FIREWORKS - another form of Controlled Demolition.

The 2007 Macy's Fourth of July FIREWORKS display just goes to show how advanced humans have become with the technology dealing with explosives.

It's a shame that the staged 9/11 events that were used to steal our Constitutional rights via the Patriot Act and other pre-written legislation are similar to the technology that was used to time the fiery displays in the sky to the music.
What an accomplishment. The people who plan the fireworks display each year deserve the praise.

However, the people who planned and planted the explosives in the three buildings for 9/11 deserve to be in jail, despite the nice careful work and lack of damage to the surrounding buildings. I don't understand how they can think that they were being Patriotic. Most of them were breaking their oaths and are traitors.

The lack of damage to the other buildings near the buildings that were located on property other than the Port Authority of NY & NJ is an indication of how precise the work was that brought down the three (3) buildings with the assistance of Controlled Demolition.

It's just another coincidence about 9/11/2001. WTC1, WTC2 & WTC7 were dropped in their "footprints" but the shell of WTC6, which received much more damage and burnt longer with a hotter fire, had to be rigged to be "pulled" a few days later during the clean-up, or should I say "illegal removal of evidence".

God Save America

absolutely true

i stayed away from fireworks this holiday and went to view "Sicko".

I'm glad you agree...

How was the Movie ?