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The following is broken up by title. First, I did a search for the word, "Israel", then I did a search for the word, "Israeli", and so on.

Israel And 9/11
Israel - By Paul Thompson

Cheering Movers and Art Student Spies: Was Israel Tracking the Hijackers Before the 9/11 Attacks?

Atta’s Father Claims Recent Videos Fake, U.S. And Israel Orchestrated 9/11

Following Zakheim And Pentagon Trillions To Israel And 9/11

Israeli Links To 9/11?

Who Wants To Gag Sibel Edmonds, And Why? (With Answers)

BREAKING NEWS: Israel And Palestine Declare Truce

BREAKING NEWS: Israel Plans Strike On Iran Nuke Plant

U.S. May Sell Bunker Busters To Israel

US Puts Israel Back On Intellectual Property Blacklist

Israel Warns Iran Over Nucular Threat

Israel Comes First, Says U.S. Politician

Mahathir Says U.S. Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Iran

Israel Firms 'Ran Vast Spy Ring'

Bill Kristol And Israel Want To Draft Your Kids

U.S. Orders Israel To Increase Control Of Security Exports

U.S. Places Sanctions On Israel

Israel Apologizes To U.S. Over China Arms Sale

Militants Fire At Palestinian PM As Truce With Israel Unravels

Israel Resumes Targeted Killings

Israel Expands Space Effort, E.U. Ties

Iran: U.S., Israel Waging Smear Campaign

Israel To Ask U.S. For Funds For Pullout

Israel Denies 'Early Information' About Attacks

Top Iranian Cleric Blames Al-Qaeda Growth On U.S., Israel

Sanction Call Over Israel Barrier

Israel Gears Up For Possible Gaza Offensive

1,000 Arab Missiles Can Hit Israel, Panel Told

Israel Upset Pope Did Not Condemn Attacks

Jews Leaving France For Israel In Record Numbers Because Of Anti-Semitism

U.S. - Israel Crisis Deepens Over Defense Exports To China

How Britain Helped Israel Get The Bomb

Israel Begins Historic Gaza Withdrawal

Jack Abramoff Tried To Escape To Israel

Missile Attacks Target U.S. Vessel, Israel

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Calls For Jiihad Against Israel

Israel Approves Construction in West Bank

Iran Calls On U.N. To Probe How Israel Acquired Nuclear Weapons

US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed

Israel Cracks Down On Hamas, Islamic Jihad

IAEA Refuses To Denounce Israel As Nuclear Threat

U.S. Official Admits Spying For Israel

U.S. Keeps Israel Out Of New Fighter-Jet Development Program

Israel Says Regime Change In Syria In World's Interest

Israel Suspends Contacts With Palestinians

Iran President Wants Israel "Wiped Off The Map"

If Israel Has Nukes, Why Can't The Rest?

Five Die In Israel Market Bombing

Israel: 'War To Bitter End'

Tehran Defiant Over Israel Slur

Iran 'Not Planning Israel Attack'

Israel Bans Foreign Journalists From Gaza

Annan Cancels Trip To Iran Over Israel Comments

Archaeologists Unveil Ancient Church In Israel

Abbas: Israel Pushing Palestinians To Civil War

Secret British Document Accuses Israel

Israel Tests Its Missile Defense

UN General Assembly Demands Israel Fully Withdraw From Syrian Golan

Israel 'Preparing To Handle' Nuclear Iran

Israel Threatens Iran - Iran threatens counter-strike

Red Cross To Adopt Red Crystal In Deal To Let Israel Join Up

Israel Legalizes Euthanasia

Iran's President Says Move Israel

Should Israel Give Up Its Nukes?

