of "a system never really designed to represent anyone but a wealthy elite" looks right.

What interests me is that, very occasionally, progress occurs despite this fact. The Bill of Rights came about that way. Not to get too historical, but the Constitution was really by and for the elites, so as to define their rule here instead of a Monarchical rule, whether from Britain or homegrown or whatever.

Back then the landed gentry had less than no interest in allowing the Bill of Rights -- for and about the common man -- to come into being. But circumstances compelled it. It makes for an interesting story. Jefferson, one of the ruling elites, enabled it. Others labeled him a turncoat for that.

The Bill of Rights obviously does not go far enough. The elites are still totally in charge, and doing their best to erode or destroy that document too.

But its creation back then also provides reason for us to continue, relentlessly, striving for a real 9-11 investigation.

How can the perpetrators investigate themselves? They can't. But who knows what lucky turn in event might happen? Also, who knows who among the elites might act as a turncoat, as Jefferson did? Maybe Kucinich, if only he got enough power to matter. . Who knows.

We just need to keep up trying all angles. At some point something will break through. Just don't give up.

Student, get off this board.

Student, get off this board.