We are winning

(I posted this as a comment but it is worth underlying it)


Go to google fight and let 'al qaeda' fight against 'inside job':


You will see, FOR SURE, that the world believes much more in the 'inside job' hypothesis, even if all the media keep talking about 'al qaeda' plots everywhere.

We have won but WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BREAK INTO REALITY. Everything that will bring 9-11 truth from the blogosphere to reality is good and it is absolutely necessary to conquer justice and hold Cheney & Co. responsible for what they have done!

Please spread the word!!

We are winning!!

I enjoyed that. Thanks.

Now let's Impeach Cheney

And Fight for Net Neutrality!!!



I wonder why Dick does'nt just fess up? Bush can just pardon him. WAKE UP AMERICA !

Not so fast

Monster.com doesn't count,


If you don't use quotes, you are not getting good results.

Your keywords are bogus, blackelk01!

Your keywords are bogus, blackelk01!

What you did was looking for all websites that contain "inside" and contain "job".

Of Course you'll get a lot of hits there, and most of these completely unrelated to 9/11.

Look, you don't seem to know how Google searches (and/or GoogleFights) work. You became a victim of your own wishful thinking.

If you want to get all Google hits that contain "inside job" you have to put your search terms in quotes. And if you want pages that also contain "9/11" at the same time, you have to include that into your search.

As for "al qaeda"... there are a lot of different spellings used to mean that particular phenomenon. Your search term limited to one particular spelling, and hence limited the number of potential hits.

A realistic search would look for '"inside job" +9/11' and '"al qaeda" +9/11'. (I've not actually followed these links, just constructed them as an example for how correct, serious research via Google would start -- but I am convinced that the number of hits that contain "al qaeda" is a multiple of the "inside job" ones.)

Let's be realistic. We'll increase our chances to gain the upper hand. Wishful thinking doesn't help.

I wish you were right. But it is still a long way to go before the majority of web sites who mention 9/11 do also mention "inside job".