These guys aren't us.

In addition to websites adding "911blogger" to their URLs, there is also currently an effort underway to conflate user handles and email addresses with

Notably, a user at YouTube named "911blogger" - not us.

Also, a gmail user:

Is trolling for other gmail users to "chat" with. It's not us.


what a bunch of tools. i

what a bunch of tools. i would take it as a compliment though.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Giuliani Acknowledged

Giuliani Acknowledged Explosions on 9/11, Didn't Believe They Were 'Gas Related'

This clip is from Fox News on September 11, 2001, and is from a Press Conference given by Mayor Giuliani. In the clip, Mayor Giuliani states that he does not believe gas is responsible for the explosions being reported, and emphasizes that the gas has been turned off.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

This is important Chris!

This is important Chris! Should be discussed in a separate blog...


I agree.

Statistics of 9/11 victims in WTC 1/2

Can someone help me out here with a question:
I have a friend who absolutely ridicule any theory that something else happened on 9/11 than the official story tells. He is intelligent, and I am (as many of you) baffled why intelligent people can't - and wont even look at - the evidence.

But this is the heart of the matter:

His main argument is that it is preposterous to believe that the US government would kill so many of the countrys highest capacities within coorporate finance in the demolition af the two WTC buildings. Does anyone know:


I would very much like to know if anyone has that statistics!!

Friendly greetings

Thomas (Denmark).

I cannot answer with any

I cannot answer with any details but can share the fact that 9/11 happened like clockwork early on election day in New York. Just like the flight manifests, the buildings were not FULL. Besides many of the big money guys across the country were playing golf with Warren Buffet in Nebraska.

Also your friend has a problem with approaching this issue objectively, this is not unusual: Faulty Towers of Belief: Part I. Demolishing the Iconic Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth

The off. list of 9/11 victims

The official list/commemorate website ( of the victims, is not functioning at the moment. I began to make a list of the titels of occupation of the people listed here (wich is not very pleasant, when one forgets to abstract from the fact that these innocent people where murderet in that hellish inferno), but I can't get access to the 'profile' sites now (there is an error reading ' HTTP/1.1 Application Restarting' ). It would be great (but quit timeconsuming) to collect that statistic, in order to be able to repel the rejecting of 9/11-truth based on the argument that so many "important" 'Big Buisiness'-people were killed that day!!


Then again, maybe it's better not to...

All information about 9/11 is valid and possibly important, but sifting through the list of victims--so that you can prove the insignificance of their careers--is probably not the best use of a researcher's time. It's also horrifically offensive (not that offensiveness automatically ends a discussion) and almost completely irrelevant to moving forward with any investigation. I think it's a pretty poor idea overall.


Power Elite

It wasn't the "U.S. Government." It was the power elite who control the U.S. Government.


Power elite = top-level government, military and corporate/finance sectors are all connected by stock ownership, board membership, family ties and "secret" societies (fraternal orders of mystery religion) and corporate involvement in the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon (and other terrorism) has been vastly underplayed among researchers of the topic.

Government Love!

Gubernment LUV is instituted into the mind when we are children by TV/GOBURMENT Schooling.

It is nothing short of BRAINWASHING from birth. The entirety of the WORLD is IN LOVE with CONTROL. Control of themselves (to alleviate blame and responsibility) and Control over others. We are told from birth that No Government = DESTRUCTION AND DEATH.

Ask yourself: Is that true?

Some people are more susceptible than others. Some of us, for some reason, the tactics just "never took"..hence we were always considered a bit 'crrrrazzy' because we didn't fit into the COLLECTIVIST BORG.

Its like a huge rock - you have to keep chiseling in different places ...eventually you'll find a crack and BLAST that rock into pieces. Thats just the way Truth versus Collectivist Lies works.

Good Luck.
Global Warming is the biggest scam to infect the planet.
Global Warming = Global Tax = Global Police = TOTAL CONTROL

Their goal is a ONE WORLD DICTATORSHIP. COMMUNIST or FASCIST it matters not.

