Interview on blackopradio

My interview with Len Osanic (June 21, 2007) is archived at under "Archived Shows 2007" No. 327, Part 3, or go here: .

The books ("Correspondence with Vincent Salandria" and "Looking for the Enemy") are available here: .

Len's summary is ok, too, except that he misheard me on impeachment: I said it is (i.e., would be) a political process, and therefore significant regardless of the outcome.

He has a different impression of Vince than I have--which is fine; I'm glad he spoke his mind too.

9/11 and the JFK assassination have a lot in common, as I am at pains to point out. It is important to see the connection--that 9/11 is NOT a freak phenomenon but part of an ongoing history.

Michael Morrissey

Len Osanic did a great job putting together....

The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty !!!

Great insight into dark side of government going back to the late 50's

Thanks for sharing, best wishes