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Israel Plans Gaza 'Aerial Siege'

U.S. Congress Approves Transfer Of $600M In Aid To Israel

Bethlehem A 'Prison' - The Pope's Representative In Israel

Iraq Al-Qaeda Claims Israel Attack: Web

Israel Rules Out Strike On Iran - For Now

U.S. Warns Israel Of Escalation

German Media Suggest That The U.S. And Israel Preparing Military Strike Against Iran

Hamas Rules Out Negotiations With Israel

Israel Takes Over Palestinian Intelligence Headquarters In Jenin

Iran President: Israel Completed Holocaust

President Abbas Says Dissolving Truce With Israel Is The Biggest Mistake

Israel Accused Of Obstructing Palestinian Elections

Israel Denies Temple Mount Excavation

Israel punishes Pat Robertson over Sharon comments

Hamas Drops Call For Destruction Of Israel From Manifesto

Israel Accuses Iran Of Funding Bomb Attack

Bush Commits U.S. To Defense Of Israel

Hamas Rules Out Talks With Israel

Bush: U.S. Would Defend Israel Against Iran

Hamas Says Won't Recognize Israel

Hamas, Israel Draw Battlelines

Israel "May Rue Saddam Overthrow"

Israel Fumes Over Putin "Knife In Back"

Ahmadinejad: Israel "Will Be Removed"

Israel "Has Annexed Jordan Valley And Shut Out Palestinians"

The United States And Israel Are Discussing Ways To Destabilize The Palestinian Gov

Israel To Impose Hamas Sanctions

Israel: Hamas Leader Not Immune From Assassinations

Philip Zelikow: Iraq War Launched To Protect Israel

Israel Will Have To Act On Iran If U.N. Can't

Palestinians Urge Roger Waters To Boycott Israel

Russia Asks Hamas To Recognize Israel

Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Calls U.S., Britain And Israel A "Triad Of Evil"

Hamas: Recognising Israel 'is up to the people'

Fisk: Free Speech? Not When It Comes to State of Israel

New Harvard Study Talks About Links Between Israel And The Bush Administration

Israel May Be Next Al-Qaeda Battleground

Abbas Tells Hamas It Must Cooperate With Israel Or Fail

Israel Warplanes Strike Palestinian Presidential Compound

Israel Arrests Hamas Cabinet Minister

Israel To Declare Sharon "Incapacitated"

Hamas: Israel Move "A Declaration Of War"

Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated

Israel Is Revoking Hamas Leaders' Residency

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map - Does He Deny The Holocaust?

Israel preparing to retake Gaza Strip, restates that Hamas ministers are 'targets'

In The Shadow Of Israel

Russia Helps Israel Spy On Iran

Iran Threatens Israel If U.S. Attacks

Bush Pledges "Unwavering Support" For Israel

Report: Israel Has Nearly 300 Atomic Warheads

Apartheid State Of Israel Carries Out Holocaust

Amnesty Slams Israel

Bush: U.S. Would Aid Israel If Attacked

Hamas Has Three Days To Recognize Israel

Russia Urges Israel Against Iran Attack

Hamas Military Wing Calls Off Israel Truce

U.S. Approves Annual Aid To Israel, Largest Sum Received By Any Country

Hamas Fires Rockets At Israel After Calling Off Truce

Militants Fire Rockets Into South Israel

Hamas Offers To Renew Truce With Israel

Abbas Says Hamas Never Broke Its Truce With Israel

Hamas Recognizes Israel

Rumsfeld And Gonzales Are Going To Israel

Israel Rejects Demands Over Kidnapped Soldier, Threatens Strike

Israel warns: free soldier or Palestinian PM dies

Israel: Either Free Shalit Or We Will Act To Free Him

Hamas Vows Revenge After Israel Hits PM's Office

Egypt Warns Israel Not To Take Peace Treaty For Granted

Israel Warns Of "Long War" Over Captured Soldier

Israel Authorizes Deeper Gaza Invasion

Israel Launches New Attack In Gaza

Israel Rejects Call For Ceasefire

Ahmadinejad: Islamic Countries Should Eliminate Israel

Rumsfeld Cancels Trip To Israel Because Of Fighting, Scarety Cat

Israel Invades Lebanon

Lebanon Strikes Israel After Israel Bombs Airport In Beirut

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Condemnation Of Israel

Israel Vows To Destroy Hizbullah

Bush Won't Pressure Israel For Cease-Fire

Israel Destroys Hezbollah HQ

Hizbollah Chief Vows To Take Fight To Israel

Bush Blames Hezbollah For Mideast Violence, Israel "Blameless"

Israel: Iran Aided Hezbollah Ship Attack

Bush Defends Israel As Leader Struggle For Mideast Response

U.S., Israel Push World To Brink Of World War

Israel Considers Conditional Cease Fire

Iran's Hizbollah Says Ready To Attack U.S., Israel

Israel To Keep Up Attack, Olmert Vows

United States To Israel: You Have One More Week To Blast Hizbullah

In Break With Bush, Iraqi Leader Assails Israel

Bush Stands With Israel As Rice Makes Plans For Mideast Mission

U.S. Lawmakers Prepare For Vote On Resolution Supporting Israel

Israel Hints At A Full-Scale Invasion

Israel Preparing Lebanon Ground Offensive

Israel Massing Troops On Lebanese Border

Israel Set War Plan More Than A Year Ago

U.S. To Israel: Ok, Just One More Week Of Murder, But That's It, Don't Get Greedy

Cheney Uses Israel - Lebanon Conflict As Proof We Need Bush's Friends In Office

In Israel, Rice Calls For A "New Middle East"

Beirut Pounded Again, Hezbollah Rockets Fire On Northern Israel

Annan: Israel Bombed U.N. Base For Hours

Israel "Ignored U.N. Bomb Warnings"

"Al-Qaida", Which Is Run By The CIA And The ISI, Calls for Holy War Against Israel

Israel Decides Not To Expand Offensive

Israel Justice Min says "World gave us green light" - World says "Oh no we didn't!"

Voices of oppostion from Israel

Israel Rejects U.N. Request For Cease-Fire

The U.S. Would Be Interested In Seeing Israel Attack Syria

U.S.: Israel OKs 48-Hour Air Activity Halt

Congressional Democrats Echo Bush's Defense Of Israel

Israel OKs Expansion Of Lebanon Campaign

Israel Pushes Into Lebanon

Israel Strikes Northeastern Lebanon, Near The Syrian Border

Baghdad: 100's Of 1000's Chant "Death To Israel, Death To America"

Venezuela Withdraws Ambassador To Israel In Protest Against Attacks

Report: U.S. Sailor Spied For Israel

U.S. Neocons Hoped Israel Would Attack Syria

Venezuela "To Sever Israel Ties"

Israel Warns South Beirut Residents To Leave

The Media Is Telling Us That Iran Is Going To Attack U.S Or Israel On August 22nd

Israel Asks US To Ship Cluster Type Artillery Rockets

Seymour Hersch: Bush Administration And Israel Planned ME War Before Kidnappings

Israel Says Can Target Hizbollah Arms Despite Truce, U.S. Agrees

Israel Expects Cease-Fire Deal To Fail

Israel Keeps Their Promise Of Attacking Hezbollah Despite Truce

Annan: Israel Raid Violates Cease-Fire

Israel Says It Will Act Again As Lebanon Sees Ceasefire Violations

Israel "Preparing For More Fighting"

25% of Palestinian Parliament has been kidnapped by Israel

Israel May "Go It Alone" Against Iran

Annan Criticizes Israel; Israelis Furious

Israel Plans For War With Iran And Syria

Israel Said To Fear War Crimes Charges

Iran Says: Us & Israel Behind 9/11

Israel to lift Lebanon blockade

Israel Building More Settlemts In The West Bank

Israel Calls Iran Its Greatest Threat

Washington Times: Israel Planning Nuclear Strikes Against Iran

In N.Y., Sparks Fly Over Israel Criticism

Iran: Nuke Disarmament Must Begin With Israel

Abbas: Israel Guilty Of Vile Massacre

Israel Will Not Strike Iran Nuclear Plants: U.S. Official

Olmert Says Israel To Pursue Action Against Gaza Rocket Fire

U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution Condemning Israel

Bush Gives Go-Ahead For "Bush Center" In Israel

Palestinian Human Shields Give Israel Pause

Israel Rejects Palestinian Peace Offer

American Suspected Of Spying For Israel Faces Death Penalty

Iraq War Was Good For Israel: Olmert

Israel Predicts New War In 2007

Gates Causes Worry In Israel

Olmert Urged To Quit After Letting Slip What Everyone Knows: Israel A Nuclear Power

