Vancouver Conference Day Two

Day Two of the Vancouver conference saw an approximate repeat of the attendance numbers of Friday, but along with speakers on the main stage, there were several presentations in a breakout room and a Q&A by Webster Tarpley in another auxiliary room. The quantity and quality of information coming from the presentations that I was able to check out was excellent.

The day started out with presentations by Barrie Zwicker on the main stage and Peter Dale Scott in the breakout room. Zwicker addressed the mainstream media's lopsided approach to presenting 9/11 skepticism, and offered some critiques that mirror what you will find in the new issue of Global Outlook. Scott refreshed his talk about JFK & 9/11, with additional deep political analysis about the Watergate break-in, and similarities between these three, (on the surface), very different events. Peter Dale Scott was preceded by a new researcher, Andrew Marshal, who gave a very astute analysis of the current Canadian political situation in regard to elite players forging the North American Union.

Prof. Michael Keefer spoke about the suppression of 9/11 Truth, and extended the theme started by Zwicker.

Will Thomas, Robin Hordon, and Rowland Morgan fleshed out the events of 9/11 with a focus on NORAD, the FAA, and Flight 93.

Webster Tarpley gave a Q&A session in an upstairs auxiliary room.

The evening wrapped up with a keynote speech by Steven Jones.

Here are some more video rough cuts from the lectures I was able to visit:

Video One: Sequentially; Barrie Zwicker - Andrew Marshal - Peter Dale Scott - Webster Tarpley - Michael Keefer - Webster Tarpley

Video Two: Sequentially; Will Thomas - Peter Dale Scott - Robin Hordon - Rowland Morgan - Hal Sisson

I know I'm like a broken record on this, but

Peter Dale Scott's new book is going to be awesome.

I was looking at the Continuity of Government material recently, and I noticed that the spy Robert Hanssen, the focus of the movie Breach, apparently sold the Soviets the COG plans, which somehow forced the Bushies to change them.

It got me thinking: What if 9/11 wasn't the main event? What if that was just a rehearsal for the real escalation and change of government?

Anyway, Scott rules. I can't wait to see what he does with all the Iran-Contra connections with the Bushies.

That is correct. 9/11 was the 'teaser' not the tale.

9/11 has allowed them to put in place the prerequisite legal infrastructure to enforce not only a police state but a militarized society. None of us know precisely how that is going to be played out but stories like this "Special Operations Prepared for Domestic Missions" from the Washington Post: make it fairly clear how the aftermath will be handled. It looks to me like they want to use the US population as a 'human resource' to fuel their 'will not end in our lifetime' war on terror. At this moment if the draft were re-instituted there are many nas-car dads and soccer-moms who wouldn't support it and would do everything in their power to keep little Ian and Ashley out of the military. The PTB have to fundamentally change that prevailing attitude and one of the ways they could do that is for an American city to be brutally attacked. (Personally, I think the New Orleans debacle was a kind of 'test run' for a lost city scenario.) As well as the actual horror of the situation there will be the media driven 24/7 extended horror, COG will go completely into effect, marshal law and the suspension of all civil liberties. No dissent will be tolerated from any quarter -- and they are clearly anticipating dissent, even direct, violent opposition. A good introduction to this can be found here: The real purpose of Homeland Security is the subjugation of the American people. With the media totally in their control and the apathy of most Americans turned by it to whatever external or internal enemy they identify, the plan will be complete. The entire society will be militarized and military service will not be a choice for anyone, male or female.

Like you, I can hardly wait for Peter's new book. That it is being published by the University of California Press is significant. There are 'wild cards' in the scenario. The time to confront them is now -- a window of opportunity is closing. We may yet see the end of the Bush regime but whoever follows in his place will have to cooperate 'or else'. If Al Gore runs and wins, I anticipate the 'or else' scenario.

Thanks for the article links.

Excellent. I guess I can definitely call myself a "conspiracy theorist". (Or as they said in The Wizard of Oz "pay np attention to the man behind the curtain".

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Bush Directive for a Catastrophic Emergency

Michel Chossudovsky speaks to the issue we have been discussing here.

Cheney, then Bush, then Ghouliani, then Mueller

Cheney, then Bush, then Ghouliani, then Mueller have all threatened us recently with NUKING
an American city.

Who doesn't love PDS? He's

Who doesn't love PDS? He's a great poet too, more on that later.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

off topic but.....

From "Youth for Truth" on MySpace : (

Jimmy Smits Introduced to WTC 7 for the First Time?

From ArtV: "I went down to the Mayors Conference at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles and while I was hanging out in the lobby looking for potential victims of a truth squading, I saw Jimmy Smits. What is not on tape is the way I got his attention. I went up to him and asked him if he would use his status to push for a new investigation into 9/11. He said he never heard of WTC 7 so I briefed him a little. I was a little nervous because it was obvious I didn't belong in there but Jimmy Smits was very nice and his crew wished me luck."

Everything's great, but...

... can Webster Tarpley stop some day demeaning Noam Chomsky by calling him a gnome? Are we going to see that day? Can he say the name "Noam Chomsky" at least once without following it with the obligatory reference to the g-word? I am getting a little tired of that... The 9/11 truth movement has to fight against ad hominem insults every step of the way, and here is one prominent truther doing just that in the most childish way possible...



People die all the time

I love how this guy says, who cares who killed JFK? What does it matter? People die all the time. I'll bet if you said to this old fuck -- "6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis, but that was a long time ago. Who cares? People die all the time," he would have a frickin' fit and call you anti-symmetrical. Chompsky works for the folks runnin the big plan. He's a tool. He works at MIT (Military Industrial Technology) and you know what they do on that campus, right?

I *LOVE IT* when a true blue

I *LOVE IT* when a true blue socialist like "ChumpSky" shows his true globalist colors. Tough crap - I was unaware of Tarpley thrashing ChumpSky - Now I'm more a Tarpley fan! HURRAY! GO GO GO.

... I had to look up the word "gnome" - LOL - Troll...shriveled up old bankster type - PERFECT FIT for a Globalist Socialist pig. May ChumpSky lie with Stalin and share the worms.
Global Warming is the biggest scam to infect the planet.
Global Warming = Global Tax = Global Police = TOTAL CONTROL

Their goal is a ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP. COMMUNIST or FASCIST it matters not.

With all due respect, I get

With all due respect, I get tired of seeing comments about "globablism" and "communist takeover". I agree that American imperialism is about the same as fascism in how it treats its people and its links to corporations. But I think Chomsky has done a lot to expose and talk about it. I wish he'd support 9/11 truth, but as he sees it, it's a diversion. I think he's 100% wrong about that, but to look for secret skulduggery in him is more work than I care to do, probably not there, and probably doesn't have much to do with exposing 9/11.

I think trying to show that Chomsky is part of some "globablist" conspiracy is a distraction. I mean, he's not running for office or anything. He just makes speeches and writes books about American corporate capitalism/fascism and the US program to dominate the world, and does a pretty good job of it.

Fred W