Help needed for Mythbuster

I want to send an invitation to the mythbuster program. Please be free to correct my grammatical errors. You can also add more questions if it is feasable for them.

Here is the text:

Hi guys!

I would very much like to see some myths busted about World Trade Center on 9/11.You may not be inclined to do this but it will prove once and for all that what most people believe to be true is in fact an urban myth.

1. What happens when a large quantity of flaming kerosene or aiplane grade fuel,is dumped into a square compartment like an elevator shaft ? Does it explode when it reaches the bottom ?

2. Is fire from office furniture mixed with kerosene is hot enough to weaken structural grade steel ?

3. ........

They wont touch it

and thats probably a good thing since the Discovery Network is a giant propaganda spin machine, they'll skew it to make it sound feasible that jet fuel and impacts were able to take down the towers. I wouldnt even send it to them if I were you.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
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yeah, i gotta agree. im

yeah, i gotta agree. im quite frankly surprised that this network and specifically this show havent tried to "debunk" us on controlled demolition of the towers yet. and even if they tried, like everyone else you know they wouldnt touch WTC7.

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off limits

plenty of people have sent them the same email. don't let that stop you though. ask them how much kerosene would be needed to recreate the humungous fire balls we saw upon the impact. some pyrotech guys have said about 5000 gallons or more. given that there was only about 10,000 gallons to start that would leave about 5000. an average size office cubicle could hold more than 5000 gallons. the wtc had about 100,000 office cubicles. also, given the speed at which airborn fuel burns, any fuel which did not burn in the initial impact certainly burned off in less than a minute. basically the jet fuel was only capable of igniting office fires. take it from there and consider the spinkler systems. the result would be a dying fire producing a thick black smoke, just what we all saw pouring out of the towers; save for the precise spots of white smoke which would indicate somthing of a different chemical nature burning - thermate. there over 400,000 tons of fortified mega-steel constuction in each tower. office furniture fires just cannot provide the neccassary energy to cause the superstructure to explode as they did.

I gotta to agree with

I gotta to agree with CattleRustler, don't even bother sending it. At best they would test the fire weakening steel part of the OCT which they could prove and then they'd stop. It'd just end up as more propaganda for the de-bunkers.

On a related note couldn't it be possible for some average joes to do a 'mythbusters' type show on the 'collapse? I was thinking it wouldn't be too hard to build a simple steel frame structure, cut some bits off, hit one section (the top in my idea) with a torch and then drop a scale section on to it and see what happens. Film the whole thing and put it on You Tube. I can't see any way this could lead to 'global collapse' but that is the essence of the NIST explination. Anyone up for trying it? It wouldn't be exact but as long as the sizes of the undamaged portion and the 'pile driver' section were in the same ratio as WTC 1 and 2 (or just one of them, I'd use 1 since it had even less of a top section to act as a driver) it should be close enough.

More simple

build a wood structure which would hold 110 levels of plate glass, you could even leave out the core collumns, space each glass floor an inch or so apart and drop a bowling ball from the top and calculate the speed of the fall. At the same time drop a bowling ball right next to the wood and glass towers to show the freefall speed. I'd bet the bowling ball crasshing through the plate glass levels wouldn't even make it through to the bottom. I bet it'd come to a stop closer to the top than the bottom. Mind you you wouldn't drop the ball from above the towers. You'd have to sit it on top and simply crack a few of the plates the ball is sitting on top of. The effect of showing how plate glass without the core columns being able to prevent a universal collapse would be a powerful visual for people to get a grip on the reality of the WTC towers preposterous collapse

didnt the mythbusters

"disprove" that yawns are contagious? I would love to see them try to get a model of the towers to collapse at free fall ejecting core columns 500 (scale) feet with kerosene.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

exactly right!

especially the whole complex including three, count em three skyscrapers!
No way, no how!

A minature replica, a lot cheaper than 500 billion

I've always imagined it wouldn't be hard to recreate a ten story structure according to ratio scale of the towers with the same infastructure. Then crash a plane according to ratio scale and see what happens. I bet you could crash planes into these mini towers all day long and they would not collapse. I bet you could crash the full size planes into the mini towers andd they still would not collapse. It would be cool, but the truth of the matter it isn't even neccasary because proving the impossiblity of the towers collapse due to the planes and their kerosene can simply be formulated by calculating how much enegry would be required to take dow the massive towers and how much potential energy the fueled planes had. But fuck it, Americans are willing to waste thousands of US soldiers lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and 500 billion dollars on a lied-into-war, then we can waste the million bucks or so it would take to recreate mini towers.

right on

I would bet those towers could stand up to TEN 767's at the same time. It will be modeled.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Be very careful what you're asking.

