US Marines Demand 911 Truth & Justice - 4th of July Special

US Marines Demand 911 Truth & Justice

The good people of have a brief interview with US Marine & proud patriot Johnny Wave as he demands Truth & Justice while encouraging other service men and women to take a stand for Truth.

What a shame

we can't get a million more like Wave. Without the military, Bush and his NWO scum would be nothing. I remember in the Sixties we would say "What if they had a war and nobody showed-up." Same holds true today. I noticed that today is the 4th of July. What a joke. Independents from what? Or as Icke would say, "The land of the free and the home of the slave." How true.

"Wow, let's ride the Wave buddy

... and see where it takes us." - Johnny Wave, USMC

We will be passing out a flyer at a picnic today for our Eleventh action that has the Wave's pic on it.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Happy 4th of July everyone

And for every truthers keep the faith. Truth is on our side.

from a fellow french Canadian.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Nice Work

I must say that I am still disappointed about the quality of that video. None of my other videos came out like that. I'm not sure why that happened, but the message is still the same and I like what you did with the addition of the music. Expect a better quality promo soon!


usually have a question and answer section.
but good post none the less

how many Marines are in the organization?

how many Marines are in the organization?


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wow, just wow.

does this go for everybody or just specific people management is targeting?


Sorry for the inconvenience.

aren't you the fella that left GNN...

aren't you the fella that left GNN b/c their policies were too overly restrictive (in your case, w/ regards to 9/11)?

are you doing this b/c of the recent surge of anti-semitic posts on 9/11 Truth boards (either by disinfo agents or genuine bigots)?

can you explain why such oversight is necessary? seems rather offensive to me...

I've been incredibly disappointed with GNN.

I used to think that site was so cool a few years back. As soon as I "woke up" it was one of the first places I checked for info... Nada. Enjoy your obsolescence, GNN.

BTW, Reprehensor, how does that work with the moderation? Do you have a bot parsing for key-words or something? Seems like the sheer volume would be impossible to manage.
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"Seems like the sheer volume

"Seems like the sheer volume would be impossible to manage."

Look around by yourself, there is no more 2sheer volume" of post to manage since the censorship began, because people has stop commenting. And i understand them.

that said, i think we need to find a way to gain more support from the military and the police.

GNN is a CIA operation. They

GNN is a CIA operation. They are gatekeepers with a radical face.