Experiment with Congress.org. 's "Soapbox" Feature. Virgin Turf

I have just put my newsletter onto http://www.congress.org 's "Soapbox" ad section. It only costs $8.95 for 30 days. They claim thousands visit Congress.org daily (which seems likely). If you go to Congress.org right now (July 4 PM) you will see my ad headline at the top of the righthand side of the screen. (It will work its way down as new ads are added.)

So far I have not seen ANY 9/11 Truth type ads. This may be a fruitful new area to post on.

I have cut&pasted a segment from the posting confirmation page below to, give an idea of the process.

TO CHECK OUT POSTING YOUR OWN: simply go to http://congress.org and click on "Create your Soapbox now."

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alexa.com rank is 82,318

probably the Anthrax one

probably the Anthrax one written by Steve Watson.(sorry i couldnt be more timely with my response)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Yes, it is the Anthrax article (which I picked up from here)

It got 20 "page views" in just a few hours. It will be interesting to see if a headline/link with "9/11 Truth" or similar gets more, or fewer, hits. (I can't afford to put another one up till payday)

I used to use their (free) "media guide" (scroll down the left hand side of their homepage) to send to media, and am going to do that again for awhile (giving my regular list a well-deserved spam vacation). You can only send to 5 at a time, but you can immediately send another 5, etc., till you get through their entire list -- which includes almost every large and small newspaper, tv and radio station and magazine in the particular state you have chosen. An advantage is that the recipient gets your message as a single email -- not as a mass email, much of which gets into their spam catcher.