Counterpunch acknowledges false-flag attack

and recognizes a coverup that has lasted 40 years.

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A Podcast Interview with Cpt. Ward Boston on the USS Liberty

Counterpunch links to Electric Politics, an excellent website run by George Kenney, who resigned from the State Department in 1991 over disagreement with U.S. policy on Yugoslavia.

I don't know much about the Liberty incident and whether the interviewee is credible, but Kenney interviews the chief counsel to the Navy's Board of Inquiry on the Liberty incident.

Here, he says "I didn't speak up earlier because I was told not to."

I'm not interested in discussion of Israeli involvement in 9/11, though I think that is a possibility that should not be dismissed just because it is politically sensitive, and of course people are free to comment as they wish. I also don't think that willingness to attack a ally's military ship, heinous though it is, equates to a willingness to make a false-flag attack on an ally's civilians. My belief is that Israeli involvement in 9/11 would not be primary, and that in any case the U.S. government's cooperation before and after would make it a U.S. government operation.

My point here simply that Counter Punch is willing to acknowledge the possibility of a false-flag operation by Israel in this case, and a successful coverup for 40 years, but not the possibility of a false-flag operation by the United States in the case of 9/11.