Interview With Fighter Pilot Lt Col. Guy Razor - 6/23/07

Interview With Fighter Pilot


Lt. Col. Guy Razor, member interviewed regarding Sept 11, 2001 NORAD response, Defense protocol, and personal experiences. Please visit and for more info. 29:45

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"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)


Did he say he was trying to get into a military installation to take pictures of the concentration camps confirmed being inside? Was Guy doing this as an individual effort or in collaboration and who that might be? I have heard of these "camps" before and seen pictures posted online for some time now. How well known is this amongst the Truth Movement and does anyone else have something they could add to this discussion!?!

At least it's not Rambo

Though it could be:

Just kidding. "Razor" is a real surname also.

Question: Reading the Vanity Fair article and watching the NORAD and FAA scenes in the movie "United 93," I see people relying on screens and not knowing whether what they were seeing was an "input" from a war game. I also see them NEADS people getting information from CNN.

So my question is -- how hard would it be to fool these people? What if pilots got off the ground and there was nothing there?

About your Pentagon black box study, does that show that a plane flew over the Pentagon? If so, where did the black box come from? Are you saying it was removed from the actual plane that flew over?

It seems that what your study shows, which is important, is that NTSB can't produce a black box for a plane that hit the Pentagon. I'm not sure that is evidence of a plane flying over.


Watch PBB2 to get an understanding of what the black box shows.

Review this link...

In a rush to get this interview out i made a few errors. Lt Col Guy Razer is former US Airforce.. not marines. I had also mispelled his last name. The correct spelling is "Razer".

I would edit the above article, but then the mods have to reapprove it. So i guess its just better to post a correction. My apologies to Lt Col Guy Razer! :-)

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