Be sure to acknowledge


Also, the morning of 9/11, a small group of business leaders are at Offutt Air Force Base for a charity fundraiser event due to take place there later in the day, hosted by the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett.

I've heard a lot of the execs out of the Twin Towers attended. And what better place to host an unadvertised charity event than a highly secure AFB? I'm sure it's also just a coincidence that AF1 dropped by later...

interns < internets

Not a Monolithic Entity

As most of you have experienced, skeptics tend to view possible government involvement in the attacks very narrowly. Even when you say "elements in the government", they still think that you're saying everyone in the CIA, FBI, white house, etc. were involved. We all know this to be false.

So what you should tell your smart friend, is that the perpetrators of this crime could give a shit about saving (easily replaceable) captains of industry, when they had a larger goal in mind. And if you think it's a combination of LIHOP and MIHOP like myself, then it seems different parties had different interests. Cheney and his cabal viewed it as a means to getting their hands on resources in the Middle East and Central Asia, etc. Others—maybe Larry Silverstein, I don't know—saw personal profit in it. In any case, neither of these parties would be affected all that negatively by the death of a few CEOs, especially when compared to their gains.

911 Press For Truth, Danske Tekster

hi Thomas,

Your friends comment "it is preposterous to believe that the US government would kill so many of the countrys highest capacities within coorporate finance in the demolition af the two WTC buildings"

but it is exactly why it is possible to do it, because who would even think to look in that direction? You are not going to react to a problem you don't realize is there and most people who get a hint of it go into denial, because it is much easier to live by this illusion, for a time, than to have to sort through this enormous can of trash. I think our brain naturally tries to look for an answer that will please us here and now and it is just most pleasing to say there's no problem.

If your friend is not being responsive for a long time, don't waste your time on him, find someone who will listen and do their own research.

There's a long list of 911 documentaries here, find one that you think will catch people's interest and send it too them, although my experience is that if you "spam" people too much , they won't react at all: ( I think this is a good site for oversight on what documentaries are made, although they are not all here, and a few are doubious in my opinion.)

maybe someone else here would like to recommend one of these documentaries.

I just think starting with videos is the best way. People now a days don't really read anymore, do they?

I actually made the Danish subtitles for this 911 documentary :

911 Press For Truth, Danish text:

maybe your friend should take a look at that

I am right now working on Danish subtitles for Barrie Zwickers' "The Great Conspiracy"

I think it is best for us to start putting subtitles on these documentaries, you can see that 2000 people have already watched my Danish subtitles version and I hope most of them are people who needed the translation. I couldn't have reach that many Danes walking door to door, also since I live in the US :)

You can find the free subtitling software DivXLand Media Subtitler here :

That is the one I am using and it is far easier that I had thought.

We need translations in any language possible and this software is multi language supported.

Thank a lot

for the respons from you all. I am presently running through all the titles of occupation of the 3000 victims, which is quite cumbersome, and after having run through approximately 10%, I have only come across 1 CEO, 4 senior Vice Presidents and 9 'Vice Presidents' of different firms. The rest are officeworkers, firefighters, cleks, traders, brokers and similarly. I will post my result when I am done (which may be a while).

[From Wikipedia: " Most companies that use this title [i.e. 'Vice President'] generally have large numbers of people with the title of vice president with different types of vice president (e.g. vice president for finance). A vice president in business usually reports directly to the president or CEO of the company. The senior VP is usually called the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer or COO.]


well, Thomas, remember how

well, Thomas, remember how early the attacks started, 8:46 AM, the higher positioned people don't show up until around 10am.

You won't like this,

The 911blogger user on youtube is the one and only Nico Haupt sorry to say.

That's ridiculous

I've never met this character but he seems like really bad news. That's a shame. 9/11 Truth is the wrong movement to sabotage. It's just not in the people's interest to disrupt 9/11 Truth in any way whatsoever.

The *real* 911Blogger rules!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

Its in the perps best

Its in the perps best interest to employ individuals to slow/disrupt/muddy all discussion of 9/11.

