Vancouver Conference Day One

Around 350 people filled the floor of the Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver BC last night for the opening night of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. MC'd by Kevin Barrett, the first night's speakers were Ian Woods, Dr. Joe Hawkins, with the Keynote delivered by Webster Griffin Tarpley.

As expected, there were very few mainstream media reporters giving the conference any coverage, however, a local daily tabloid called did cover the upcoming conference with a front page headline.

This little free tabloid focuses on entertainment options in the City of Vancouver and surrounding area. Copies of this magazine can be found at coffee shops and sitting on the seats of transit options all over the local area. This was surprise free advertising for the conference. The accompanying piece takes up Page 3 of the paper and is largely positive.*

Below find a couple short interviews, the first with Ian Woods, who I asked to describe the contents of the summer 2007 issue of Global Outlook, The Magazine of 9/11 Truth. The second video is another short interview with Dr. Joe Hawkins, who gives his opinion as to why 9/11 Truth matters to Canadians and Americans. The third video features a few segments from the speakers last night interspersed with the same two interviews in one unedited rough cut.

All in all, a good opening night.

* Here is a 569kb jpeg of the story if you are interested:

City Leaders Need Information!

Straight Talk
Councillors blank on 9/11 Conference
Straight Talk By Matthew Burrows
Publish Date: June 21, 2007
Not one city councillor questioned by the Straight had heard of the 9/11 Truth Conference ( ), which is scheduled to run from Friday to Sunday (June 22 to 24) at the Maritime Labour Centre .

About 20 speakers from North America and Britain will be there, including author Barrie Zwicker.

However, NPA councillors Suzanne Anton ("They didn't invite me to speak at the opening") and Kim Capri told the Straight they had not heard of the event, and neither had COPE councillor David Cadman nor Vision Vancouver councillors Raymond Louie, George Chow, Heather Deal, and Tim Stevenson.

"We don't have a 9/11 spokesperson in Vision," Deal said by phone. "We haven't really felt a need until now, though I am concerned about security costs relating to 2010."

Stevenson, a United Church minister, told the Straight the only connection he has to 9/11 is through California-based theology professor David Ray Griffin. "When he started writing about 9/11, I thought, 'Wow, when people of that calibre start writing about it, maybe I should pay attention to this.'"

I should be in bed already.

It's going to be a big day tomorrow as well. I would absolutely love to hear what Suzanne Anton has to say about 9/11, I will be sure to invite her to our next general meeting, where she is free to speak with us, and if she blows us away, maybe she will speak at the next event's opening. The idea not to go to a conference because you yourself aren't speaking is rather odd.

350 = Good Turnout

Likely due to newspaper story.

we had that much in Seattle

we had that much in Seattle last month as well.

Revolutions happen 1 mind at a time

Show "9/11 Actors Pt.1" by 911blogger.com_...

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let him be bitter in his own

let him be bitter in his own world.... people will visit his knock-off site and see all the videos are just bashing people and they will see the real sites and find scientific information on the topic.

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Joe ;)