Michael Hess interviewed by In Memoriam?

I am sure there are people out there who have seen this film. I have just been doing research, actually not about Barry Jennings or Michael Hess, and came across this interview with Michael Hess done by HBO's documentary In Memoriam. The thing is, while it is listed on the site, both links to watch it (as well as all the links for all the videos) failed for me. Can anyone else see it?


Go to the interactive site.
Click on 911 and go to staff interviews. Michael Hess is pictured fourth from the left on the top row of pictures. I can't watch the interview. Can anyone? If not, we should write to HBO and try to obtain that interview. It COULD be telling.

I get an error message

on all of them.


Same. For good measure I tried IE, Firefox, Opera, QuickTime, RealPlayer, QuickTime Alternative, RealPlayer Alternative and got errors. Thanks for posting the info.

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Which Michael Hess is this

Which Michael Hess is this about - the USAID guy or the law partner of Guliani?

M E. Hess - http://www.usaid.gov/about_usaid/bios/bio_mhess.html
M D. Hess - http://www.giulianipartners.com/executives.aspx

City Counsel

The latter of the two.