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Over the last week, the following new citations were added to Please let me know if you find any errors in these new citations. Thanks - Alan


Robert G. Wright, Jr.
Special Agent, International Terrorism Unit
Added June 25, 2007


Dr. David Leifer, BSc, B.Arch, M.Ed, PhD
Coordinator, Graduate Programme in Facilities Management
School of Architecture, The University of Sydney
Registered Architect, Incorporated Engineer
Added July 2, 2007


Ric Giardina
Member, Adjunct Faculty
San Jose State University
Added June 29, 2007

Ola Tunander, PhD
Research Professor
International Peace Research Institute (PRIO)
Added June 29, 2007

Dennis Holloway, M.Arch
Former Associate Professor
Environmental Design
University of Colorado
Added June 29, 2007

Joseph Raso
Former Lecturer, Political Science
McMaster University
Added June 28, 2007

Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD
Professor of Psychology and
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Rutgers University
Added June 28, 2007


Capt. William Walsh
WTC Survivor
Ladder Company 1, FDNY
Added July 2, 2007

Rosaleen Tallon DaRos
Sister of Firefighter Sean Patrick Tallon
Ladder Company 10, FDNY
Added June 28, 2007

Agnes McCaffrey
Sister of Chief Orio Palmer
Battalion 7, FDNY, Manhattan
Added June 28, 2007


Michelle Phillips
Singer and actress
Added July 2, 2007

Charles Goyette
Radio talk show host
Added June 29, 2007

Radio talk show host
Added June 28, 2007

Georgia Kelly
Composer and recording artist
Added June 26, 2007

Don't look too closely . . .

Sounds good when you don't delve too deeply into the lists. When you do look, here's what you'll find. It isn't pretty.

DAVID SHAYLER - "missiles surrounded by holograms" destroyed the WTC towers

MORGAN REYNOLDS - "no Big Boeings crashed" into the WTC towers

JUDY WOOD - "Star Wars Beam Weapon" destroyed the WTC (her own words!)

JAMES FETZER - claims that the above people are the "scholars" of 9/11 to over 800 websites via links, ongoing promotional press releases, appearances on major media programs reaching millions, etc.

Why would Alan Miller want hologram and space beam advocates to speak for us and stand alongside the rest of the sincere and sane people who question the official story?

If some of the leaders of the peace movement were saying in public that the bombs that fell in Iraq were just pretend - that they were actually holograms -- would you be encouraged to join the organization who openly included them??? Wouldn't you sort of WONDER what had happened to the peace movement to be promoting those people to the public?

Hell's teeth

Robert Wright!!!

That is a really big deal. He is one of the most knowledgeable people about - a real insider from the FBI. We have a lot of material on him and his investigations: