Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference kicks off in high gear

Sat. a.m. 6/23/2007

Thanks to a last-minute flurry of local media publicity, the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference opened its doors to a full house yesterday. Kevin Barrett, Ian Woods, and Dr. Joe Hawkins warmed up the crowd for Webster Tarpley's 2 1/2 hour marathon keynote speech, "False Falg Terrorism and the Role of Military Drills in Understanding the Sinister Dynamics of 9/11."

Two more full days of events remain: I'll be reporting on them at, and on my radio shows Dynamic Duo (Tues. 3-5 pm CT, and 9/11 and Empire (Tues. 9-11 pm CT,

Good luck and god bless!

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

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