Don Paul Interview on Republic Broadcasting Network Thursday

Thursday, June 28, between 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, author Don Paul will be interviewed by Charles Giuliani on the Internet's Republic Broadcasting Network.

The interview will be the first of two two-hour sessions between Don Paul and Charles Giuliani over the next month. It will focus on how public knowledge and actions can prevent another day of terror such as 9/11/01 (or 3/11/04, or 7/7/05, or ...) and note recent gains in awareness and disaffection among the U. S. people. It will briefly summarize main proofs of the case for an inside-job re. the crimes of 9/11/01 in New York City and note intersections among several people integral to either or both Manhattan's World Trade Center and the " 'War on Terror' " (MICHAEL CHERKASY, JEROME HAUER, RUDOLPH GIULIANI, JAMES KALLSTROM, PETER G. PETERSON, MAURICE GREENBERG, DAVID ROCKEFELLER, MICHAEL CHERTOFF, PHILLIP ZELIKOW, ...) It will refer to several recent precursors that another " 'terrorist attack' " is imminent in the USA ('The Day After' session in Washington D. C. on April 19, 2007, 'organized by a join Stanford/Harvard program called the Preventive Defense Project' (San Francisco Chronicle, May 11, 2007) and headed by Ashton Carter of Harvard and William Perry of Stanford, highlighting domestic nuclear threats; followed by arrest of the " 'Fort Dix Six' " on May 8, 2007; followed by publication on the Council of Foreign Affairs' website of an article by Eben Kaplan, titled 'Preventing the Next Attack', on May 11, 2007, the same day that the San Francisco Chronicle published its feature on the four-weeks-old 'The Day After' warnings). "Thank God for coincidences."

The interview between Paul and Giuliani will also draw on the former's 2004 acronym of G. O. D. D. for four fundamental sources of acts of mass terror and war--Guns, Oil, Drugs and Debt. It will examine how the industrial world's enslavement to a three-centuries-old system of exploitative credit leaves its working-class people more and more vulnerable to said acts of mass terror and war--at the same time as said credit system runs itself into more and more trillions of debt.

If the interview had a title, its title might be: 'The Elitists Who Did 9/11 Prepare to Strike Again'.

San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury

I hold Mr. Paul in great suspicion, myself. I hope he will be questioned about his relationship with the San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury. Wasn't there a huge amount of disappointment with his performance? Didn't a bunch of the jurors sign an open letter to Don Paul saying that he had issued indictments and presentments that they did not send forward and in total contravention of Grand Jury proceedure rules?

A few minutes of searching yields no hits for the open letter that was published within the last few months, but I know I read it here on 911blogger. Was the issue resolved and the letter retracted??

A response was appended to

A response was appended to their entry:

Thanks guys

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I do find it curious that the "Correction" letter is not included in the post, only the response to it. Why would the original criticism not be included in the response?

I don't have a concrete opinion about the matter, either way, but I remember thinking that the letter raised some very serious questions about Mr. Paul's performance and ethics. That the letter is not included along with his and others' response to it, I find suspicious.

[EDIT] I also find it quite suspicious that the "Correction" letter is anonymous. I guess that itself should make me side more with Paul and his supporters and their explanations, perhaps.

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The headline should have

The headline should have been "Paul interviewed by Giuliani." That would have turned some heads.