" 1. What happens when a large quantity of flaming kerosene or aiplane grade fuel,is dumped into a square compartment like an elevator shaft ? "

The World Trade Center didn't have one elevator shaft running down to the bottom. The building was comprised of three seperate sections placed on top of one another. The elevators stopped, and you had to take another shaft to go down to the next level.

Therefore the fuel could not have travelled directly down to the lobbies/basement to produce the effects seen there.

"Does it explode when it reaches the bottom ?"

Whether it can or not, we all saw that jet fuel can explode. So that's not going to enlighten.

"2. Is fire from office furniture mixed with kerosene is hot enough to weaken structural grade steel ?"

Yes, it can be hot enough to weaken steel. That's not the relevant question though.

Can fire produce the effects seen on 9/11, when the steel is in vertical support columns, tightly spaced in a grid, with very little fuel in the central core area? Can this fire cause symmetrical and total collapses when there were 47 -x damaged interior columns plus 236 -y damaged perimeter columns?

This is why serious study is needed before making erroneous/irrelevant observations (even if they are posed as questions).

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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You said that:

"The World Trade Center didn't have one elevator shaft running down to the bottom"
That I know but I've read somewhere that the Freight elevator was able to go from top to bottom. I am wrong? If I am, that's ok but people often say that a fireball went to the bottom of the elevator shaft and exploded.

"Does it explode when it reaches the bottom ?"

Whether it can or not, we all saw that jet fuel can explode. So that's not going to enlighten.
I'm sure fuel cannot explose with enough force to knock out marble panels and plate glasses 100 feets away.

Sorry but...

I badly want to see a real life test about all those myths. I know for sure that what ever is tried, we will never see a building collapse on it's own footprint like WCT did without the use of explosives. I think that a lot of people like me prefer to look at a clip rather than read something about it.
It's like if I explain what Diet coke and Mentos do when you mix them. Let me see it with a clip so I can look at the reaction it makes. That's why You Tube is so popular. People prefer to see things and not read about it.

Actually, why don't we do a SPOOF of mythbusters?

...and circulate it around the internet!

You get a couple of comedians who can imitate the mythbusters guys and have them actually carry out a legitimate experiment in the same way as mythbusters would using all sorts of comedy, jokes , and otherwise hilarity.

What would you have to do? Find a vacant building with an elevator shaft?

How could you minimize objections such as, "Well, your elevator shaft wasn't tall enough" or, "You didn't use enough kerosene".

Such an event would probably get more viewers than the real show.

Why not

Like i've said before, A lot of people like to look at video clips instead of reading. It would be cool indeed to be able to do that.
The majority of people who are truther are literate persons and most of them tend to read news and articles related to 9/11 on internet. But we could bring more people in the movement, those that don't read and does'nt care about lies their government tells them. Show them instead of asking them to read. Make fun of the commission report and the rest. You will bring attention to ordinairy people that does'nt even know who the hell is Guliani.


Get 20 ft of aluminum gutter drain pipe..... bury the bottom end in concrete.... build support system to hold it upright...and square.... drill 1/2 diameter holes in drain pipe every 6 inches to allow some air infiltration..aka door openings.. build metal box to simulate elevator....suspend it with small gauge rope at top of drain pipe with the metal box started with-in top of gutter pipe.... fill with kerosene.... run fuse into metal box filled with kerosene..... when it catches fire it will burn the rope supporting the box full of kerosene and the box will fall down the shaft and should reach near maximum velocity.... when it hits the concrete.... stand back and see the result.

Would be optimal if you could build simulated elevator box with roller system to ensure smooth travel down the shaft with minimal friction as to reach maximum velocity
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Collapse model


Just ask them how towers could collapse into small pieces and dust from top to bottom like WTC1 and WTC2.

They should build somekind of model. There is no way for any tower to collapse from top to bottom while smashing all it's parts
without explosives.

A physical model of a stable structure (i.e. not a tower of blocks) that undergoes a progressive collapse!
Something better than these: