Mike Gravel Meets the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Student Scholars member, Eric Jackman asks Sen. Mike Gravel about his career and a new 9/11 investigation...

Excellent job!

Very well spoken, well thought out questions. He's right. The JFK Assassination was investigated 2/3 times (I don't remember the exact number) during the 70's.

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Good job!

Good job guys!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Nice work

Persistence is the key, when faced with the odds that face us. Keep asking genuine questions, and eventually we'll get a genuine answer!

Kudos to Gravel, also. He and Ron Paul are the only ones speaking any truth in these primaries, and it's no surprise they are marginalized in the debates.

Big fan of Student Scholars

Big fan of Student Scholars for 911 truth. If I may repeat what I blog often:

VOTE 2008

Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel if your'e a straight up Democrat
Ralph Nader if you're a legitimate Liberal
Ron Paul if your an honest Republican (and if you know what's best for America)

This Republican would be happy with any of these choices, anything authentic, nothing that is fake.


..........I think there is another good man in Washington.
Just a thought............Why in the hell can't these men unite? Combining together to challenge the corrupt forces of our goverment, and bring American back to her glory.

"Not Seeing the Harm"

...in something is a looong way from demanding it.

But, his quickness to liken 9/11 to the Kennedy assassination shows that he's fully aware both were inside jobs.