This week and Beyond in the 9-11 Truth, Justice and Peace Movement

Today, the 4th of July, Independence Day begins an important week for the 9-11 Truth Movement if it really wants to bring Justice to the criminals and Peace to all the victims, of that day and of the lies about that day. We should all be out there with information and passion today and tonight. If you're looking for a good piece of info to print, We Are Change has a good "Patriots Question 9-11" flyer that is quite relevant to Independence Day.

May I suggest a concerted talk show call-in effort from today up to Saturday 7/7/07 and keeping on until 7-11. Remember, this is the 2nd anniversary of the London False-Flag bombings and next wednesday, 7-11 is the first anniversary of the Mumbai bombings which fit the False-Flag MO pretty well (except for them having a tough time pinning it on anyone). We can lace the airwaves with information around the history of false-flag operations, contextualize 9-11 in a set of recent events, and warn people to watch out and, more importantly, act to stop the coming events being prepared for us.

Check my previous post on calling radio shows for numbers, times and techniques-
A Call Again to Call: Talk-Radio Shows Offer Free Access to Millions

In addition to today, both 7-7 and 7-11 are important days of action, of being heard and being seen. If you're near LA come to the Impeachment Center kick-off picnic today at La Cienega Park from 12-3- check out
This saturday, 7-7, the group will have its monthly meeting and possibly do an action.
This sunday, 7-8, as you've probably seen, David Ray Griffin will be here in Los Angeles with Ed Asner and others, speaking in the same church, Immanuel Presbyterian (which is a few blocks down the street from where the RFK false-flag assassination was conducted by CIA agents) Cynthia McKinney spoke in when she came.
Next wednesday, 7-11, we will be at Venice Beach all afternoon for our monthly Eleventh action in solidarity with the global movement for 9-11 Justice at If you haven't yet gone out and done an Eleventh action make sure you go to the site and check in with folks from your area, or start it up with some friends.

After this week, we need to begin thinking collectively about putting together some serious press conferences across the country calling on our military, intellectual, engineer, celebrity allies to speak about treason trials and criminal cases. You can find out about many of these allies at Look for a future post with further ideas on this.

Looking forward, the week+ of August 3-11 is an important one to continue building bridges with the peace movement and the anti-nuke movement. This is the anniversary of the week the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Being that they are starting to heavily trot out Bin Laden's threats of an "American Hiroshima" and being that they were doing war games on rooftops in Downtown LA last week, its a crucial period to act in resonance with stopping nuclear bombs from ever being used again on this planet.

This is my proposal for a long weekend of August 11th that I posted at

I appreciate very much all that everyone in their own way is contributing to this movement for Freedom and Justice, which, when combined with deep Truth can lead to real Peace.

I love honing in on the power centers of the states in August. The idea of making it a weekend affair is awesome, getting the "representatives" (maybe we can catalyze them to actually earn that title) and press on Friday, the rally/music on Saturday and the family picnic on Sunday to build connections and solidarity and strategize for the upcoming month(s). Of course, food and music is good anyday anywhere,!

Here's my idea addition to this great gumbo of freedom which feeds the People and proves too much to swallow for the oligarchs.

It has to do with the idea of misprision of treason that I was alerted to by a startegic member of the LA 9-11 truth group. In the eyes of the People, History and God, everyone on this listserver I'm sure is in the process of morally and practically fulfilling their duties around confronting high treason and mass murder, but how many of us have legally and precisely done what the law under the constitution calls us to do in this situation?

From wikipedia:
"In the United States, misprision of treason is defined to be the crime committed by a person owing allegiance to the United States, and having knowledge of the commission of any crime against them, who conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the president or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor, or to some judge or justice of a particular state. The punishment is imprisonment for not more than seven years and a fine of not more than one thousand dollars."

I think that the focusing idea of doing our duty of discharging misprision of treason, and alerting and announcing it to the People, press and the proper (nastily ironic, being that one of them is the President) authorities could bring us precise aim and articulation for our actions in August. This would also give our friends in D.C. the guidance of which building they need to be in front of, for collective symbolic resonance (we can't only let the criminals, i.e. Zelikow use the powerful force of symbolic resonance) at some point during the weekend of August 11th.

It would also allow there to be a powerful sense of solidarity and collective focus with folks who are down and dedicated as can be, but cant make it to the state capitol that weekend. If we united across the country in idea and maybe even in some messaging we could have individuals and groups everywhere delivering packages (book, DVD, letter, legal paper, etc.) announcing "high treason" to a wide variety of authorities and locations (judges, federal buildings, governor's home residences, governor's official mansions, capitol buildings). And if effective press conferences could be convened at all sizes, this would multiply the impact of course.

This would allow us to hone in on the capitols for those that can and desire to and at the same time keep our targetting inclusive and mappable across geography. We could really get our message down over the next month and a half. What do y'all think?

p.s. Everyone should really catalyze serious bridge-building with the borader peace-movement right now. All those who have ANSWER coalitions in their areas, go to their meeting and tell them that the 9-11 truth movement has the potency of focus and strategy to not only end the War in Iraq, but seriously have a good shot at ending war in general, at least for this country. They are looking for the proper strategy right now and are ready to help put a million people in D.C. this fall. We need to figure out timing, because time is always of the essence and is in short supply right about now. Like Webster Tarpley says, the 9-11 Truth Movement can supply the head full of strategic focus needed to actually end Empire.

As for ending Empire and restoring our Republic, the week leading into September 11th is going to be a big one in New York City.
Work seriously on being there. From there, for those that can, D.C. is the spot, being that important elements of the peace movement will be there occupying Congress and figuring out strategy, starting on the 15th. I think at some point this fall we need to do an effective occupation of the Capitol, including teach-ins, arts, culture and music, hunger fasts, daily international press conferences, etc... Much more than a one demo and we're done affair is needed, but it could be initiated with a million person march. I think the peace and patriot movements will be ready to cooperate with the truth movement to do this. Who knows, maybe we could make the tyrants run for their lives like they've done it in the former Soviet Block. This time, I hope we could run them right into a court room with proceedings broadcast on CSPAN for the whole world to see.

Many blessings for the strategy session in Philly to be full of bridge-building, inspiration and effective ideas and for everyone to have a big, beautiful week for truth and freedom.

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Well said and I look forward

Well said and I look forward to working on this with you. Please hit me up with an email so we can chat.