Fox News just distracts people - it's hopeless with them....

From stating “I’m not going to debate the science of what happened on 9/11 with you” to both Kevin Barrett and James Fetzer when they’ve been on – to calling Rosie a hypocrite again last night by pulling out something she said who knows how long ago – Fox News Channel seems to be masters at pacifying weak minded people into distracting themselves with small intellectual debates until Fox “gives us the answer”.

Weak minded people are just wasting their time worshipping at the alter of pseudo-intellectualism, and also love getting themselves all emotionally worked up by watching wolves in sheep’s clothing just hurl insults at people labeled as “the fringe element of truth”.

The debates Fox News Channel bait us in NEVER have ANY SUBSTANCE – especially when it comes to 9/11. It’s all a sales pitch – name-dropping, negative selling – pure stupidity. God gave me a brain, and I’m going to use it!

Fox News does nothing but distract people away from truth; they’re just buying time until martial law is imposed upon the American people – and eventually the entire world.

No, no! Fox News does far more than just distract people!

IMO, it's a deliberate disinformation organization probably affiliated with the NSA or CIA or NWO!

"The Hoax Culture"