Giuliani Acknowledged Explosions on 9/11

Giuliani Acknowledged Explosions on 9/11, Didn't Believe They Were 'Gas Related'

YouTube | June 26, 2007

This clip is from Fox News on September 11, 2001, and is from a Press Conference given by Mayor Giuliani. In the clip, Mayor Giuliani states that he does not believe gas is responsible for the explosions being reported, and emphasizes that the gas has been turned off.

Excellent find. This is more

Excellent find. This is more evidence for the controlled demolition hypothesis as it counters claims that explosions inside the WTC were caused by gas.

Pataki's Response

I'm glad some of this early footage is being looked at again. I've often wondered what Gov. Pataki's role was on 9/11 - here he's talking about retaliation, in other clips he looks quite bored and indifferent to the 9/11 event. Any thoughts from others?

Headline is completely inaccurate.

He didn't acknowledge any explosions. He just relayed information that the gas was turned off.

That is clearly not the same thing. He is evading answering substantial questions by deferring to the "federal government."

You must triple check everything that comes from Alex Jones. He has a nasty habit of exaggerating his claims.

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once again, one of Alex Jones' SCREAM-OUT-LOUD-NEW-HALF-TRUE-STATEMENTs