The Other Israel Lobby

Israel Breaks Promise To U.S. With Settlement

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

Gingrich "24" Scenario: U.S., Israel Face Potential "Second Holocaust"

Iran And Syria Vow Alliance Against U.S., Israel

U.S. Refuses To Join U.N. Human Rights Council, Citing Its Actions Against Israel

Chavez Opposes Ahmadinejad On Israel

Israel And U.S. Hold Simulated Missile Defense Exercise

Cheney: Iraq Pullout Would Hurt Israel

Rejecting Pieace Plan Is Like Asking For War, Say Saudis About Israel

Peace in the Middle East - It's starts with Israel

Israel: "Military Option May Await" Iran If Nuclear Negotiations Fail

U.S. Had Emergency Plan For Attacking Israel In 1967

Iran To Israel: Don't Attack Lebanon

Claim: Cheney Colluding With Israel To Strike Iran

Israel Behind Entebbe Hijack-->BBC

General Who Helped Redraw The Borders Of Israel Says Road Map To Peace Is A Lie

Bush Pledges To Increase U.S. Funding To Israel

Bush Says Israel Could Be Model For Iraq

Israelis Believe Their Government Is Corrupt

Israelis Gather To Fight Removal Of Gaza Settlers

Israelis Sharpening Swords For Strike On Iran

U.S.: Israelis Arrested For Illegal Peddling

Most Israelis Oppose Strike Against Iran: Poll

Lawrence Franklin Sentenced To 12 Years For Passing Secrets To The Israelis

Israelis Were Warned Of Illegality Of Settlements In 1967 According To A Memo

Israelis Storm Palestinian Prison

Israelis Arrest Dozens Of Hamas Officials

U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery For The Israelis

Annan Criticizes Israel; Israelis Furious

Israelis trained Kurdish troops in Iraq - BBC Video Link Inside

Israelis Threaten To Retake Gaza-Egypt Border

Israeli's plan 'bionic wasp' weapon

Growing Number Of Israelis Criticizing U.S. For Creating More, Not Less, Danger

Israelis Kill Militants In Second Day Of Bloodshed

Israelis Would Welcome Talks With Syria

Ariel Sharon
Sharon Warns U.S. About Iran's Nukes

Sharon Muzzles Ministers on London Blasts

Sharon Vows Vengeance On Bombers

Sharon Fears Arrest If He Visits London

Report: Sharon Raised Illegal Campaign Funds In New York

Sharon Vows Broad Offensive After Suicide Bomb

Report: Sharon To Quit His Likud Party

Netanyahu Says Sharon Is A Dictator

Sharon taken to hospital: Minor stroke, "not life threatening"

Israel's Sharon Aims To Scrap Peace Plan - Report

Police Find 'Sharon Bribe Clues'

Israel's Sharon Rushed To Hospital

Israel To Declare Sharon "Incapacitated"

Ehud Olmert
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Address To Congress - Video Inside

PM Olmert Calls Hezbollah Border Attack An "Act Of War"

Israel To Keep Up Attack, Olmert Vows

Israel's Olmert: No Cease-Fire In Lebanon

Olmert Takes Sole Responsibility For War

Olmert: "I Am The Last Person Who Will Say I Want To Negotiate With Syria"

Israel's Olmert Hit By New Scandal

Olmert Rejects Calls For Inquiry Into Failures Of Lebanon War

More Scoops Against Olmert

Olmert Urges Action Against Iran

Olmert Hints At Israeli Action Against Iran

Israel's Right-Wing Party To Join Olmert Coalition Government

Prosecutor's Office Calls For Criminal Probe Of Israeli PM Olmert

Olmert Allegedly Linked To Another Bribery Scandal

Bush, Israel's Olmert To Meet Next Week

Olmert Says Israel To Pursue Action Against Gaza Rocket Fire

Olmert Heads To U.S. To Gauge Post-Election Policy

Bush. Olmert Warn Of Threat In Iran

Iraq War Was Good For Israel: Olmert

Israel's Olmert Facing Resignation Calls

Lebanon War Probe Accuses Olmert Of "Severe Failure," Blasts Halutz, Peretz

Olmert Names Disgraced Ally As Deputy PM

Galloway Hounded By AIPAC Cell Within U.S. Congress; Bolton Tied To Same Cell

Justice Dept. To Indict Two AIPAC Staffers Under U.S. Espionage Act

What Is AIPAC?

AIPAC Threatens Retaliation Against Congressmen For Participation In Anti-War Rally

AIPAC Case Reaches Plea Bargain

AIPAC Criticizes White House Policy On Iran

Majority of the Senate, quarter of the House present at AIPAC gala

AIPAC Annual Policy Conference Closing Plenary - Video Inside

Condoleezza Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense Information To AIPAC

Feds Probe A Top Democrat's Relationship With AIPAC

Carter Blames Media's "Pro-Israel Bias" On AIPAC And "Christians Like Me"

Cheney Tells AIPAC That Congressional AntiWar Strategy Is "Undermining" U.S. Troops

Judge Rejects Request For Secret Trial In AIPAC Espionage Case

A Clean Break (Searched in content, not title)
The Office Of Special Plans

Second Cheney Aide, David Wurmser, Cooperating In Leak Probe

Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration By Dr. David Ray Griffin

Whistleblower Has Elite Interests Running Scared

Cheney Aide Wurmser Passed Plame's Name To Libby, Hadley

The Neocons' Next War

The 4-Frontal War: Covert Operations Escalate In Middle East And The Horn Of Africa

Neocon Imperialism, 9/11, And The Attacks On Afghanistan And Iraq

Cheney And Iran

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first 6 links

I scanned the first six links which fall under Israel and 911, there was no mention of Larry Silverstein the WTC leaseholder at all. Isn't he a primary Israeli/American suspect in this event who deserves thorough questioning and investigation. The Thompson piece in particular does not mention CD of the buildings. Everything is blamed on AlQaeda which is preposterous given that Al Quaeda would not have had access to WTC7 which I think we all agree on by now was brought down by CD (whatever combination of RDX, thermite, DEW, spacebeams anyone subscribes to).

A Filipino for 9-11 truth

Hi Jon Gold

I hope you still read 911Blogger. I believe any honest man would look at the evidence and the arguments about Israeli involvement in 911 and rely on the most well reasoned points.

I would like to direct your attention to this article written by someone who would not identify himself for his safety. I think its a more convincing piece than the Paul Thompson article you cited.

As in the Thompson Paper, it does miss out linking Larry Silverstein to the plot.

A Filipino for 9-11 truth

That's a shame

It would be nice if you dropped in once in a while.

Wait, Jon, you missed one...

Report: Libby a long-time Israeli intelligence agent

by Wayne Madsen Report

Global Research, July 7, 2007

Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby (Leibowitz) has been a long-serving intelligence agent for Israel's Mossad, according to a veteran CIA "official cover" officer who spoke to the Wayne Madsen Report on deep background. The CIA's Clandestine Service has, over the years, gathered a tremendous amount of intelligence on Libby's activities on behalf of Mossad.

Libby served as the lawyer for Switzerland- based American fugitive financier Marc Rich, aka Mark David Reich, who is also known to be an Israeli intelligence asset and someone Israel relies upon for missions that demand "plausible deniability" on the part of the Mossad. Rich heads up a worldwide empire of dummy corporations, foundations, and numbered bank accounts that have been involved in sanctions busting and weapons smuggling. The nations involved include Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Panama, Colombia, Russia, Iraq (under Saddam Hussein), Cuba, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, Bolivia, Jamaica, Bermuda, France, Italy, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Ireland, Zambia, Sw

In 1983, the then-U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York urged jail time for Rich and his partner Pincus Green for racketeering. The name of that U.S. Attorney is Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani, who is now running for president, praised Bush's decision to commute Libby's jail sentence. After Clinton 's pardon of Rich, Giuliani said he was "shocked." Paul Klebnikov, the Moscow editor for Forbes' Russian edition, wrote about the connections of Rich to Russian gangsters like Boris Berezovsky, a business partner of Neil Bush, in his book "Godfather of the Kremlin." Klebnikov was shot to death gangland-style on a Moscow street on July 9, 2004.

