Congratulations, Vancouver 9/11 Truth

The most ambitious 9/11 conference on Canadian soil since the International Inquiry of 2004 was a great success. Several hundred people looking for answers came together in Vancouver, BC and talked it over for two full days and one night. Presentation after presentation dismantled a myth, explored political strategy, examined evidence in support of specific hypotheses and most importantly, allowed a few hundred people from Canada, the U.S. and even Australia to meet in the flesh, network, and examine the road ahead.

For Canadians looking for an immediate political engagement that grapples with the reality of False Flag terrorism, the Canadian Action Party has the infrastructure in place, and now needs people to flesh out this fledgling political party. With its present leader, Connie Fogal, CAP has a mind that has surveyed the Canadian political landscape for a lifetime, perceives the cynical "War on Terror" as it is, a fraud, and has the courage to expose the NAU as a political reality, not a fantasy. The U.S. has no similar political party alternative at this time.

The conference was a success because of the organized, coordinated, dedicated team of volunteers decked out in yellow t-shirts that facilitated everything from getting water to the panelists, to opening and closing the auditorium doors so they wouldn't bang shut on the film crews. If it wasn't for the over and above efforts of Vancouver 9/11 Truth, this conference would have been a mess.

As far as I know the presenters were filmed in their entirety by, and Snowshoe Films. Anything that one crew missed was covered by the other team. The presentations and panels in the breakout rooms were filmed largely by Snowshoe films, who conducted extensive, exclusive interviews with the panelists throughout the weekend, on top of the already full schedule.

For me, the best day of the conference was Saturday's series of top-notch talks from Barrie Zwicker, Prof. Michael Keefer, Robin Hordon, Rowland Morgan (who has the most devastating deadpan humor this side of the Atlantic), Peter Dale Scott and Webster Griffin Tarpley. Tarpley was not on the schedule for Saturday, but made himself available for an extended Q&A session, taking questions from conference attendees.

This International Conference was a milestone in Canada, with lessons to be shared with future conference organizers, and I recommend that people putting together future meetings network with Vancouver 9/11 Truth for advice.

I still have more video footage to share, (with better audio), and I'll try and have that posted by tomorrow.

Thank you very much Reprehensor.

It was great to meet you in person, and I'm glad you enjoyed the conference. There are so many people that gave us a hand that it is a testament to our power as a worldwide social movement.

I hope it helps.

**I would like to send a personal thank you to Kevin Barrett, whose patience and infinite flexibility made him an incredible MC.

On behalf of the Vancouver

On behalf of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, I too would like to extend our thanks to you and for the fantastic support and coverage we received here. It helped us immensely in getting the word out and in getting seats filled. It was wonderful to meet you and so many other dedicated researchers, activists and members of the alternative media in person.

We have been recovering this week from a lot of stress and hard work, and have not yet done the math, but we feel that, by the time WG Tarpley finished speaking, we may have had 400 people present, as we had to keep bringing in more chairs for late arrivals.

Saturday and Sunday were more difficult to guage as we had activities in several locations within the facility, and there was always a group in the lobby as well as outside chatting, and others coming and going, but we estimate the numbers at between 300 and 400 per day.

We also brought in a lot of new people and we expect the numbers in our group to grow substantially now, which means we will have to find a bigger place to hold our meetings, but that is a nice problem to have.

The feedback we have received from attendees and speakers has been 100% positive, and they said that the glitches we had were miniscule compared to other conferences that they had attended. Obviously, we are relieved to hear that and proud of it.

Many remarked that, while a lot of ugly, hard, cold realities were exposed, a lot of dots were connected for them, and they felt that a lot of realistic solutions were offered. They thanked us for paying attention to the spiritual aspects too. Indeed, many said that the conference and in particular, the final roundtable and closing remarks was a spiritual experience for them; that they now felt reinvigorated and empowered to begin "reclaiming our destiny".

For us that means: "Mission Accomplished!"

Sofar, we have only seen one post-conference article in the local press and it was lousy. The editor will be hearing from us about it. The guy who wrote it obviously did not take in the whole conference and did not get into any of the evidence. You can find that article here:

For those looking for the official DVD set, we have all of the material from the main auditorium already but this needs a lot of post production before we publish them. This could take a number of weeks. Please be patient and keep an eye on our site and this one for that material.

Thanks again to all of the presenters, and attendees, volunteers, the media who covered the event, and especially to those of you who travelled long distances make it out to Vancouver !

To all the many others who supported and promoted this event in the past few months, thank you so much. We especially need to take our hats off to 'We the People Radio Network' for assistance and support that went way beyond anything we could have imagined. You guys rock! We are forever in your debt.

Vancouver 9/11 Conference worth it!

My elderly mother and I attended the Vancouver 9/11 conference and it was well worth it! It was cordial, comfortable and reassuring to see others who do not like what is happening with our governments and our western society.

You can't expect much from a controlled media! The media cannot be seen as supporting or encouraging a movement that would likely result in major changes in the status quo--if successful!

...don't be fooled again!


I suggest you include the media who *didn't* cover your event in your tongue-lashing (or whatever). Otherwise, the message that seeps through may end up being "don't cover 9/11 truth stuff; they just bash you if you do". (No, that's obviously not a correct message, but the world is often sloppy.)

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