Cowed into 9/11 silence


Cowed into 9/11 silence
Letters to the editor
Article Launched: 07/02/2007 04:13:55 AM PDT

I wish to thank the people at public access channel 12 who were responsible for the airing of Alex Jones' important documentary “Terrorstorm” on Saturday evening. I'd thought the Internet was the only place where the endless flaws and inconsistencies of the official Sept. 11 report from the federal government were being discussed.

The footprint of the Twin Towers should have been treated like the biggest murder investigation this country has ever seen. Instead, every last scrap of debris was immediately removed from the site and dumped onto barges that hauled all that critical evidence to China for disappearance.

The 47-story building known as WTC7 was never hit by a plane and had only had a couple of relatively small fires burning in it. It should not have collapsed, never mind straight down at faster than the speed of gravity.

The American people have been cowed into silence about this. Giant corporate media keep us in the dark. The Times-Standard and other newspapers are struggling to find their place in this digital age. Well, the first mainstream paper in the land to start asking these most important questions will surely take home all the marbles.

For further information, I highly recommend and .

Chris Lester