American Airlines 77

I know I'm going off half-cocked here and that a little information can be a dangerous thing but, I'm broadening the scope of my 911 research, looking at the flights and this jumped right out at me.

I'll put a lot more reading behind me before I post anything more on this but I was immediately struck by something.

Having looked at the pentagon pics along with the recent video of the flight recorder analysis its easy to assume that the pentagon strike was a missile rather than a plane.

Having made that assumption we then have to cater for the known elements:

1. A plane took off from Dulles airport
2. Something was tracked on radar that looked like AA77
3. Something hit the pentagon
4. No plane like AA77 landed anywhere visible

When I took a look at the radar track their are three oddities:

a. Why did the plane go so far out of its way?
b. The detour up to the Maryland border
b. The track being lost some time later

I don't yet have a theory about the detour but, if we go with the assumption that an airliner was switched for a military plane with a bunker busting missile then what better place to pull the switch than right over Charleston Air National Guard Base? The transponder was turned off just a short time before AA77 would have passed right over the base and the plane would have been visible only as an anonymous speck on the radar screen.

The air base is home to a squadron of C130s so there's no problem landing a large jet there. As a military base, its containable and subject to military secrecy. It would be perfectly routine for visiting aircraft to stop off there.

Remember the mysterious white aircraft seen in several places during 911? Why not a C130 over the pentagon with a rack full of air to ground missiles.

By flying over Charleston and turning off the flight responder it would have been easy to have another plane match the speed, direction and altitude of AA77. The airliner would land and the mystery plane would proceed thus continuing the raw blip on the radar screen. Vigilant Defender radar artifacts would easily take the blame for one planes takeoff and the others landing. The ATC operators tape was destroyed and no recordings exist of the occasion.

If something like this did occur you've got to ask yourself "What did they do with the passengers?". If Al Quaida were the initiators of 911, then it is possible to say that they are responsible for the wtc deaths. If the above scenario, or one like it, is true, then there is no shifting the blame.

Once again I admit that this is an instant theory based on my first look, but it does put ticks in a few boxes.

Please don't beat up on me if you disagree with this one, I'll go do some more homework.

Well, there is the matter of

Well, there is the matter of that small engine found in the rubble to account for.


I'm more concerned about the two big engines they didn't find.

1 small engine plus 2 big engines = airliner with jet auxiliary power unit.

1 small engine only could easily equal cruise missile.

You know, engines have part numbers and serial numbers

does this 'engine' match the equipment on the flight that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon? The airlines do keep very careful maintenance record on all of their planes. It shouldn't be hard to prove whether or not this 'engine' came from a specific plane.

I absolutely agree.

One of the many problems with the whole 911 incident is that the physical evidence has been eradicated. In fact, its one of the 'smoking guns'.

Any other plane crash and the FAA collect all the bits and assemble them in a hangar somewhere. Anyone who can find that bit of jet engine will almost certainly be voted a hero of the 911Truch movement.

Indirectly thats why I spew my deductions all over this blog. If just one suggestion from one of my monologues makes even one person go 'Hey! That makes me think of something I did/saw/heard/etc re 911, I'll feel its been worth the trouble.

The biggest crime of this century won't be doing 911, it'll be letting them get away with it.

btw. Aside from that, I've dug up something else interesting on this blog topic. The plane's transponder went off when it was in the area of the ONLY tracking station for miles that DIDN'T have the ability to track it physically! A suspicious person would get the idea that they drove it all that way so they could pull their switch in a rare radar blind spot!

Four passenger jets all crash on the same day

and there weren't enough parts recovered from any of the crash sites to even rebuild one plane.

A possible match

The jet engine component showing in the one photo from the pentagon looks like and is exactly the right size to be the remains off the front spindle and part of the high pressure compressor stage from a raytheon AGM-129A stealth cruise missile.

That's not a definitive opinion, just the result of the search so far.

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Also, the "mysterious" white jet has not been mysterious for quite a long time. I discovered what it was over a year or so ago. I and a few others have been doing research and been in contact with the USAF and other agencies to try do determine what the jet was doing over Pentagon airspace around the time of attack.

Here's my thread on the white jet:

Hope to see ya soon! :)

I recently came across your thread on this

It really blew my mind... why isn't this getting more attention?

This jet flew apparently near the white house, and from the film, at a fairly low altitude. Official news reports even confused this plane with alleged flight 77. Over at NEADS, they were in a "frenzy" because this plane approached the white House.

After studying the eyewitness testimony, I found several witnesses who saw this plane, and noticed that it contradicted the official flight path of flight 77. I of course realized after viewing your thread that it was another plane captured on the radar.

Significantly, the transponder was turned OFF. What was it doing near the white house? Was it part of a war game scenario involving imaginary hijacked live fly airliners? I'm going to keep looking into this, but thanks for your work.

9:36 a.m.: Report of Airliner Approaching White House Sets off ‘Frenzy’ at NEADS

Colin Scoggins at Boston flight control calls NEADS to report a low-flying airliner he has spotted six miles southeast of the White House. He can offer no details regarding its identity. The plane is reportedly Flight 77, but as it has its transponder turned off, no one realizes this at the time. The news of the plane “sets off a frenzy.” Major Kevin Nasypany orders Major James Fox, head of the NEADS Weapons Team, “Get your fighters there as soon as possible!” Staff Sergeant William Huckabone says, “Ma’am, we are going AFIO [emergency military control of the fighters] right now with Quit 2-5 [the Langley fighters]. They are going direct Washington.”

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