I would like to share some thoughts about our movement and what its direction and leading ideas could be.

There are thousands and tens of thousands of us who are investing more or less time and all kinds of effort into investigating 9/11 and promoting the spread of information.

We have achieved a quite impressive investigation of our own through the cooperation of a loose network of people comunicating and sharing on the internet.
As much as wikipedia manages to compile knowledge through the global work of a myriad of individuals, has the 9/11 movement managed to put together evidence, findings, testimony, frame-information and the historical context to map out probable and improbable scenarios of the events of 9/11.

Although we still can't accurately tell a comprehensive storyline of events on our own we have disproved the official script.
And rightly, many of us feel by now confident to state that 9/11 was an inside job and are able to hint at who the perpetrators most probably were.

The natural consequence of our achievement is the spread of the truth by protest, seminars, discussion with friends and family, etc.

Also this second phase of dissemination of the truth has been very successful, so far.
The movement has grown, a number of public figures have voiced their support and polls suggest widespread and growing suspicion of the public.

We will have to continue and improve the efficiency of both of these efforts of investigating and informing.

Regardless of what the future will bring and whether we will manage to influence the media, politics and the general public to the extent that further events can't "run through the system" as easily as 9/11, we have already achieved an impressive investigation and have had an impact on a considerable number of people (and on ourselves as well).

This strength of our movement, namely the collective investigative work and truth dissemination should be consciously developed and include future events.
It could be that we have not yet fully exploited all our possibilities and we should be able to improve our skills, individually.

We could see our movement as a networking watchdog, made up of thousands of investigators/journalists/researchers.
We could increasingly move away from our PC's and relocate our investigative efforts to every person and institution potentially involved or testimony to events.
Every one of us has his very special skills or is able to contribute specific enquiries. Just as the concept of thruth squads has led to the effective confrontation of countless public figures, could we increasingly swarm out to interview witnesses, consult professionals, research scientific topics and then put or information together.

For any future event like 9/11 we can use our knowledge to act swiftly.
Right after the next terrorist event we should get up and collect evidence, record publicised information, inspect scenes involved, consult witnesses and document our findings.

This way our movement will serve the public beyond 9/11.
Even if we don't manage to "turn" society completely this time, we might be able to so next time by having developed skills and networks.

thats it. Thanks for reading.
Wanted to share some ideas and motivate.
Excuse grammar/spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.

Have a good day.