Walter Karp on "conspiracy theories," "political paranoia," and "conspiritorial fetishism"

"....those who make blanket condemnations of "conspiracy theories" base their own view on a farfetched theory indeed, namely that whatever those in high office actually do, they are essentially men of goodwill. According to this school of special pleading - the 'King can do no wrong' doctrine suitably updated - it is entirely proper to praise an American President for skillfully engineering some desirable result, but to note the same skillful engineering of an indefensible one is to fall victim to 'political paranoia' and 'conspiritorial fetishism' on a par with subscribing to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion...."
[From INDISPENSABLE ENEMIES The Politics of Misrule in America by Walter Karp]


but needs more context.
Is there a link to the full article, or a full citation of the book?

What's the overall angle of the author? What year was this written?

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