A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11

Source: http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/News/2007/06/25/4288022-sun.html

June 25, 2007

A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11


The 9-11 truth movement works overtime to prove the obvious, according to Dr. Joe Hawkins.

The Winnipeg chiropractor offered that kernel of insight yesterday during his seminar on Canadian activism as part of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference.

Hawkins said appealing to someone's logic through concrete evidence is an established way to sway people to an alternate 9-11 theory.

This avoids "endless politics" in deciphering images or recordings that are open to interpretation.

"You don't need to have a PhD in pathology to prove a bullet wound is the cause of death," he said.

At home, Hawkins puts a little twist on keeping things simple by handing out DVDs of 9-11 documentaries. He advised his audience to do the same, saying the strategy avoids information overload for someone beginning to explore alternate theories.

He added screening a documentary for a community group is more effective because the act is a confidence-building experience.

"Running a film event is powerful," he said. "When you wake up one person you never know how many people will wake up."

I have 400 HOT DVDs for Distribution by our group.

I have 400 HOT DVDs for Distribution by our group.
HOT- recently burned. We also just purchased a 5 disc duplicator that is being shipped now.

We think giving them away at a 4th July parade would be the way to go. If not then, the 11th!