Ex-CIA Man Exposes Hysteria Of UK Car "Bomb" Terror

Ex-CIA Man Exposes Hysteria Of UK Car "Bomb" Terror

Keith Olbermann talks with ex-CIA operative Larry Johnson about the London bomb scare.


Bush to Brown: Get with the program

Is it just a coincidence that 36 hours after Brown became PM -- and vowed not to be Bush's lapdog in the War on Terra -- that two would-be car bombs show up in the UK?

This was a message to Brown. If this were done by real terrorists, there would have been casualties. I mean, how do you fail to blow up a car bomb? "Duh, I got the parking part right, but couldn't master the exploding part." And as the CIA guy says, these bombs weren't powerful enough to do any damage. I would say this was just a warning from the intelligence complex to Brown.

The one in Scotland was equally perplexing. What the hell were those guys doing driving a burning SUV into an airport? Huh? Again, is it so difficult to set off a belt of explosives? That one was just very strange. But Scotland Yard didn't waste any time connecting it to "al Qaeda" and the Muslim community in the UK.

Brown said: "While I don't want to comment on the police investigation that is ongoing, it is clear that we are dealing in general terms with people who are associated with Al Qaeda in a number of incidents that have happened across the world."

What does that even mean? "Associated with" al Qaeda "in general terms"?

And is it just a coincidence that all of this is happening at the exact moment Sy Hersh said the Bushies would have to bomb Iran (before the election year in 2008)?

Early to blame this on Islamic militants?

In an article on Sunday, a security adviser to the prime minister, former Scotland Yard chief Lord John Stevens, warned: "Make no mistake, this weekend's bomb attacks signal a major escalation in the war being waged on us by Islamic militants."

Writing in the News of the World weekly tabloid, Lord Stevens said there had been a significant increase in Al Qaeda influence in Britain.

"The terror of 7/7 (the 2005 attacks in London) was awful enough, but now Al Qaeda has imported the tactics of Baghdad and Bali to our streets," he said.

"And it will get worse before it gets better."

Skepticism from CounterPunch

A cryptic posting by John Chuckman:

June 29, 2007
The Piccadilly Panic
The London Car Bomb


We should all exercise a healthy skepticism regarding the story of the car-bomb just found in London.

There are powerful reasons for this.

The grant of an appeal to the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. There is powerful evidence that key evidence in his trial was tampered with or manufactured by the CIA. The U.S. wanted this matter off its plate, the families of the dead being a constant irritation. And who better to pin it on than the then much-disliked Libyans?

Actually, nothing is easier to fake than an amateur device like this. It takes little sophistication, and there is low risk of discovery.

The CIA has just released papers it terms the 'family jewels' which concern many dark matters from decades ago. While these papers are carefully selected to make the CIA look more ineffectual than it is and to give it a public-relations boost in light of its torture and kidnapping activities today, they still document a perfect willingness to engage in the most unethical behavior.

Mr. Brown has just taken office, and expectations are high that he will distance himself from Blair's foreign policy, a policy many thoughtful people regard as foolish, destructive, and rather servile.

In the United States, paranoid games have been regularly - such as phony terror alerts and ridiculous arrests -played concerning threats to keep fears fired up.

John Chuckman is the author of What's It All About? The Decline of the American Empire, published by Constable & Robinson Ltd, London. Available from Indigo Books, Canada.

Rudy Giuliani on London bomb plot

And now for the opposing viewpoint. (Caution: hype alert)
Look under Fox News Video: "Rudy Giuliani on London bomb plot" (5:31)
I didn't know Giuliani was in London on 7/7, a half block away from the Liverpool Station.

"Would have caused serious damage to the interior of the car!"


How DARE they suggest cooler heads prevail!!!

Or that the only thing to fear is fear itself, or that we not listen rapt(urous)ly to fear-mongers while shaking in our booties.

Isn't their something in the (so-called) Patriot Act and/or Military Commissions Act that makes that sort of thing unlawful?

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