Two Project Censored judges quit over 9/11 Truth story
POSTED ON JUNE 28, 2007:

Over the line
Two judges quit Project Censored to protest 9/11 story
By C. D. Stelzer

Chances are, the resignation of two judges from Project Censored won’t be included in the organization’s next list of overlooked news stories.

But rest assured — there’s no conspiracy afoot.

Judges Robert Jensen, a journalism professor, and Norman Solomon, a syndicated columnist, severed their ties with the national media watchdog group over its decision last year to highlight the controversial theories of physics professor Steven Jones, a critic of the 9/11 Commission findings.

Jones hypothesizes that the Sept. 11, 2001, collapse of the World Trade Center towers was the result of controlled detonation of military-grade explosives rather than fires caused by two passenger jets that slammed into the buildings. His views, which are available online at Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice (, have been largely passed over or dismissed by mainstream news outlets.

“This isn’t the first time that judges have resigned at Project Censored over a story we’ve covered,” says Peter Phillips, director of the program.

The purpose of Project Censored, which has been run by Sonoma State University, in Northern California, for more than 30 years, is to compile an annual list of 25 significant stories that have been “overlooked, under-reported or self-censored by the country’s major national news media.”

Each year, students and researchers analyze hundreds of stories submitted by the public. The stories are then provided to a panel of judges, which ranks the top 25 by order of importance. Last year’s panel ranked Jones’ story 18th. The annual results are published by some news organizations, including Illinois Times [see Sarah Phelan, “Ten big stories the media missed,” Sept. 14, 2006].

Phillips believes that Jones’ work warrants the recognition bestowed on it by Project Censored.

“It’s a valid news story,” he says. “It deserves to be covered. We cover stories that people don’t like. Our job is to talk about stories that don’t get talked about.”

Jensen, who teaches at the University of Texas at Austin, disagrees. “Based on my evaluation, the general cluster of ideas that tend to get labeled as conspiracy theories around the events of 9/11 are on the face of it implausible,” he says. Jensen also says that there is no indication that Jones’ opinions are being excluded from mainstream coverage because of any political bias. Conspiracy theories in general..."the role of the United States in the world," Jensen says.

Specific to 9/11, Jensen says: “The one thing that we would probably all agree on is that there are unanswered questions.”

Phillips hopes that by providing an outlet for Jones’ theories Project Censored can help spur the creation of a truth commission to further investigate the events of 9/11. “This is a sore spot in American politics,” he says, “that’s not going away.”

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at least we know where you

at least we know where you really stand now Solomon. coward.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Samuel Dahan

Knowing that 9/11 was a US military shock and awe
program and not a terrorist event, the following news
reports still give me concern about our safety and who
the real terrorists may be. Who are Tamir D. Sason,
and Daniel Levy and how do they relate to post 9/11

You may be asking yourself who Samuel Dahan is. He is
the son of the Likud Party spokesperson Shmuel Dahan.
Another important bit of information left out of this
news report is that they were busted near the Nuclear
Fuel Services plant in Erwin,Tennessee.

Norman Solomon

I hope he understands the true meaning of hypocrisy. It's looking back from his mirror.

Throw the bum out

Back when I was drowning and the ONLY hope I had was Howard Dean, Solomon hated him and I mean hated him. It was very hard to see happen. Now I see he is at it again. Who made him god. Two strikes and he is now out.

This is great

hopefully ALL that refuse to accept cold hard fact & overwhelming evidence will quit so someone that isn't delusional can take their place.

by even covering this, the

by even covering this, the Illinois Times has more guts and integrity than Norman Solomon and Robert Jensen combined.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Judges Robert Jensen and

Judges Robert Jensen and Norman Solomon just can't handle the Truth. I guess there is hope for Justice.

Newsworthiness should determine

This is amazing to me. Even if I had never looked into this matter--ever, as a lawyer, and/or news correspondent I would certainly be curious about it. I would want to find out if it were newsworthy. What is the matter with these people? If someone claims that there may have been demolition devices or secondary explosives in the buildings, why not read a paper which may support that claim, especially since it is stated that it is based upon the examination of evidence. This is very puzzling to me.

It is not a partisan issue. For example, when I came across data that the OKC debacle involved secondary explosives and Eloim City for the first time, I did not ignore the data. I became naturally curious and looked into it. Well, after viewing the local news stories concerning other explosives at the OKC and data concerning Eloim, it seems that side of the story is certainly newsworthy and worth a further look--just like the WTC, and WTC 7 in particular.



Project Censored will be better without them.

With their attitude, they are not helping the cause of truth!

Enact real democracy at

Jensen is right, in a way

Jones' work is vastly underreported given its significance, and has not been objectively reported, which is a form of self-censorship.

