LIVE video and audio: Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention

EDIT: Live broadcast over at 9pm EST.

We Are Change is broadcasting the Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention today in Philadelphia, at the We Are Change home page;

Direct link to broadcast:
Use link above for Live Video + Chat

Supplemental feed:

at and

Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention Homepage:

Speaking of videos

I ask all real truth seekers to watch this video. It is called "ZEITGEIST" A 9/11 truth friend e-mailed it to me. I am downloading it right now and will burn copies and hand them out. It is a long video, two hours in length, but it just about sums up everything that is happening and has happened on this small planet, past and present. Here is the Google url. Enjoy.

Creator Peter J, interview:

Source List, Statement and Clarifications available at:

DVD will be out soon. Until then, download from Google Video and use this app to create a DVD:

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