Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

(EDIT: This just in: Hatfill seeks reporters' anthrax sources.)

Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

By Steve Watson

Is it possible that the anthrax attacks were launched from within our own government? A former Bush 1 advisor thinks it is.

Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert who worked under the first Bush Administration as a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s, has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration tried to ram the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress," Boyle said in a radio interview with Austin-based talk-show host Alex Jones. "That would have set up a police state.

"Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) were holding it up because they realized what this would lead to. The first draft of the PATRIOT Act would have suspended the writ of habeas corpus [which protects citizens from unlawful imprisonment and guarantees due process of law]. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, come these anthrax attacks."

"At the time I myself did not know precisely what was going on, either with respect to September 11 or the anthrax attacks, but then the New York Times revealed the technology behind the letter to Senator Daschle. [The anthrax used was] a trillion spores per gram, [refined with] special electro-static treatment. This is superweapons-grade anthrax that even the United States government, in its openly proclaimed programs, had never developed before. So it was obvious to me that this was from a U.S. government lab. There is nowhere else you could have gotten that."


Rexamining this subject

usually reminds me that one of the people that died from an anthrax terror letter was an editor or publisher of a tabloid magazine. That mag had released photos of the Bush daughters that could be deemed to be 'unflattering."

Francis Boyle on Guns and Butter

Glad to see this story is getting some followup! Here's our recent show with Francis Boyle.

Stream link:

Biowarfare and the Emergence of Police State America

Interview with author and professor of international law, Dr. Francis Boyle. The history of biological warfare development and the Biological Weapons Convention; forced anthrax inoculations of the military; anthrax attacks on congress and the resultant Patriot legislation setting up a police state; FBI agent Marion "Spike" Bowman's thwarting of FBI investigations into both Zacarias Moussaoui and the anthrax attacks on congress; the DNC's prevention of impeachment proceedings against Bush and others in his administration for high crimes and misdemeanors.

This needs more coverage

This is another circumstantial piece of evidence that proves a wider conspiracy with 9/11 and it has seen a little MSM coverage. More people should consider this topic as a launching board for opening up a discussion with the OCT zombies.


The oddest part of it is that, even in the MSM, this is judged as an inside job. There is no other way to assess it, after the anthrax got ID'd as from the Ames strain.

The fact that the FBI later destroyed the Ames strain implicates people in the FBI itself, at the highest level, as co-conspirators.

I know I am saying nothing new to people here. It does however display how pervasive this self-attack syndrome is, with the government quite willing to attack its own people. And then cover its tracks, impose censorship, and destroy evidence.

And how quiet this story has remained in the MSM, and even in alternative media.

So true...

....we really should reference this more as one of the best 9/11 smoking guns....and, it's also so intertwined with the motives (9/11 Wars abroad, Police State at home) for the attacks on 9/11, that it's a great example of government terrorism and a conspiracy to cover-up, with media complicity....a great example to use to dismiss the "conspiracy theorists" smear we still get from the unaware....I think we don't give this evidence enough prominence when explaining the "anomalies" of 9/11.

But then, I dunno, maybe asking for answers in the Anthrax Attacks insults the victims' family members.....(sarcasm)

More evidence that the anthrax attack was an inside job

Jerome Hauer is now a director for a company that is the only source of the Anthrax vaccine. At the same time Fuad El-Hibri is elected to the board. El Hibri’s was at the top of the FBI's list of suspects for sending anthrax spores through the mail. Hauer the 'architect' behind Rudy's OEM Bunker in WTC 7, was also the one who called the WH on 9/11 and told them to start taking Cipro. In other words, the two main suspects for the anthrax attack are both now on the Board of Directors for the company that is the only source of that antrax vaccine.

Emergent BioSolutions Elects Three Class I Directors - Quick Facts

Thursday, June 14, 2007

(RTTNews) - In its annual meeting, Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (EBS | charts | news | PowerRating) said that its shareholders elected Fuad El-Hibri, Jerome Hauer and Ronald Richard as Class I directors of the company to serve for a three-year term expiring 2010. The company's shareholders also ratified the selection of Ernst & Young LLP as its Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm.

So who is Emergent BioSolutions Inc.?

Emergent BioSolutions (NYSE:EBS) is a multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The CEO of Emergent BioSolutions is Fuad El-Hibri. The company traces its roots back to 1998 with the acquisition of the assets of the former Michigan Department of Public Health site, located in Lansing, Michigan. With this acquisition came the license to produce anthrax vaccine for the U.S. Department of Defense. The Lansing facility was originally operated by the Michigan Department of Public Health (MDPH). In 1996, the facility became known as the Michigan Biologics Products Institute (MBPI), an entity controlled by the State Government of Michigan, who sold the facility to the founders of BioPort Corporation.

Emergent BioSolutions was founded in 2004 as the parent company of BioPort Corporation and Antex Biologics (now Emergent Product Development Gaithersburg Inc.), which BioPort acquired in 2003.<1> Emergent Biosolutions became a public company in November 2006. The company remains the sole manufacturer of an FDA-licensed anthrax vaccine, BioThrax®. Sales of the vaccine are almost exclusively to the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services for the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile. In June 2005 Emergent acquired UK-based Microscience, Ltd., (now Emergent Product Development UK) a vaccine company primarily involved in the research and development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics. The UK branch focuses its research on commercial vaccines while the US side focuses primarily on biodefense products. Another acquisition occurred in August 2006, with the purchase of Vivacs GmbH, a biotechnology company based in Munich, Germany. Emergent has also opened an office in Singapore. The company employs a staff of approximately 450.