But Jensen is right that it has not been excluded from mainstream coverage. The other day I was talking about 9/11 with my father, a staunch Republican (of the principled, not Bush-believing type) who gets most of his information from the mainstream media. He mentioned Steven Jones.

This is of course a lame excuse for Jensen to quit Project Censored. I would like to see his "evaluation" showing the "general cluster of ideas" and why they are implausible.

And how ironic that a specialist in critical media analysis would say that these ideas "tend to get labeled as conspiracy theories." One would think that he would see this labeling as suspicious behavior by the mainstream media and a form of self-censorship.

Let history judge these 'men'

see my post below.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

I agree with you

Well said.

People seem to be downrating me either because they didn't read what I said, or they don't like other things that I have said. My comment violates none of the rules, and according to those rules should not be downrated unless it does.

Forget the keys, we'll jump over the gate

These useful idiots cower from the truth by censoring themselves from observing the data. Robert Jensen would rather dance around semantics than put his professional career as a frumpy intellectual into jeopardy by associating himself with 'conspiracy theories'. He'd rather write about 'feminist anti-pornography activities' and 'the end of masculinity' than promote a much larger life truth. In short, he would much rather produce academic tripe that means very little at all, especially in the face of our current fascist situation. Norman Solomon, it would be nice to see him come out for 9/11 truth but like Jack Nicholson says in A Few Good Men..."YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"

Because declining empires, dwindling resources, and free market economies have never produced results like 9/11 before! No, it was Osama bin Laden and his renegade band of fundamentalist suicide hijackers! Yeah that's it, keep pushing those 'progressive' ideas Messrs. Jensen and Solomon, like pornography and masculinity are "bad", Osama bin Laden and them suicidal Arabs from distant lands (Afghanistan? Do they even have electricity over there?) can break down NORAD, and if we just 'imagine' enough, one day these little wars will just magically end.

It is starting to get much easier to see who's who as 9/11 TRUTH continues to explode into mainstream consciousness. Those opposed to the truth are all too willing to distance themselves from the 'speculation' surrounding 16-foot plane holes, collapsing skyscrapers, some with people in them, some without, some having been hit by jetliners, some not, not to mention the possibility that UA93 was shot down over PA, with debris scattered over an 8 mile area, or the amazing aerial acrobatics of one Hani Hanjour, whose credentials included the inability to fly even a single-engine Cessna. These are big-time questions, not 'theories'.

9/11 is among the biggest frauds of ALL time. As more and more people view the truth (there was a MASSIVE coverup, with media + Western intelligence steering the lies into a neat, easy to understand, lowest common denominator, pill for the dumbed-down masses to pop in via the teevee), there WILL be a reaction. For every action, there is a reaction.

BushCo. might meet a very bloody end if they believe they can take on the great American hornet's nest of 300 million people, the majority of them armed. I would not want to be anywhere near the White House when 9/11 enters true critical mass with a bullet approaching ludicrous speed.

No, they will *not* get what they deserve, because no amount of reciprocity can deliver the dead back to our world, or undo the damage the innocent families of the 9/11 victims have suffered, or the ailing rescue workers who are now being investigated for traveling to Cuba just to try to continue to hold onto their lives, which is their #1 inalienable right.

Let me be very clear as the length of the list of left gatekeepers grows (Goodman, Palast, Counterpunch, Solomon, Chomsky, and their underlings such as this Jensen character all come to mind); 9/11 is not a matter of left or right, but right or wrong! A great saying because it is true.

It's that easy. This government NEEDS to be held accountable for their war crimes in the face of 9/11. Since they will not account for themselves, the American people will eventually be forced to confront this government ourselves. The New World Order crowd will become even more desperate as 9/11 truth continues its course. It is therefore important to call out those that censor, or seek to censor, 'alternate' (re: real) news that can only fuel human progress. We must confront the American beast all of the way. The hydra has many heads but only one heart, and the heart of the current machinations of the American terrorist death machine lies within the 9/11 fraud. The myth must be crushed.

I am therefore glad that these two 'leftists' have stepped away from Project Censored. Stand up or get out of the way!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

as for the London terror scares

Totally NWO-initiated. New gov't, new terror. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They are getting desperate. I like the scares though, a lot more than the actual events. I for one, am not eager for the 9/11 sequel.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

Perhaps Jensen can't face his role in the PsyOp

Looking at Jensen's articles about 9/11,

I can see no analysis of why the "conspiracy theories" are implausible. What I see are a series of articles arguing, in effect and as often interpreted, that Americans deserved 9/11.

Jensen may not be capable of admitting that he has been promoting the false story about 9/11 since the very beginning, with the argument that 9/11 "was no more despicable as the massive acts of terrorism -- the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes -- that the U.S. government has committed during my lifetime."

