Michael Tsarion on the Orange Order April 26th 2006.

The roots of the current 'war on terror' are extensive but if it had one laboratory in the western world it would be Northern Ireland.

Here both Catholic and Protestant paramilitary organisations were infiltrated by the British government in a 'divide and conquer' 'strategy of tension' that mirrors the later Hegelian terror developments in global society.

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a researcher, author, public speaker, historian and possibly the leading authority on the occult origins of the 'terror' in that part of the world. This is important background to 9/11 and an understanding of the modus operandi involved.

The entire 2 hr interview can be downloaded here: (27mb, .mp3, 2hr)


I've read that the British perpetrated some false-flag attacks

to blame Catholics for ruthlessly killing Protestants in Northern Ireland. The false-flag attacks were simple, yet amazingly effective.

The British would plant a powerful bomb in some Protestant tavern filled with young patrons, and a number of them would be killed & maimed. A British agent would then call a newspaper or other media pretending to be a Catholic taking credit for the bombing. The story would be headline news along with gory pictures of the dead young people.

Rather understandably, the Protestant's knee-jerk reaction was to become filled with blind rage & go berserk against the Catholics. (Among all the anger & chaos, no one would be thinking or saying "false-flag-attack", and even if they did, no one else would listen to them.)

The Troubles in our country

The Troubles in our country has largely been the result of British manipulation of both sides of the conflict. The political reality of the Troubles has often been overshadowed by the religious aspect of it, a viewpoint which has been showcased in foreign media thanks to British intelligence services carrying out false-flag attacks, actively prolonging guerrilla warfare and encouraging sectarian murder, which made it easy for onlookers to perceive it as a vicious blood feud between Catholics and Protestants.