DISINFO campaign

means we are onto something here. It's fundamental to understanding that yes, there is a problem, and yes, the people responsible for 9/11 must continue to actively finance a full-time disinformation campaign. I agree.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

rumors require verification...

to be anything more than a rumor.

Not to say you are incorrect, I haven't investigated that myself. But you should really offer verification when using anyones name and saying such things.
Of course if you used your own real name, the rumor would be more convincing.

On the post's original topic, I would definitely take the attention as a compliment. Don't worry about the rip-off artists, they come and go. Just a sign you're having an impact!
I've had my artwork ripped off plenty, the solution is to just keep producing good stuff and leave the imitators behind.

You're right

but I clearly recognize his style of comments on one of my youtube clips. A tv-fakery video clip promotion with a tinyurlDOTcom/ link. I could be wrong, but there's also a comment in his profile from another user addressing him by his first name.

much better

Your supposition is more understandable now. Not proven, but it sounds more reasonable, thanks.

Here's another picture of Nico, courtesy of Les Jamieson ;-)

This world is complicated ya know.

i finally found the YouTube user you guys mentioned above...
You're probably right about identity,
didn't see a reference to this site though, just a large "911bloggerTV" background pattern
anywho... I'm not gossiping any further, gotta go out for the day and actually do things.

There's more

Also he is apparently a member here unless he's been banned or no one noticed And, his usual identity Ewing2001 is blogging 911blogger's youtube clips over at Seems pretty clear I think.

Nico's the guy with the

Nico's the guy with the upside-down sign.


Also, 911Booger is another terrible spin-off attempt.

Show "Mr. Haupt as been a 9/11 blogger since at least 2003" by Constitutionalist

The issue is his using

The issue is his using as an email address and sending out emails which reference this website specifically as though he is speaking on its behalf.

Show "Is that proven?" by Constitutionalist
Show "Any problem?" by piere_rdy2actn

they don't, in fact they do

they don't, in fact they do quite the opposite.

Time to pull a "Seigel"

Time to pull a "Seigel"

911Blogger ™ © ®

easy, just trademark the site:

9/11 Blogger ™ © ®

I don't think these characters can be used in an email address!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

intentionally masquerading

intentionally masquerading as another entity is one thing (username), but to claim to be legitimate ( has to be a violation of youtube's TOS.

New creative ways to be a LAMER

No-"brainer", CIA asset, Rick-Siegel Clone-"ling", anti-"911truth-ling", "useless" idiot, disinfo "video fakery" artist, and part-time NY church defiler, "Mr. 3rd level of disinformation--the Ad-hominem" Nico Haupt is at it again.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."


Haupt has a compelling argument or two here and there but it is, in this case especially, worthy of note that emotionally unstable personality types like his (which he alludes to regularly) do make for a terrible vulnerability to manipulation by the unscrupulous (and intelligence operatives). Haupt has stated in interview that he has problems with the treatment his lines of argument have received from users of this 9/11 Blogger but impersonation of the website's proprietors, although fitting with a childish mentality/emotionality, is way out of line and disruptive as can be.

Being targetted by scumbag,

Being targetted by scumbag, cointel, suggests we are on the right track and having an affect.

Keep at it folks, don't be interrupted by these clowns.

There are two official 911blogger sites:

Anyone else claiming to represent 911blogger are attempting to mislead you.

9/11 Blogger is the headquarters of action...


These dis-info schills like haupt, fetzer, and diegel are only cannon fodder for us. I get a great response when I tell people that they have to be extremely skeptical of what they read and that 9/11 truth most certainly has dis-info going on. It speaks to the fact that logical people scare the criminals. Tell people what to look out for, and they can easily see right through it. Keep rocking 9/11 blogger. You used the title first and own the copyright so there......

Pertinent Point

Concerning big bosses not present on that day, I think many of them, and a few choice underlings, were given that ominous warning, only the kind that got it would know how crucial it was to heed it...