I made similar arguments at the time, showing that I had bought the PsyOp hook, line, and sinker:

But four years after 9/11, after all the evidence that had come out destroying the official story, Jensen was still saying "Ward Churchill is right about 9/11," thus defending a defender of the official story of 9/11.

In this essay, Jensen mildly criticizes Churchill but still makes a qualified "collective responsibility" argument that is not only wrong for 9/11, but is also a dangerous idea that was used by the "cruise-missile liberals" to justify the killing of Serb civilians by aerial bombardment.

Jensen played an important role in a false debate from the very beginning, thus serving to reinforce the official lies about 9/11. He is probably unable to admit his role in the PsyOp.

Jensen reviews Solomon's book about the mythology of U.S. journalism, but ignores the biggest "War Made Easy" myth--that our leaders would not kill or allow U.S. citizens to be killed to get them to support war.

According to Jensen in his article "September 11 and the Failure of American Intellectuals," "of course a full understanding of what happened on 9/11 involves knowledge of Islam." Of course, Islam, not physics. Jensen says Americans are "systematically encouraged not to think independently or critically." He is one of the intellectuals that is failing the American people, and this failure is even more inexcusable from someone who writes extensively about the myth of the government's benevolence.

Often what isn't said speaks volumes.

For example, as Donald Rumsfeld explained the known types of knowledge: Known knowns are the things we know we know; known unknowns are the things we know we don't know; and unknown unknowns are the things we don't know we don't know. But Rumsfeld cleverly omitted the most important type of knowledge: The unknown known, that is to say the known that is widely unknown. The unknown known should never be allowed to become a known unknown because it could become a known known soon afterwards. Therefore the unknown known must be considered an unknown unknown at all times, it must be the known no one wants to know, and is too afraid to know. All that is known must become unknown.

9/11 is a fine example of the known unknown.

well said

Now say it 10x fast!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

Even though it may seem

Even though it may seem discouraging, we can be glad that even this story is making people have to encounter this story about 911, yet again, that just won't go away. Our truth movement is only getting more massive, with more credible individuals.

I think there are many that are more frightened to wear the dreaded tin-foil-hat, than to face the fact that our own government is a malevolent force. But both are the case though. I always drop the link into blogs when debating, and let them know before hand that among them on the list are former CIA, FBI, military intelligence, administration officials, from past and present administrations, stating the irregularities. So, it is a valuable gift, those individuals, offering their names to the cause of 911 truth. I suggest you all drop that link into blogs throught the web, in debates.

I'd heard that for every one person that posts on a blog, approximately a dozen or more come along to read the posts. And, the ones that do the posting, are usually pretty solid in their opinions, but the ones that just read the posts are still forming their opinions. So, even though we will encounter verbal opposition, know that many are forced to think about what you bring. The Patriots Question 911 site is one of the best ones, that help, in the sense that, if those that so highly credentialed are willing to raise questions, it gives those that have less courage to as well, as far as putiing their reputations on the line.

And as far as the science, we already have that covered. But just getting over the hurdle of damaging one's reputation, that site is invaluable. Then, if many are willing to look because of the credentials, then, the science exploration, of course, confirms the truth to those that are curious.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Once a skunk..

always a skunk. Solomon was busy running Mike Ruppert off of the air, back in 2002, when few people were questioning the official story.
And don't forget David Corn of The Nation. He and Solomon are left heroes.

"9/11 research is a rabbit-hole of Byzantine complexity full of snares and delusions and peopled with false friends, lunatics, earnest lost souls and a few heroes."
- Jenna Orkin

Not My hero...

I had a Nation subscription....But canceled shortly I read Corn's blithering nonsense.

It is a shame too, as there are alot of dots reported on in that magazine, and some excellent work is done for truth over there. However.. Ignoring the 9-11 issue is more then enough to cause me to not support you financially.

Partisan bullshit is all they wind up being...

Interested in only half the truth... Same crap on the right...

The right spews forth bullshit in order to cover up truth in their partisan rags...

The left just leaves out and ignores the truth while it focuses the attention on some other banality.

Same shit...

I forgot about Corn!

I've given up on not only the Nation, but definitely also the New York Times. It's amazing how complicit these organizations have been to the Bush regime. The New York Times has proven to be nothing more than a neocon propaganda outlet...with multiple evidences (Judith Miller/Plame Affair, delaying for a year the release of the wiretapping scandal story, are two that come to mind right away, not to mention their occasional 9/11 Truth hit piece). While there's no excuse for his trust in the Bush administration regarding 9/11 given his influence, Corn is DC establishment much in the same way John McCain is - just going through the motions, playing their parts, cashing in where they can. It's sad. I used to really trust the American left - but I'm glad it's been revealed for what it truly is, manufactured dissent, as a younger man than older.