Emergent's portfolio of products in development includes preventive and therapeutic products for anthrax and botulism, two top priority ("Category A") bioterrorism agents. The company also has vaccines for typhoid, hepatitis B, and group B streptococcus in development.<2>

So who is Bioport?

Bin Laden Profits from US Anthrax Vaccine Manufacture?

By Ian Gurney.

Author of "The Cassandra Prophecy."

It's a story straight off the pages of a John Le Carre or Robet Ludlum thriller. A mysterious Lebanese millionaire, who already owns telecoms companies in Venezuela and El Salvador, uses his influence to take over the sole manufacture, production and distribution of one of Americas most sought after defence products. Meanwhile, the world's most wanted terrorist appears to be profiting from his family's investment in the self same manufacturing process, assisted by no less a personage than the father of the President of the United States. Sounds fanciful?

Well, on December 1st. last year the Pakistan News Service announced that documents belonging to a United States company called BioPort Corporation were found in the possession of the al-Qaeda in Kabul, Afghanistan. Seven weeks later, on January 16th, the United States Food and Drug Administration, which had, since 1999 prohibited BioPort from manufacture and production at its Michigan laboratories, announced that it had given its conditional approval for BioPort to begin the manufacture, production and shipping of its product to the US military. On February 1st. the US government gave BioPort Corp a green light on to resume production that had been shut down by the Food and Drug Administration for three years.

So, exactly what is BioPort, what do they produce and who runs the company? Well, BioPort, based in North Lansing, Michigan, is the only corporation in the United States with a license to make the Anthrax vaccine. Except that BioPort doesn't actually make the vaccine, BioPort simply bought the laboratory that does make the vaccine, Michigan Biologic Products Institute, from the State of Michigan in 1998.

Less than a month after it took over the business, BioPort acquired Michigan Biologic Products Institute's sole and exclusive customer for the Anthrax vaccine, the US Department of Defence, and an exclusive $29 million contract with the Department of Defence to "manufacture, test, bottle and store the anthrax vaccine." The Pentagon agreed to pay BioPort $4.70 per shot and each member of the armed forces, that's 2.4 million soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, is supposed to get six shots over an 18-month period. That’s a huge, guaranteed market for BioPort’s product. Indeed, according to former Central Intelligence Agency military analyst Patrick Eddington, the estimated $60 million worth of anthrax vaccine BioPort is expected to produce for the Defence Department over the next five years could just be the beginning.

So now lets look at who owns and runs BioPort Corporation. Let's begin with Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. former Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former US ambassador to Great Britain. It seems that back when President George H. W. Bush was setting up Osama Bin Laden as a "freedom fighter" (Afghanistan's "freedom fighters" were credited with shooting down more than 270 Soviet aircraft using American made Stinger missiles in the 1980's) the good Admiral and his associates on the Joint Chiefs of Staff were, according to some reports, selling American made weapons-grade Anthrax to Saddam Hussein in the hopes that he would use it against Iran. These days Admiral Crowe sits on the Board of Directors and owns 13% of BioPort Corp.

According to ABC News reporter Howard L. Rosenberg: "BioPort Corp. was created solely to take over the assets of Michigan Biologic Products Institute by Admiral Crowe, his partners in a company called Intervac L.L.C. and a group of former managers of the Michigan-based institute."

Fuad El-Hibri appears to be the real day-to-day director of Intervac and is listed by Dun & Bradstreet as the "chief executive" of Bioport. The reclusive Ibrahim El Hibri, who grants no interviews, has homes in Caracas, Maryland, Paris and Beirut, which he visits all year around, being careful of avoiding tax residence in any of them. Where he got his millions is a mystery. He invested in Porton International, a British pharmaceutical firm where his son worked, in the early 90’s and according to a US Congressional review, Porton International sold anthrax vaccines to the Saudi Arabian Government. In Venezuela, Ibrahim El Hibri runs the country’s third largest cell phone operator Digitel, despite having sold control of the company to Telecom Italia Mobile. Meanwhile in El Salvador, his son Fuad El Hibri, finds the time to run Digicel, a cellular telephone concession which the family bought two years ago.

After the attacks of September 11th. President Bush placed BioPort's North Lansing laboratory under protection, invoking the national interest. Interestingly enough, the Italian magazine Il Manifesto reported, in its October issue, that this happened at the same time that the FBI also placed the El Hibri’s at the top of their list of suspects for sending anthrax spores through the mail system.

If the rumours are correct about the Carlyle Group's investment in BioPort, then it's quite possible the bin Laden family is an investor in the only company able to make Anthrax vaccine in the United States, and because their beloved Osama might have some of the stuff, the family will make a fortune. In fact, the shortage of vaccine created by the now withdrawn FDA ban will make all those involved in BioPort extremely wealthy, as market forces drive the price of the vaccine up. A very cosy arrangement. The Bushes, El Hibri's and bin Ladens (and the occasional complicit Admiral) could all be making money off the fear and death of Americans. Is it any wonder, then, that documents relating to BioPort were found in the possession of bin Laden's al-Qaeda network in Kabul?

Copyright: Ian Gurney. 2002.


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