9/11: Christine Boutin, icon of conspiracy theorists

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9/11: Christine Boutin, icon of conspiracy theorists

Par Pascal Riché (Rue89) 14H55 05/07/2007

The conspiracy theorists of the French website "ReOpen911," who do not believe the official version of events on September 11, 2001 now have a hero: Christine Boutin, the French Housing and Urban Affairs Minister.

Think about this: no less than a minister of the French government shares their hazy hypotheses. For the last few days, they have been sending out via e-mail, a clip from a web show hosted by Karl Zéro, a noted TV host, political gadfly and provocateur. The show was taped in November 2006, at the time when Boutin was just a zealous supporter of then-candidate Sarkozy. In it, she shares her doubts. To the question, "could Bush be behind the attacks?" she responded quite matter-of-factly. "I think that it's possible." (See the video of ReOpen911 below.)


Did our Housing and Urban Affairs Minister have important information about the subject? Or maybe an impressive geo-strategic analysis? No, the explanation that she gives on the subject is much more personal:

"I think that it's possible. And I think it all the more so because I know that the sites that are talking about these problems are sites that get the most traffic. As someone who is quite sensitive to the problem of new practices of news and communication, It seems to me that this expression of the masses, coming from the people, can't be completely without truth."

The argument of "the masses," to establish "truth," that always gives you shivers down the spine, doesn't it?

Now that Boutin is in the government, this video and the irresponsible remarks in it are a little embarrassing. Certainly if ReOpen911 uses it as its main propaganda weapon. Think about how this sounds to American ears, and the headlines it could make.

Translated by Grant Rosenberg.
Subtitles: Yann "Sorry for the mistakes" Guegan.