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” - George W. Bush

PS - Tryptamine...bangin' screen name! :D

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

yep, and dont forget that it

yep, and dont forget that it was The Nation which ran the Robert Baer(ex-CIA agent who has a tendency to point the finger at Iran for 9/11) "review", or hit piece on The New Pearl Harbor by Griffin. and Corn has always been suspect in my eyes. he has a history.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Good! Fuck Norman Solomon.

That guy's been a prominent gatekeeper for years. He's not to be trusted (by us), and is well trusted by the establishment.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--


I've contacted him, just to see if I could get a better understanding of his "on the face of it implausible" conclusion, which he seems to assign every alternative theory around 9/11.

Seems pretty unethical as a journalism teacher to be throwing this out there...I'd like to know what his students think of this...I'd quit his class if he were my teacher.

too bad

Peter Phillips is doing a courageous thing by opening up Project Censored to the 911 Truth Movement. He's taken much criticism from colleagues and others over this. Send him a note of support at Project Censored.
He sponsored Richard Gage's talk at Sonoma State, that I videotaped and received about 8,000 views so far.
Norman Solomon should be ashamed to the bottom of his soul for his continued attacks on the best of the 911 truth movement. This will forever live as a significant blemish on his career.

More "conspiracy theory" ad-hominem BS

“The one thing that we would probably all agree on is that there are unanswered questions.”

And people like Dr. Jones are getting the answers.

We can't get all of the answers without an investigation, but we are making our own investigation right now this second. Not accepting the lies handed to us, we won't stop until we get the answers.

Thank you project censored, for having the courage to cover Dr. Jones.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Perhaps we should ask Jensen

which "unanswered questions" he deems ok to talk about.

Jensen runs a Leftist group.... Austin called "Third Coast Activist", the leadership of which, as you might guess, is 9/11 Truth hostile.

Jensen & Co. were holding monthly meetings (called "Last Sunday") that drew 300-500 very politically involved, active people each time. Then 9/11 Truth activists started passing out hundreds of DVDs at the door to people as they left the meetings. Almost everyone was very receptive and grateful to receive these DVDs, more so at each successive meeting...I don't know what seeds germinated within the group, from the grassroots level up, as the membership assimilated this information and discussed it among themselves. I do know that more and more positive and intelligent discussions were occurring between TCA members and Truthers as time went on and people got familiar with the unanswered questions & disturbing facts surrounding 9/11.

Last month, these very successful, popular, very well-attended meetings were cancelled by Jensen, until further notice. (After cancelling, he announced that the plan all along was to end the meetings at this time).

Project Censored

Robert Baer has joined the many over at So, before we condemn him, we should acknowledge his contribution to our effort to expose the truth. He was instrumental! Her has made some pretty condemning statements of the administration.

As far as Iran being part of 911, do you think it is possible that the ones part of the defense industry, whom may be among many wealthy in the middle east, may be in cahoots with the powerful in this country, like the Carlyle Group? We do know that among the Bush family/Carlyle Group is a tight connection with the bin Laden family, whom is a mover and a shaker in the anti-American movement over yonder, AND was a member of the CIA of the United States.

Remember that on 911, bin Laden meeting with GHWBush and the Carlyle Group. Remember both Osama bin Laden and Bush senior, were members of the CIA. Ex-CIA like Larry Johnson and other former CIA, like owner of below mentioned web site, are exposing these things.

Many of you probably know, that the CIA is really part of the corporate agenda. You can learn more about it, if you don't know about this, by linking onto and wandering around at:

Corn, I guess is just more worried about being seen with a tin-foil-hat. Anyone that has dared look at the facts knows good and well, the facts are on our side.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Project Censored

And, the stories of Osama getting treatment at a military hospital over in the middles east, at one of our bases. I think that he is part of the nefarious media/defense industry (Carlyle Group for one)/CIA, all a financial backscratching collusion.

I always have to come back to the words of Eisenhower "Beware the influence of the military industrial complex". The media has been bought up by the enormously wealthy, with big investments into the defense and oil industries. (How influential is the media?) I think we underestimate the soul-lessness of this group. Also, I have to always come back to what this guy said, and all this that has happened comes into a more clear light.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."


I wouldn't say he "joined" anything. I heard his interview. He kind of agrees that 9/11 may have been an inside job, then he goes on to talk about Iran and how there was a big Iranian terrorist conspiracy behind 9/11 and yada yada yada, same old song and dance. In fact I don't think he even knew the interviewer meant the US government - but he wasn't asked the clarify, the interviewer just moved on to the next question. Bad interview. I'd like someone to call Baer on this and clarify it. If he truly was on the side of reality and not just a CIA shill that would be very good for the cause.