Dennis Kucinich on 9/11 Pt. Four

Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth Founder, Justin A. Martell, talks with Dennis Kucinich about his campaign and his upcoming 9/11 hearings.

Good job again!

You guys are doing a great job..keep it up!

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I find it frustrating that

I find it frustrating that gravel and alike don't get their views on a new investigation on Mainstream TV. Also, why the long wait before 'The big announcement'? A lot can change between now and then.

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nice timing

So his announcement will be on or around 9/11/07.

Check the comments from Mike Gravel also.

After viewing this video of Dennis Kucinich, be sure to also check Mike Gravel's comments in relation to a new 9/11 investigation. He agrees! (It's on the video scroll)

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If you send a campaign contribution...

If you send a campaign contribution to any of these folks -- Kucinich or Gravel or Paul -- be sure to also send a note telling them why.

For Kucinich, mention the hearings into 9/11 that he plans. Urge him to hit hard and to look into irrefutable features of it -- the NORAD war gaming comes to mind, for example.

I sent something to Kucinich ahd he replied. It did look as though he actually read what I sent him.

Try it. It can't hurt.

Gradually, slowly, candidates are becoming.....

.....more open to investigating 9/ least Gravel, Paul, and Kucinich are moving in the right direction....

Did you see this interview with Elizabeth Kucinich?: