ABCNews Deletes/Censors

When replying to ABCNews forums regarding this article which can be found atop of our homepage, ABCNews has decided to delete/censor our reply.

This is the first reply which they do not want others to see -

Mr Forbes,

Please quote a theory from our website at

I havent had a chance to read through the replies. But please check our homepage for corrections/comments to this article as we did not write it.

However, we did write this press release... [URL=][/URL]

The Flight Data Recorder information does not support the govt story. When asked, the FBI and NTSB refuse to comment. Recordings can be found at our site. This should raise a serious eyebrow for any journalist who has respect for his work.

AA77 was never positively identified through Radar, parts or eyewitnesses (not sure how an eyewitness can positively ID a flight number) as the plane which struck the pentagon.

The parts found on location were never matched with maintenance logs, please read article(1) from Accident Investigator LtCol George Nelson USAF (Ret) (bottom of page).

Pilots For 9/11 Truth do not offer theory. We do not place blame at this point in time (unlike the govt who had their man 2 days after 9/11 yet the FBI doesnt seem to have him listed as wanted for the crime perpetrated on 9/11(2) due to the fact they feel there is "No Hard Evidedence linking Bin Laden to 9/11")(3). Any responsible journalist doing their job properly will see this clearly.

Surely any investigative reporter would want to offer responsible journalism instead of typical ad homs, and ridicule as an excuse to not do his/her job..Why is mainstream media not doing their job?

1. (bottom of page)



They have deleted three attempts in replying to above article with above statement from our organization. It is now up on our front page with links to screenshots in our forums.

6/28/07 - ABCNews censors/deletes replies from when trying to reply to above article. Follow along here. Screenshots of replies that were deleted by ABCNews are included.

It seems they are deleting replies from many within the truth community trying to defend our position of seeking the truth. ABCNews would much rather show spin, ridicule and ad hom attacks.

Rob Balsamo

What did you expect ? abc

What did you expect ?
abc news is owned by the Walt Disney Company ...
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Yes, the FDR is interesting... but

Pilots for 9/11 truth only claims that the data provided by the Government is very problematic--and needs to be explained, they aren't claiming that this (as Jim Fetzer asserts) "proves" "no 757" at the Pentagon.

In their words (

" does not make the claim that "No Boeing 757 hit the
We have analyzed the Flight Data Recorder data provided by the
NTSB and have shown factual analysis of that data. We do not offer theory."

If Pilots for Truth have "proved" "no 757 at the Pentagon", why is ONLY Jim Fetzer promoting this "newsworthy" item and Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice is not--or anyone else for that matter including Pilots for 9/11 truth?

I find it vastly amusing that Jim Fetzer thinks he has any basis for determining "a kind of litmus test for rationality in the study of 9/11."

Here's a great example of Fetzer's "rationality" (

"The most famous scrap, photographed by Mark Faram, Fetzer admits “is a piece from the fuselage of a commercial airliner, which is frequently adduced as evidence,” by, for example, James Hanson of Ohio. Fetzer explains in his PR that Hanson “has traced that debris to an American Airlines 757 that crashed in a rain forest above Cali, Columbia in 1995.”

What's the evidence for that?
"a six-year old liana vine still embedded in the Pentagon "fuselage" metal!"

Proving no 757 at the Pentagon with 6 year old Liana Vines!! I suppose this is our "litmus test for rationality"?

Now let's see... Fetzer promotes space beams, NO thermite at the WTC, and now..... no-757 at the Pentagon based on evidence of "6 year old liana vines" from a rainforest.... I wonder what this means.

I agree that the FDR should be discussed and accounted for... but well, I guess I don't have to warn people to watch the company they keep.

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