Libby not only provided the Mossad with a top agent inside the White House but also an important conduit for the Russian-Israeli Mafia.

Libby arranged for Rich's eleventh hour pardon by outgoing President Bill Clinton in January 2001. The pardon of Rich was urged in a phone call to Clinton by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, as well as Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert.

Yesterday, Libby received a commutation of his 30-month prison sentence from President George W. Bush. Libby was convicted on four counts of perjury, lying to a federal law enforcement officer, and obstruction of justice in the investigation by U.S. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald of the White House's leak to the media of the identity CIA non-official cover officer Valerie Plame Wilson.

Libby was denied bail by U.S. Judge Reggie Walton and was ordered to prison while appealing his sentence. Libby was assigned Bureau of Prisons inmate number 28301-016.

Libby worked for Paul Wolfowitz in the State Department's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs from 1982 to 1985. Libby again worked for Wolfowitz in the Pentagon as the Principal Undersecretary for Strategy and Resources. Libby later became the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and served as a chief aide to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney.

It was while Libby was working for Wolfowitz at State, the FBI arrested Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who had delivered enough highly-classified U.S. documents they could have entirely filled a garage. It was well known that Pollard had a "control officer" within the Reagan administration. The control officer was code-named "Mega."

Current British Lord Chancellor and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said that during Middle East peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, "It's a toss-up whether [Libby] is working for the Israelis or the Americans on any given day." Clinton 's Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder told the House Government Affairs Committee in 2001 that he discovered much more about Rich after Clinton 's pardon and said, "Knowing everything that I know now, I would not have recommended to the president that he grant the pardon."

It has also been reported that, in addition to pressure from leading neocons in the United States to keep Libby out of jail, Bush was urged by leading Israeli government officials to prevent Libby from going to prison.

Fitzgerald issued the following statement regarding Bush's commutation of Libby's prison sentence:

"We fully recognize that the Constitution provides that commutation decisions are a matter of presidential prerogative and we do not comment on the exercise of that prerogative.

We comment only on the statement in which the President termed the sentence imposed by the judge as 'excessive.' The sentence in this case was imposed pursuant to the laws governing sentencing which occurs every day throughout this country. In this case, an experienced federal judge considered extensive argument from the parties and then imposed a sentence consistent with the applicable laws. It is fundamental to the rule of law that all citizens stand before the bar of justice as equals. That principle guided the judge during both the trial and the sentencing.

Although the President's decision eliminates Mr. Libby's sentence of imprisonment, Mr. Libby remains convicted by a jury of serious felonies, and we will continue to seek to preserve those convictions through the appeals process.

Global Research Articles by Wayne Madsen Report
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Nice resource. Thanks Jon.

Nice resource. Thanks Jon.

I'm surprised there are no comments, but then there seems to be a dearth of comments on ALL of the recent posts. So here is yet another source of annoyance arising from the new commenting policy: you never know whether lack of feedback has resulted from lack of interest, lack of balls on the part of the censor or (worst of all) SELF-censorship. To be honest I think it's mostly the latter: simply knowing that there is a censor lurking about is enough to make people seek knowledge and discussion elsewhere.

Seems to me that far more division (see: wedge issues) is occurring as a result of this new policy than would ever have occurred under the old (admittedly messy, but at least semi fair and transparent) system of group moderation.

The good news is that people are paying more interest to YT's forum at, and already new blogging sites are sprouting up Like RT's/Casseia's.

Even though I disagree with you on the importance of the Pakistan angle, Jon, you've put a lot of work into compiling information about 911 truth (I have several of your posts bookmarked), so don't be a stranger.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Good old days)

Jon its been fun reading your comments and your blogs
I don't really understand what happened, but I do find it a bit ironic that you end your carer at 911 blogger with a Israel connection> What are you trying to say? Did you finally see the light.? thanks Jon for your exchanges with RT they were the best. I learned a lot . (Good old days)