A Call to All Patriots- Written by Sam Ettaro-Saturday, 30 June 2007

A Call to All Patriots
Written by Sam Ettaro
Saturday, 30 June 2007

Dear Patriots,

I come to you today in the spirit of verve, passion and quest for expansion of our resolve. It is my sincere hope that you will read the very important message below, a personal message to the 'patriot community' from one of the organizers of the July 4th Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention.

By now many of you have heard about the gathering of 'peace groups' in Philadelphia on the 4th of July to plan a course of direct action against our out of control government. Like many of you, I too was skeptical about getting directly involved with this movement due to a perception that many actions taken by the "left" or the "peace movement" are overall mostly symbolic and ineffective.

But we face a powerful and omnipresent foe, my friends and to root out the evil that has seized this country we must build bridges and coalitions beyond our immediate communities in order to bring about the change that is necessary. I joined the national conference call of this event's organizers the other day and I come to tell you today that I believe that this new crop of leadership that is putting on this event means business. I like what I'm hearing and reading and I do believe that they mean what they're saying in their radio ads if you heard them already playing on such great patriot radio networks such as WTPRN. Because I believe in change, because I believe that we have reached a point of critical mass and because sometimes necessity breeds strange bedfellows, it is my contention that we must set aside previous perceptions and be willing to set aside policy and philosophical differences that may have kept our factions separated in regards to our direct actions against the enemies of freedom.

Today I am asking members of Restore the Republic and AFTF and patriots everywhere to explore what these groups are saying and accept their offer to lock arms with us in creating a greater unity of purpose. That purpose is to stop the destruction of this great country and restore it to the rule of law through regaining control and citizen oversight of our governmental leaders and ending once and for all the grip of corporate fascism that is using our great nation as an instrument of death, war and enslavement the likes of which the world has never seen.

We wish to be free. We resolve to take back our country. We the people, will not succumb to fear mongering and a domestic police state. We will not allow the microchipping and 24/7 surveillance of our citizens. We will restore this great republic and to do so, we need allies for we are at war. In a time of war, one needs friends. I personally may not agree with everyone in any movement that I join and always must look at getting past surface-level semantics in order to build something greater. This takes focusing on the common ground that my proposed brothers and sisters and I share. I suggest to you today that our communities must get together, lock arms and strike a resounding toll for freedom and crush the forces of darkness and tyranny once and for all.

Gary Franchi is unavailable and on personal business this weekend, however, we've discussed this at length and are excited to lend the voice and resources of RTR and AFTF to this effort and explore our options with some willing new friends.

Please join me personally in Philadelphia this 4th of July as I travel to this historic ground and listen, learn, offer input and work with my new friends, sharing resources and information, education and inspiration and set aside difference in order to focus on the job at hand. Winning this war and restoring this republic.


Samuel Anthony Ettaro
National Media Director


To The American Patriot Community,

This July 4th, Providence once again provides us with Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, for all free and independent souls to come together as the patriots once did in 1776, and as we are doing now in 2007, to say no to tyranny as we must and shall do, for the situation is dire, we must restore the Constitution, free our nation and the world from the evil specter of a cartel that is destroying the cause of human dignity, liberty, civilization and life
on the planet.

The Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar Convention is our opportunity, to "join or die" in a movement greater than its multifaceted constituents. We shall defend and employ those first principles of this country, to stop the wars of empire, that are enslaving citizen and soldier alike, and subjugating the planet to perpetual war.

Ours is a nonviolent movement in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. that shall overcome. The antiwar majority on the left and right have had enough. Cindy Sheehan who first made this call for all those who want to go beyond this 'two party system, bought and paid for by the war machine, must come together. The war has not stopped and totalitarianism advances, this is our common crisis. America is almost all divided and conquered, but we join in a "United Front" that is already ringing the liberty bell once again.

Ring the bell by going to the http://actindependent.org website. Listen to our radio spot where Cindy Sheehan gives the 9/11 truth movement a kiss of thanks, and we declare the Second American Revolution, but only if you spread the word.

Thank You,

Bruce Marshall
Co-Coordinator of the Philadelphia Emergency Antiwar